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Talking In Circles – Episode 16 – Superhero Draft



Inspired by the upcoming NFL Draft, Talking in Circles brings you the Superhero Draft! Where Chuck, Dan, and Greg select from the world of superheroes to create the ultimate comic. After the draft is complete we each try  to proclaim why our comic book team will rule them all, even indicating who we would choose to write and draw our book. We are counting on you to decide what book will be best So make sure your voice is heard! Vote in the poll and leave a comment telling us who your voted for and why.

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For a reference point here are the selected teams. Don’t ruin it for yourself and view these images before listening. Seriously, you’ll be missing out.

Dan’s Team

Chuck’s Team

Greg’s Team





Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. I voted for Greg’s team mainly because he won me over with that opening story. I thought that it was phenomenal to listen to. I also like the concept of it. Adventure with super powers sound awesome. Chucks sounds really cool too. Iceman as a villain is a cool idea. And Firelord was a good pull. Most unexpected choice.

    1. I kind of have an unfair advantage with that opening story. Thanks for the vote!

  2. I voted for “The Untouchables”, firstly because I like the name lol. Second the idea of a spin on AOA with a frozen feel and bringing in magic from the Ice Giants was the cherry on top of a cool sundae. I’m not familiar with the writer all that much though. I think even a half decent writer could do some wonderful things with that team.

    1. Thanks! I was always intrested to see how powerful iceman could be and the casket of ancient winters is super powerful. I probably could have went with a better writer, but since he was an expert on the original AOA stuff I figured he would be a good fit.

  3. So I have not voted yet, still debating. Instead though I did this. Here are my Mel Kiper like grades for the draft.

    Greg – (A)- Starting with the first pick is always a challenge. A lot of pressure follows the choice no matter who it is. If that person is not a franchise player quickly the boo birds will quickly appear. Clearly a lot of thought went into the choice and it showed. Dr. Strange does not have the cache of a Batman or Wolverine. He is a utility player that can come in immediately and have an immediate impact. With a clear and concise plan in play the follow up choices rounded out would should be a solid team. Each bringing something different to the table. The one worry is the lack of a quality leader. One who will really rally the troops when times get though. We’ll have to be wait on see on that issue.

    Chuck – (A-) Some may question the initial pick of Blink. She it is not a character the experts had selected in their early mock drafts. Some wondered if Tim Tebow like reach. Clearly that was not the case as many had secretly coveted that character. Chuck may have also had the biggest steal in the draft with Storm in the third round. Storm brings with her experience and raw power. Her dynamic attitude will help is designing a playbook full of interesting twist and turns. The one worry is the selection of Scott Lobdell to head the team. He has been out of the game for a good while and some wonder if he is able to connect with today’s culture. He also brings some off the page baggage that could hurt the team.

    Dan – (B+) With the last pick in the first round Dan started off strong getting a clear-cut face of a franchise in Steve Rogers. Roger is a 5 tool player who slipped down the draft unexpectedly. Some worry if his team is built with redundant personnel. It was evident that two target choices were taken off his board before he could select them. Some may look at the choice of Nightwing as a big swing and a miss. Making it worse is the fact that Nightcrawler was still on the board at that point. Blink and Nightcrawler were the two characters that would give the team the spark it needed. The last choice of Hawkeye was a smart one at the time. Losing Matt Fraction as a writer does hurt the impact slightly

    1. Haha, nicely done. One of the best comments we have gotten so far.
      (I swear I am not brown nosing)
      To defend my team I do think I have a quality leader in Dr. Strange. I believe he has experience leading i.e. The Defenders and also when there is a mystical story everyone let’s Strange navigate the murky waters (So, he has led “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”). Plus, he is like a mystical Ward Cleaver so rallying the troops is no issue.

      1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. You make a good point regarding Dr. Strange. Forgot he was apart of The Defenders

        1. The Defenders aren’t the most prominent of the Marvel U teams. You think they would be with the likes of Hulk and Silver Surfer.

    2. This is impressive!! Definitely stuff Mel Kiper would say! I like the Scott lobdell analysis that he has “some off the page baggage” haha love it. I am so glad I did take Blink first because she woulda been gone. I realized I never really mentioned it but Storm is indeed my team leader. Not bad for 3rd round.

      1. Not going to lie. I was very happy with myself when I came up with the ‘off the page’ pun.

    3. I agree with Greg. This is one of the best comments we ever got. Awesome stuff. Thanks!

    4. Darn You! You beat me too it. I had a similar idea! What you going to do. For me the best pick in the draft was Flash in the last round. A founding member of the JLA slide that far? Nice work on swooping him up. Don’t know if there is a worse pick per say. Black Widow is probably the one I question. Mostly because there are more interesting characters with similar skills. Thinking of people like Catwoman or The Huntress.

  4. This was awesome. I really like the idea and only wish it was real. My vote goes to Don’t team. I think all of them are great but his seems like the most true to life team. Something I could see becoming a reality. Also Chucks letter may be the best yet. Holy cap was that impressive. How did you do that.

    1. Haha thanks for the compliment. That letter took some work I’ll be honest lol. But I love writing stuff like this. When you get a good topic you can really connect the dots. I have some other stories that are even better that I might read in the future if people like them lol.

  5. This was a hard choice honestly. Each team has something I like about them. I guess I’ll go Greg because Matt Fraction is one of my all time favorite writers. I would love to see what he could do with characters like Flash and Dr. Strange together.

    1. Yes Matt Fraction is a great writer. He was my first choice, but oh well. Ed Brubaker is a solid second choice.

    2. I love the idea of Nightcrawlwer and Flash being on the same team. Combing light speed with teleportation would be unstoppable.

      1. Very true that would be awesome. Could probably pull it off on my team as well with Blink’s portals and Firelord being able to fly at light speed.

  6. Once Chuck started his picks with Blink it was his Draft to lose. She’s one of my all time favorites. Like the idea too with the slight twist on the Age of Apocalypse.

    1. I never knew much about her but I am getting into that character. I love teleportation to begin with so I like how she is kind of a more powerful version of nightcrawler

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