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Talking In Circles – Episode 27 – Party of Six



So what do Theodore Roosevelt, Stan Lee,  Alfred Hitchcock, and Michael Bay have in common? Well they are all brought up in the most recent episode of Talking In Circles. Before we get to that we also fulfill or contractual obligation and once again discuss some Arrow. Also Dan is excited by a fantastic movie that is a MUST buy for anyone who owns a Blu Ray player. So see what all the fuss is about in this week’s TIC!



Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. I have gone to San Diego Comic Con. And yes it is a lot of standing in lines. There is more than that though. So if you are looking for some advice on going the biggest rule is get there early. Think about what time you want to get there and get there a few hours earlier than that. Sunday is usually a big day for Hall H so is a great day to do everything else. Also bring CASH. It makes things so much easier. Some vendors run into tech problems so have cash at the ready.

    1. Thanks, for the advice. I won’t be there Sunday. I do plan on bringing cash (please, don’t pickpocket me lol) and I am def. getting there early. My boss wants to go for some early panels!

      1. If you are going to a panel make sure its the thing you plan on doing that day. Unless its something like how to stack your comic book collection it’ll fill up fast. I would also say the best stuff at Comic Con tends to be outside the Con. At parties or bars. Some crazy awesome stuff. That’s what you have to hit up for sure.

  2. The most surprising choice was John Candy. I figured a Bill Murray but never thought Candy would be brought up. I too watched Camp Candy back in the day. It wasn’t great. But I still kind of liked it.

  3. I agree Bay should stay away from 80’s properties and stick with more original ideas. I don’t know if he has ‘great power’ though as you say. He has some visual senses for sure. I think he should stick to music videos and TV commercials. Anything longer than 5 minutes and he gets lost.

    1. Hey now. Bad Boys movies are good. I will stand by that. And The Rock. How can you not like The Rock. I still say his worst movie is The Island. Even worse than any of the Transformers movie.

        1. Armageddon had always been a guilty pleasure for me. Pain and Gain was pretty good too. The Rock was great in that

          1. Agreed. Pain and Gain was great and I love The Rock….The movie and The Dwayne Johnson.

    2. I think Bay can make a good movie like I mentioned. His trailers tend to be better than his movies sure. But that doesn’t mean the movie is not good. –Well at least sometimes.

  4. Sorcerer is absolutely fantastic. I have not seen the Blu Ray yet but I have been chomping at the bit to pick it up once the price drops. Checked recently and it was over $25. Too rich for my blood. Also thanks to Greg for saying Birds is not a great movie. I’ve gotten slack from so many people who say I’m wrong. It just does not hold up.

    1. It truly does not. I love Hitchcock, but this is one of his movies that are so bad that they are good. Especially after hearing so much about this movie when I was younger. Those birds are hilarious.

    2. You kind to have to watch it on Blu Ray. One of the best transfers in quite awhile. Really gives that movie new life.

  5. I’m super jealous you got to go to the Kaufman House. I had modern architecture class in college and we talked about it in length one day. When people talk about places they would want to live that’s the one I point to. To rapper’s crib or movie star mansion. Give me the Kaufman House.

  6. I think I would go to Chuck’s Food Truck party over the rest. It sounds peaceful and laidback. Plus John Candy. You can’t beat John Candy.

    1. I’m all for food trucks. But I’d go Bill Murray over Candy. Although its really a win win if you ask me.

      1. Murray is fantastic no doubt. I just don’t know how much of a conversation you can have with him.

    2. Excellent! You really can’t beat him. He may not have the most illustrious career compared to others but he seems so down to earth and likeable.

  7. Pizza Hut has buffets? Why am I just finding out about this now. It’s like a dream come true.

  8. I like the idea here. One of those classic situations. The one person that is a must for me would have to be C.S. Lewis. He is an amazing author and any fantasy fan owes him a great debt. Without him we might not have Lord of the Rings. He’s the one that inspired Tolkien to write it. Lewis wrote the first Science Fiction trilogy too. Geeks don’t give him as much praise as they should.

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