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Talking in Circles – 70 – And We’re Back


After missing a week of podcasting we are back and better than ever. We catch up on some major news as Dan gives the lowdown on what its like being a new father. (Yes there will be poop stories) We also discuss the Super Girl preview and give out thoughts. This leads to a discussion of the representation of women in the world of comic book movies and television.



Dan Clark

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Greg Beppler

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. First congrats to Dan on having his first kid. Get ready for a crazy adventure. Maybe it says something about me but I never thought about the representation of women in comics but now that you mention it,it is crazy we have yet to have a good female comic book movie. Especially when we have so many come out.

  2. Great description of meconium Dan! Super impressed that Greg knew to cover the pee pee :)

  3. One thing I would add to your discussion is how poorly women are represented in most comic book movies. There characters tend to be poorly written and are only devices to serve the male characters as love interests or things to be rescued. So it’s not even that there is a lack of female solo movies, there’s a complete lack of interest in making anyone but the star characters interesting.

    1. That’s a gross over simplification in my eyes. You are ignoring a lot of great examples like Pepper Potts in Ironman, Black Canary in Arrow, Daredevil and Flash have strong female characters, Agents of Shield, and Peggy Carter. Are there cliche female characters yes there are but comic book movies are just as diverse as any genre.

      1. “just as diverse as any genre”. You can’t believe that is true. Just diverse as action movies? Yes. Just as diverse as fantasy/sci fi? Not even close.
        Where are the Ripley’s, the Sarah Connor’s, the Katniss’s, heck even the Tris’s. There are major franchises out there led by women and none are comic book characters

        1. Your examples prove my point and I have no idea who Tris is. You fire back with three examples from genres that have been around decades longer than superhero movies. If you give superhero movies another ten years you’ll get your Ripley’s and Sarah Connors.

          Maybe there are other genres are there that are more diverse. Yet when you look at the nature of its genre superhero films are not as bad as you are making them out to be. How well are men depicted in romantic comedies? They fall in line with stereotypes as well. Don’t hear much complaint about how men are treated in Sex and the City or Girls.

    2. Two thoughts. For one is that simply a comic movie issue or a general movie issue? You can make the same claims for other genres.

      Secondly while I agree that comic book movies could do better, there are a number of characters we talked about that do break from your noted stereotypes. The hope is they will continue to grow, get more, and be allowed to be a focal point.

  4. Hollywood: male-centric movies that fail are treated as anomalies, whereas female-centric movies that fail are designated as failures on account of the gender of the protagonist. So few movies about women are being made that the stakes become absurdly high — when a big-budget movie focused on a woman doesn’t draw big numbers, you can bet that it will be cited as an example of the taken-for-granted fact, which is actually a myth, that movies about women don’t make money. Just look at the Hunger Games. It’s sad we are this far into the world of comic book movies and yet to get a Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, or well any major women superhero film.

    1. Can’t we just like and watch movies. I really don’t need to think about things like far reaching gender politics when I’m watching men in tights fight armies or robots. Just make it good. If you want to find drama or some way to weave in politics there is always going to be a way.

      1. Well I would say although I disagree with some people here I think its a good discussion to have. Movies have an impact on our social environment no doubt.

        1. I agree with most here – It is a great platform to raise awareness and to get conversations started. I’m not saying every movie has to be political or have social commentary but if you can use this stage for progress, how can that be a bad thing

      2. I get you man I do, but I have to say I agree with @ImperiousTex:disqus that these are things that have to be talked about. Change in pop culture doesn’t happen if it doesn’t, and pop culture effects our social climate if we like to admit it or not. I have family members who have come around to gay marriage just by watching Modern Family. Movies, comics, TV, and video games should appeal to all races, genders, and sexual orientations. If that representation is not there people need to step up and demand it.

      3. I agree with what you are saying, however as mention below our movies/tv/comics are impacted and do impact a climate outside of simple entertainment. If anything the history of comics shows them going after hot button topics long before anyone else. So why shouldn’t the movies replicate the source material in that way?

  5. It is a simple matter of money. If female superhero comic book movies made money they would make more. The same reason there aren’t many female action figures they don’t sell. I almost guarantee Super Girl will be a failure. It looks awful and will be lucky to make it half a season.

    1. Can you really say they don’t make money? They haven’t really made any to even test that theory. Lucy last year did quite well, and that was a female led action film. The Resident Evil movies do decent enough to keep getting made, as people mention The Hunger Games is one of the biggest franchises of all time. So there is a market there for sure.

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