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Talking In Circles – Episode 23 – Keeping it in the Family



On this week’s episode we have an oldie but a goodie as we play some more Fact or Fiction. Before we get to the games Dan discusses the past season of Game of Thrones, Chuck brings things down with a rather depressing movie, but Greg is there to bring us back up as he plays the part of a one man band. A random and unexpected theme runs through this week that keeps things interesting and well…rather strange.

Also this week Episode two of Unknown: Gotta Get Out.

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Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. I thought this week’s episode of Unknown was better than last week. I look forward to hearing even more.

    1. Both were fun so far. I’m not sure if I agree this week was better. How to compare really

  2. At first I didn’t get the title for this week’s podcast. Then it finally clicked. Very clever gentlemen. Points for you.

  3. I was dragged to Fault of our Stars as well. I wasn’t a fan at all really. Yea some of the acting is decent but the story was solely designed to make you feel bad. Yea it’s sad but how could it not be based on the premise. What really verified it for me was the time they first kiss. That was just weird and why were people clapping lol

    1. I’m not sure that its designed to make you feel bad. I think it presents to you a bad situation and shows you the silver lining so to speak

  4. I liked how you went to first person for part of the Unknown this week. Gave some better insight into that character’s mind. I don’t know if I find the voice sexy like others lol. But I do like the raspiness of it.

      1. I could understand that logic. Most book adaptions of first person novels tend to never be good as the movie. Its a perspective that only works in books.

        1. That’s a good point however you also have movies like Goodfellas that use narration very well

          1. Yes have to agree with you there. Goodfellas shows first person narration can be effective.

    1. For movies I’m not a fan of first person narrative, but for written novels I do prefer it. Something about being in the mind of one person makes me feel like I have a bed perspective of the character.

  5. Fun episode. I always enjoy the games. What did Dan mean when he said Star Trek isn’t as intellectual as people say it is. What would you call more intellectual Science Fiction?

    1. To be fair I was talking about the movies not the TV as I’ve never really watched it. And what I said was I only enjoy the second and fourth one, and yes I don’t view them as intellectual as some seem to deem them. I’ll pull out my movie snob card and say I view true intellectual Science Fiction as Andrey Tarkovskiy Solaris, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and even Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

      I don’t dislike Star Trek. Its allegorical inquires are often interesting and entertaining just a little to by the book and atypical. Again just basing that on the movies.

      1. The intellectual aspect is much more relegated to the TV Series, Especially Next Generation. The movies do what often times movies do, try to cater to the masses etc. I have to take exception though for putting 2001: A Space Odyssey into any ‘intellectual’ category though. The only reason people say things like that about that piece of garbage is because they think they are suppose to ;)

        1. Where did you get your uncanny ability to determine the legitimacy of other opinions, Its quite fascinating. Award worthy even. Hear I was reading books, novels, essay, and listening to some of movies greatest minds express their love for 2001, and I was silly enough to think they were genuine. Not only that I was stupid enough to think I too was fascinated with 2001 and its technical genius and craftsmanship. What a sucker I am. :)

  6. See I don’t see Lebron James as a selfish player. Carmelo Anthony is a selfish player. Lebron despite some of his antics does play team first ball. Now I’m glad the Spurs one but I think the Lebron hate is unfair. With his age and talent I see him winning at least 3 more championships.

    1. I can’t stand LeBron well ESPN’s coverage of him. Seriously the Spurs just won the finals and they still just talk about him

      1. Yes ESPN tends to pick a topic and do it until it dies, then bring it back to life just to kill it again.

    2. Yes, like I mentioned in the podcast I’m not a LeBron hater either. I was hoping the Spurs won, but I don’t see him as as a villain.

    3. See I’ve watched him play and he’s not a selfish player when it comes to getting the victory or hogging the ball. You are right there. But more of what I meant was he loves the media attention he gets and he plays it up sometimes (for example “The Decision” one hour special on ESPN). In games he is a total cry-baby and whines even when he is the one at fault. They call charges and he thinks its his call every time. Just his demeanor and body language on the court isn’t very mature. And he takes some EXTREME flops during games. I just don’t care for the way the guy plays.

  7. I had the idea that Patrick Stewart could be another potential real life Time Lord. The man hasn’t aged since Star Trek: the Next Generation.

    1. Yeah I agree. I was just reading an article about him and he is 73. Did not think he was even close to that age.

  8. I with Chuck on Wendy’s Burgers for the lower price I would put them slightly over 5 Guys. And as someone who currently lives on West Coast I got to give some love lot In and Out

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