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Talking in Circles – Episode 03 – Live from the Electric City


Live (to record) from Scranton it’s….Talking in Circles! Greg, Chuck, and Dan get together at Greg Studios (AKA Greg’s kitchen table) to record the latest episode. They begin with a brief discussion on some of the most well known comic book series of all time including The Killing Joke and Kingdom Come. After they get caught up they discuss what they are looking forward to in 2014 in the world of comics, movies, TV, and books. Also Dan has some interesting words for parents who bring their kids to Disney on Ice.


Show Notes:

The Strain :

Sage Volume 3: Vaughan/dp/1607069318

Heroes of Olympus:

Percy Jackson Books :

Son of God :

Kingdom Come:

Girl Meets World:


Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis


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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. This episode was awesome. Not fully done yet but man I laughed so much. The line “And one of the Baldwin’s” was hilarious. Laughed out loud at work and had people look at me strange.

  2. I agree with Chuck regarding the Killer Joke ending. It always bugged me since I first read it. Doesn’t fit the character at all, and kind of had the impression is was nothing more than shock value.

    Great episode guys. Absolutely hilarious. The running joke of Del Toro’s name had me chuckling.

    1. Thanks a bunch. And exactly right, I really don’t think that in that serious situation and moment that Batman would even crack a smile. I hardly ever see him smile even when in a lighter situation.

      1. I actually liked that ending. I know Batman is not one that tends to laugh but I thought it worked for that moment. It was a little shocking at first but throughout the years I have gained to enjoy it more and more.

        1. Yeah its a very interesting ending. Somewhere floating around the internet there is an article with a video interview that kevin smith did with grant Morrison and he talks about how he thinks batman went mad and killed joker like Dan said in the podcast and then the guy writing the article says no way. I’m guessing this will be debated for years to come.

  3. Major props to whoever put in ‘Lazy Scranton’ to start the show. Big fan of The Office and I found it hilarious. So are you guys actually from Scranton and if so is it like the Office actually depicts? Like is there a Dunder Mifflin building.

    1. Yeah we are from the Scranton area. There’s actually no such thing as Dunder Mifflin it was totally made up for the show. Some of their references to local businesses are correct but none of the footage is actually from Scranton. Even the “Welcome to Scranton” sign at the start of the show is fake lol. All of the cast members came here once to be in a parade thru downtown, but other than that they were never here to film or anything.

      1. And Dan is the editing wizard he totally put the Office soundbyte at the beginning lol btw awesome job Dan!!

      2. Uh, that welcome to Scranton sign from the opening credits does exist. It is an older sign that is in the Streamtown mall (this mall keeps losing stores).There is a newer sign up in that spot, my friend had a hand in designing it (she was the one that brought me in as an intern). Yeah, no D.M. but there is a place called Penn Paper (closed for many years) that is also in the opening credits. In one of the later seasons Dwight uses a pen from where I work. You can’t see the name on it, but still pretty cool.

        1. Okay my bad, it is not fake. When I started watching the show the sign had apparently already been removed and the new one put up. I totally do not remember that old sign.

    2. I’ll echo mostly what Chuck said I’ll also add that they do some B roll footage of the area but it is really minimal. For Example Poor Richards, the bar they frequent the most often, they’ll shoot the sign but the actual building is much different. It’s a shanty bar inside a Bowling Alley. Nothing like they show it.

      Thanks for the comment on the song. Kind of set up my own joke there, but couldn’t help myself. Was glad someone got it. On the funny side Scranton had to move the ‘Welcome to Scranton’ sign away from the road because too many people were taking pictures with it. I think its in the mall now.

  4. Very fun episode! I had no idea they were making a Strain TV show. I love that series, and now I’m really excited for the show. Any idea what network it is going to be on?

    1. I want to say it’s on FX or FXX (have no idea why FX needs two stations). Dan and I really love that series too (I still need to read the last book). Some great stuff coming from Gizmo Del Toro!

      1. FX Networks lol has 3 stations within itself FX, FXX as you stated and then FXM for movies lol Fox likes wasting money.

  5. For anyone interested I just found this article about the final scene of The Killing Joke. It talks about the idea that Batman actually killed the Joker in those last few panels. I personally don’t see that happening it doesn’t make sense that Bats would do that but be sure to check out the video halfway down the page its Kevin Smith interviewing Grant Morrison about this whole controversy….

  6. Super stoked I stumbled upon this podcast. It was a breath of fresh fun air. I couldn’t believe it was only episode 3. Felt like you guys were doing this for years. You guys immediately made my day better!

    1. Hey, thanks man! We have been doing it for years. Dan was the one to have the giant balls to put it on the internet. I’m glad to make your day better! I know what those bad days are like. I get them a lot of days in a row; these are a bright spot in my week too.

    2. Glad to hear! I second Greg we kinda have been doing it for years lol. Makes for good chemistry I guess.

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