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Talking In Circles – Episode 24 – Extreme Overkill



On this week’s episode we are all about the weird and the wacky. We scour the internet for strange news stories that we find hilarious and down right fascinating. Scientists are looking for a Super Predator,  American Exchange students getting stuck in awkward situations, and Florida bringing out the crazy are just a few of the stories we touch on. We also get into what we’ve been up to this week including a rather shocking movie confession from Chuck and Dan pulling out his movie snob card–just in time to explain why True Blood has lost its luster. Needless to say we are truly overloaded this week…in more ways than one.



Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. Incredible episode guys. I was tearing up with laughter. And yes I got the downunder cheese joke lmao.

  2. Toxic Avenger. Wow. What a surprise lol. That was amazing and very unexpected. I too watched the cartoon as a kid. I wish we had more cartoons based on R rated cartoons. How awesome would an Expandable cartoon be. Very awesome.

    1. Haha I enjoy bad movies and this was one I had on my list for a while and yes an Expendables cartoon would be fantastic lol

    2. The Toxic Avenger cartoon is really awful. Not at bad as The Rambo cartoon but it’s very close.

    3. The closest thing we’d get to an Expendables cartoon is the GI Joe episode of Community, which was the best thing in the history of television.

  3. Oh…my…god. Was that statue story true? That is batty. People I this world never surprise me.

      1. I read about that story too. It was outstanding. It’s one of those proud to be American moments in history.

  4. I could not agree any more with True Blood going down hill. The last three seasons have been so bad. I have no idea why I am still watching.

  5. How do you come up with letters like that Chuck lol. Are you going to publish at all. I’d like to see the written form. Incredible. Is Unknown coming back next week? Hope the break isn’t too long.

    1. Unknown shall be back next week. I think we are going to do it every other week so I don’t get behind. Thanks!

    2. For some strange reason it comes easily for me. Not sure if I will publish it we’ll see if I can get it trademarked first haha thanks for the praise tho lol

  6. So now I’m never going swimming again. And how has a hunt for it not been on Shark Week or the Discovery Channel

    1. Well I went to the beach and made it out safe. They key is just to keep your eyes open.

  7. As someone who used to live in Florida I can tell you those stories don’t tell you the half of it. This state is full of screw ups who do incredibly dumb things. One time I knew a guy who thought it would be funny to order a bunch of pizzas, over $500 worth, for a company without their knowledge. Thinking they would just drop them off and be forced the pay. But they have caller ID and called him back and he picked up and was ended up having to give his credit card pay for it, and not even get to enjoy the pizzas. She basically he gave a company he hated a bunch of free pizza and food.

    1. Hahaha that’s incredible! Guess he didn’t think that one thru People never cease to amaze me lol

  8. I was never the biggest fan of Yojimbo, (I’m never going to look at that name the same again) I see what you are saying about it being a good starter film. Though I would pick Rashoman for that

    1. Rashoman is also a good choice no doubt. I could see why Yojimbo, ( I will also not be able to look at that name the same way again) wouldn’t be as adored as some of his others like I mention on the podcast.

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