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Talking In Circles – Episode 11 – March Badness 2: The Deciding Factor



Well it all comes down to this! We conclude our badass bracket to see who will faceoff against last week’s champion to finally determine who is the Biggest Badass! The random absurdness continues as characters from all over including sports, comics, television, and music square off in the squared circle of verbal discourse. Who will survive? Who Will Reign Supreme? Who Will Get Down with their Bad Self? Answer: We all do.





Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. Well that was a surprise to say the least. Another fun listen but I have to disagree with the winner. Wolvie should win based on the story Enemy of the State alone. I am kind of sad to see this end though. I wish there was more. I hope you guys do this again sometime soon.

      1. That’s cool. Didn’t know about this. Looks like there are a few episodes I’ll check out.

        1. Let us know what you think of them and just for future reference since you seem to like this type of thing…GCRN WarZ is THE place for this type of stuff in the future and we have a lot of things planned that I think you will enjoy on that feed!!

  2. Wow…just wow. Did not see that coming. I’m not a huge sports fan so I can’t ramp up a huge argument but how did Chuck Norris not take it all lol. But seriously I thought of a few people you could use if you do it again. Snake Plisken from Escape from LA, Gambit, Steven Segal, Tupac, Mike Tyson, and Roddy Roddy Piper.

    1. Much like Stallone did for the Expendables, we contacted Steven Segal about being in this bracket but he declined because he hates Van Damme.

      1. Lol. Segal can be a hard one to pin down. I wish we could see JCVD and Segal go at it MMA style. That would be awesome.

        1. That would be indeed. Be tough to guess who would win that one. I would vote JCVD right now. But back in the day it would be very close

  3. Loved the episode but little disappointed with the winner. One I heard Heizenberg’s name I was hoping he’d make it to the finals or maybe Dr. Doom. When I saw Tiny Tim I thought you’d go for some easy jokes but you actually defended him which I was pleasantly surprised by. Kudos to you on that.

    1. I didn’t expect him to go far because Greg and Chuck haven’t watched Breaking Bad and he had John Wayne as his first matchup. Hard to argue that one.

  4. Gotta say Greg does a killer Tiny Tim impression. I was impressed to say the least. Also with all the photos of the Rock the one you put is of him in the Tooth Fairy! That’s kind of hilarious in an ironic way.

    1. I have a girly voice to begin with so to achieve a Tiny Tim like voice isn’t that hard for me. I was totally for ironic with the tooth fairy photo. Also, was going for, he is a fairy and he is on this bracket… how did that happen?

  5. Sad to see this come to an end. For what people I think you can put in next time how about Darth Maul, Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Pulp Fiction, Mick Folley from the WWE, CM Punk from the WWE, Rick Grimes because he is even a bigger badass in the comics, Chuck Liddell, and Sean William Scott’s character from Goon.

    I like sports and especially football but not sure if I agree with AP being a badass. Obviously it depends on your definition. He is machine, an amazing player, but a little too soft spoken.

    Got to say I loved Dan’s line about how Optimus Prime’s greatest superpower is getting killed. That made me laugh.

    1. I think a couple of years back you could say that AP was soft spoken, but recently he has been stirring up shit in Minnesota. He has been very vocal on who he thinks deserves to be playing on the team.

      1. I agree he is more of a leader in the last few years. I think he realizes his prime is running short so he wants to win before it is too late.

    2. Glad you like the line. Was thinking more people would have an issue with it. Some good suggestions there. Mick Folley is a good choice and Goon! Awesome pick there. I wanted someone hockey related but couldn’t think of someone famous enough that would fit.

  6. I listened to those episodes and they were fine. Enjoyable enough. If you do again I hope it’s more like this with characters from all over place and more fun and better debate. Leaving it up to fan vote is little anticlimactic and clearly just became a popularity contest at the end.

    1. We try to stick to themes although action stars is one that is in the pipelines which is kind of broad. I agree that it can be a popularity contest – We may do it a couple different ways with a people’s choice and our own choice – Have to keep giving people ways to interact with us!!

    2. We are still getting in our grove in a lot of places coming up with concepts in such. We had a lot of fun doing this but we are trying not to repeat ourselves too often. Perhaps next year we can revisit this idea.

  7. Come on how did Adrian Peterson take this? You had so many better choices in my opinion. Ah well better luck next time I guess. My money was on Clint Eastwood personally. That dead sweats badass. Which sounds disgusting, which makes it more badass.

    1. Hahaha nice. We were just as surprised actually. It’s all about matchups. We could reorder the matchups, do this again and have a completely different outcome.

    2. I did not expect him to win either. Strange how it all worked out in the end. The more I think about it the more I’m ok with it though. Based on his resumes it is certainly deserved.

  8. I actually 1000% agree with who one, and that is coming from a Packers fan. Even though I hate his team I have to respect the man, and almost all my friend that are Packers fans do as well. Most of us wouldn’t admit it but he’s also hard not to like. Classy guy for sure, and a beast. A total beast. Can’ think of anything more badass then getting fans of your hated
    rival to respect you on such a high level.

    1. Props to you sir, you are a classy fan. One of the few out there lol. I’m a huge football fan and I’m always glad to hear someone that has respect for the game as a whole. It is hard to argue against the guy.

    1. As Mike mentioned they will be doing the Vs. tournament some time later this year. We probably won’t return to March Badness till maybe next week. I’m debating about making it an annual thing or doing this but with a different twist.

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