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Talking In Circles – Episode 05 – Comic Con Memories


Memories…sweet….sweet…memories. Episode 5 of Talking In Circles is jam packed with goodness. Chuck, Dan, and Greg reminisce on their favorite past Comic Con experiences after Greg shares some pretty big news.  Also you fans demanded it and we are here to serve! More Fact or Fiction coming at you and this time everyone is in on the game. Plus a special fan letter to Marvel studios on how  they can fix one of their most iconic characters. All that and so much more in the latest edition of TIC!


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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. Yay more fact or fiction! I love that game and it works so well with geek topics. I agree that Die Hard is not only a Christmas movie but the best Christmas movie. My best Con memory was meeting Stan Lee! It was awesome and I got a reprint of X-Men number one signed. Similar to you guys I have no desire to sell just like having it.

    1. Nice! I’ve never met Stan Lee myself but I know Greg has. One day though hopefully!

      1. By met he means I stood there with mouth ajar as he signed my X-Men number 2. I just said, “Thanks, Stan Lee” and then scampered off to the CGC table with it. Still pretty friggin’ awesome though.

  2. The Fact or Fiction thing is interesting idea. Like how you cover different ideas. Though I don’t think the X-Men’s best villain is Magneto. He’s great no doubt but I prefer Mr. Sinister and his evil mastermind ways. The lengths he would go to achieve his goals are mesmerizing, and like Magneto you eventually find out his intentions were actually good although twisted.

    1. Mr. Sinister is quite an amazing character no doubt. For me though what makes Magneto the best is his complex relationship with the X-Men, especially Charles Xavier. Many have made the comparison of those two characters as the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. of comics. Obviously by no means are comic characters as important as those figures but you can clearly see how they influenced that relationshp.

    2. I think being named Mr. Sinister kind of takes away from his bad ass-ness a little. Plus, I think Dan made some pretty good points just now. “To each his own”, I guess.

  3. How can you say the Prequel Obi One is better than the original! That is blasphemy! Alec Guiness was even nominated for an Oscar for his role! Maybe Obi One had a bigger part but his character will always be legendary because of Guiness. Also Yoda is clearly the best character in the prequel trilogy.

    1. I guess I just like how Obi Wan’s back story was fleshed out more and I enjoyed really seeing him in his prime (especially Ep. 3 where he schools Anakin who is supposed to be so great) and I think Ewan McGregor did a great job. I am drawn to the good, noble characters that always do the right thing and i think the prequel Obi Wan really showed that in everything he did. Honestly I’ve never been impressed with Oscars and other awards, half the people that win them I just don’t see it. But I do think Guiness was really great, just a slight edge to McGregor by a matter of personal preference.

      1. You are not alone. McGregor was the best thing, well at least one of the best things, about the Prequels. He’s a great actor in his own right and his character was easily the most fully realized.

  4. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Baltimore Comic Con after that episode on Comic Book Men. Glad to hear they are true. Do you guys do any type of Cosplay or anything? I’ve never tried it myself. Looks like too much work.

    1. I don’t believe any of us have Cosplayed… unless Dan is doing some secret Sailor Moon Cosplay, when Chuck and I aren’t around. I myself would be to scared to do it because it would bring attention on to myself (I think we even said in this episode that I am socially awkward). Some costumes do look like they have been worked on a lot, others do not. I enjoy them being there, it gives everybody another little element to check out, and it’s another thing that makes nerds/geeks awesome!

    2. Never tried it but I enjoy seeing everyone elses and even laughing at the more ridiculous ones haha

    3. I’ve never Cosplayed myself. Too much work lol. Maybe one day but I doubt it.

  5. Another fantastic episode men. I must say I am very impressed at your large vocabulary. I picked up on words like “parkour” (which I had to look up) from Dan and “happenstance” and “repartee” from Greg. Which leads me to a request; could one of you please work into your conversation the word “curmudgeon”. I just think that is a funny sounding word that can be used to describe a person or character. That would be great.
    I want to say that I agree with Chuck’s opinion on Darth Maul. He is/was a great character and I would have loved to see him reappear with biomechanical “stuff” on him to make him “whole” again.
    Finally, I wanted to ask if any of you are/were fans of the X-Files? Chuck mentioned liking many things from the ’90’s. The X-Files was came out in 1993 and ended in 2001. I love that show. The movies were not so good but the show was, except towards the end when they started changing characters out and stuff.
    Sorry for the long comment. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks! And nice to have a fellow Darth Maul fan out there! I have personally never seen X-Files but maybe the other guys have. Guess I am an x-files “curmudgeon” lol

    2. X-Files is in my Netflix queue. I just haven’t gotten around to it. My vocab. credibility instantly gets revoked with how much I curse. Haha Thanks, though!

    3. I’ve watched a few episodes of X-Files. My wife is a big fan. I watched both movies as well. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. I had a msimilar issue going to San Diego Comic Con that Greg did. I got in line to get
    something signed and I didn’t see the gigantic line a few dozen feet away. Security forcefully pushed me back though. Those guys are ridiculous. I honestly love everything about SCC except for the Con. It’s just waiting in lines after lines and don’t even bother
    trying to get into panels. It is insane. But all the festivals and shows that
    happen around that time are a blast to go to.

    1. It’s tough going, Kurt. They need to get a seminar going on how to treat people before the con starts. I shall have to try some of that other stuff you mentioned though. I didn’t have the chance the year I went. I am probably going to hit up a couple artists for sketches, attempt going to a panel, and maybe try to line up to purchase something. Hopefully, things will be better this year. *fingers crossed

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