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Talking In Circles – Episode 10 – March Badness


Inspired by March Madness Chuck, Dan, and Greg have begun a bracket of their own as they try to determine…Who is the Biggest Badass? In the first of a two podcast series, characters of all shapes and sizes from movies, comic books, television, and pop culture square off by putting their badass resumes to the test. This week we take a look at the left side of the bracket and next week we take a look at the right. Match-ups this week include Batman against The Kool Aid man, Rambo against Bart Simpson, The Green Power Ranger against Michone, and so…so much more! You certainly do not what to miss this week’s epic episode.





Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. This was such a fun listen. I love the idea and how you had people from all different mediums. Can’t wait till next week when you release the other side of the bracket. The one choice I have to disagree with is Samuel L. Jackson. He should have gone much further. He played Shaft. That makes him a bigger badass then just about anyone

    1. I think Samuel L. Jackson loses badass points for all the horrible movies he does. That guy can’t say no to a movie.

    2. He’s not a badass mutha’… Shut your mouth! I’m just talking about Samuel L. Jackson.

      1. I thought he’d take it but I don’t know Cartman may be a better choice. His resume is hard to beat

  2. Holy Awesome Mother of God was this a podcast to listen to. I was hesitant on the concept but man was I wrong. Once you started to dissect the qualities of The Kool Aid man I was in. Great combination of humor and analysis.

    1. The great thing about it is that we have no idea who we are picking before hand so it’s just as much fun for us to do it in real time and see where the votes take us. We get some surprising results lol

  3. Quite the episode. May say it’s the best yet. I was worried Batman was going to win it all. Not that he didn’t deserve too…just too obvious. Thanos though. Good choice. Looking forward to next week.

    1. We we’re afraid of Batman making it too. Everyone always has him win stuff like this but it worked out. Next weeks is indeed quite a thrill ride itself lol

  4. I am very surprised James Bond did not go farther. I like Michone but Bond! Com on man! Daniel Craig’s Bond would rule in the zombie apocalypse. He barely uses gadgets.

    1. I know I am not the best one to say this, cuz I am not the biggest Craig fan. But… he gets the crap kicked out of him a lot. The man is constantly bloody. He is like a walking chum bag.
      He barely uses gadgets…. in bed. lol Sorry, had to. I think the gadgets would def. help him in the Z-Apoc.

      1. But that’s because Craig’s Bond is more realistic. I don’t think Roger Moore threw a punch the entire time he was Bond and Connery, while great, was a little too super human at times. The opening chase in Casino Royale is enough to make Craig the biggest badasses of all the Bonds.

    2. I still think Michone has more of badass quality to her. The attitude of Bond is more calm and cool. Michone has an edge that Bond doesn’t.

  5. Have to chime in on this one for sure. Seriously this was something different. Neat, but different. Some of the matchups I disagree with you guys on:

    Green Ranger vs Michone: Sure Green Ranger was a tad bit corny for being on a kids TV show, but he was as biggest of a badass as one could have been. His outfit, just his outfit was bad ass, and he rode in a dinosaur. Way more badass

    Samuel L. Jackson vs. Eric Cartman. Cartman may be evil but I don’t see him as badass. He is more of a whiner who doesn’t get his way so he gets angry and does evil things. Samuel L. Jackson however had a wallet that said he was a Bad Mother F#$%$. He would strike down Cartman with furious anger!

    Batman vs Katniss. I agree with Dan on this one. Batman would not be Batman without his training and money. Katniss is just a normal girl who changes the world she lives in. Batman may be more powerful but Katniss is more badass.

      1. you are nuts. Tommy Oliver is one of the most badass PR characters ever. As Freddie pointed out… he rode a Dragon like dinosaur!!! that zord was and will always be badass!!

        1. At the end of the day though he is still a Power
          Ranger. Maybe a corny badass. That’s as far as I’m willing to go.

          1. it’s fine if you dislike power rangers. But Tommy’s story over the first five seasons and then returning for forever red, and then being the team leader in Dino Thunder was all very well done. And he had badassery moments throughout his entire run. Just the overall attitude the character has is a awesome thing. Plus Jason David Frank is an awesome guy.

          2. I don’t doubt he is an awesome guy but when you match a
            Power Ranger against Michone there is no debate on who is the bigger badass. Not saying the story isn’t good or anything. He may me the best written Power Ranger ever. He still is not the badass Michone is.

      2. Can’t believe I’m going to say this but I 100% agree with @TFG1Mike:disqus. The fact The Green Ranger had any form of badass quality in a TV show designed for kids almost gives him extra points.

  6. This episode gave me the joy I look for in GCRN. With that said I don’t have the I’ve of Thanks you guys do. I would have him loose in the second round.

  7. Achillies should not have beat Dutch. Going one on one with a Predator and living is the ultimate badass move. Your get out of jail card if you will. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can beat a dude name Dutch fighting a Predator and winning.

    Greg was right to fight so hard for Brock Samson. As a Venture Bros. fan you can’t get more badass them him.

    1. The Dutch Achilles matchup was a hard one for me. I see what you are saying, but you could also argue Achilles may have fared even better in Dutch’s situation. A big part of Dutch’s victory over the Predator was based on luck.

  8. I was wondering when I listen to this show I see the same kinda stuff as gcrn wars or altered geek on it. I think wars handles the whole tournament style better. They matchup the fighters more equally and on like minded battlers. Just my opinion. I get arguing the characters but some reasons are obserde. I can see too getting it done in two shows over 4 but it seems a bit strange. I don’t hate it but don’t love it too.

    1. Well, they have the experience with this kind of stuff then. It was just an idea stemming from March Madness. It could come back, or not. We are still experimenting. Hopefully, we got something in the pipe that may be more of what you want! Thanks for listening!

    2. You sir are an enemy of fun. When I read your comment I thought how ironic because I think the exact opposite of this statement. The concept had me worried it was going to be like those match ups people take way too seriously and are highly predictable. Those are so sad to listen to as grown me. Take the ridiculous far too seriously. This was a welcome change. I was on my toes never knowing where you were going to go. I laughed so hard at the absurdity and loved LOVED that you brought all these different words together. Never in my wildest dreams did I think someone would argue the badass qualities of Richard Simmons. I just wish you had some video game characters on this.

      1. Yeah, sorry about that. I was trying to think of one, but we aren’t super hardcore gamers. Even though our knowledge was low on some characters on this list, at least one of us had a good grip on each character. Thanks for the love! I know the guys and I appreciate it.

      2. Like Greg said we aren’t the biggest gamers so we were hesitant to include video game characters. Thanks for the support though.

    3. To each their own I guess. For one we tried to match this more based on actual March Madness which means seeds so those most likely to win are matched against those least likely. Also we weren’t being very serious with this. Our intention was to be absurd and have fun with it. If that’s not your thing fair enough, but I rather have a conversation that’s never happened that sparks creativity,

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