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Talking in Circles – Episode 01 – The Pilot


Because the world needs more podcasts, Geekcast Radio is proud to present Talking in Circles! A roundabout podcast covering all facets of geek culture. Join GCRN’s very own Dan ‘MovieRevolt’ Clark and newcomers to the network Greg and Chuck as they discuss their love of all things geek. In the first episode they discuss Arrow,  John Doe, the wonderful world of random Netflix movies, and the dangers of watching Showtime’s Masters of Sex. We also debut the first of many games called Fact or Fiction, which leads to possible controversial talk about Stan Lee’s work on The X-Men. So stay connected with the first ever episode of Talking in Circles.


Show Notes:

New Camaro Design:

Drew Struzan :

Monster Island:

Physics of Superheroes:


The Rifleman:


Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. I enjoy Masters of Sex. Interesting show once you get past the nudity. But then why watch?

    1. I enjoy it too, the story is more in regards to a rather misunderstanding behind it.

  2. Cool first episode guys. You all remind me of me and my friends. Looking forward to more. (Glad I’m not the only person who watch the John Doe show. It is a hidden gem)

    1. It really is a hidden gem. I think John Doe would have done alot better nowadays on tv. It’s really a shame it ended after 1 season and never really resolved alot of questions. There is a petition online somewhere to bring it back but somehow I don’t think that will work lol.

    1. Thanks I’m sure its a little rough around the edges but we’ll smooth those out as we get comfortable. More to come next week.

  3. The Masters of Sex story was hilarious. The line, “Masters of Sex means they are really good at determining if its a boy or girl made me literally laugh out loud.’

  4. Thanks for the praise guys I am super psyched to be a part of this. I must say I am a newbie to podcasting but I will get the hang of it more with experience. And Greg I honestly don’t know why I didn’t stick up for superman in the moment but I should have defended the character and all the great superman stories out there! Next time I will …

    1. Just my opinion is all. If people love Superman that is cool. I’m just glad people are reading comics! Thanks, for throwing me under the bus though lol.

      1. wow you guys are brand new to the network, and already you’ve inherited our trait of throwing people under busses lol awesome!

      2. Oh it’s all in fun Greg. No throwing under the bus intended, just a little friendly rivalry lol. It is definitely fun debating that stuff

    1. I know Dan was posting it to iTunes. I believe he said it might take a while before it shows up. Thanks for your patience and thanks for listening!

    2. YES it will be listed in iTunes, but approval sometimes takes a few days. However if you click on the Feedburner link at the bottom of the post you can manually add it to your iTunes! :-)

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