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Talking In Circles – Episode 29 – The Comic-Con Experience



This week we discuss the much anticipation and much debated Comic-Cons of all Comic-Cons…SCRANTON Comic-Con. Oh and yes Greg also talks about his exploits at San Diego Comic-Con and what it was like being at the infamous event. We also get into some beach trip escapades and Dan’s unexpected encounter during the Electric Run 5k. All that and more podcast goodness coming at you!



Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. Ticket to Ride is one of all time favorite games. It is relaxing and very competitive at the same time.

    1. You must not play with the same people I do. My friends are dicks when we play that game. I have seen many flip boards when a rail from LA to New York is stopped by bumper a few rails away.

        1. Have you played any of the Catan spinoffs? Star Trek is one of my favorites.

          1. I am against licensed versions of games like that. Unless its Monopoly. They are usually cheap grabs for money and ruin the core game.

          2. I have played the Star Trek version. It was an interesting take on it. I still like the original though.

      1. I could see how that could happen. I guess it depends on your set of friends ;)

    2. Ticket to Ride is a great game – very much like the “10 Days” series (10 Days across America/Asia/Europe etc)

  2. I super jealous you got to go to San Diego Comic Con this year. I so wanted to go, especially to the 75th annual Batman panel. I heard it wasn’t as crowded this year as year’s past was that true?

    1. San Diego Convention center open up some more space and a lot of studios decided to do things outside the con. They have also capped the number of people they are allowing in so thing are not as crowded.

    2. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to that one. I had to have dinner with my boss and his west coast photo friends

  3. I am super jealous you got to go to San Diego Comic Con this year. I so wanted to go, especially to the 75th annual Batman panel. I heard it wasn’t as crowded this year as year’s past was that true?

  4. So Chuck collects Marvel Legends? So do I? What’s your collection looking like. I used to collect them all, bad Pokémon reference, now I pick and choose. Have about 65 Marvel legends and select figures all together.

    1. Nice!! I’m not sure of my exact number but I know I was over a hundred a few years ago so I would wager its at about 150 give or take. Anymore tho I just try to pick up the ones I really like. My favorites as of late are the new Carnage one and the Gladiator one. Aren’t the new Hasbro ones so much better than when they first took over? They are knocking them out of the park now

      1. Oh wow you have quite more than me. I do agree Hasbro has gotten better. I went away from them for awhile because of how poor their first few sets were. I still have some issues with some them. But each set usually has one or two awesome pieces. Do you have pictures of your collection?

        1. Hey 65 is no joke you got a good collection there! And yes the first few Hasbro waves were horrendous but yeah I agree every set has a couple gems. Depends what characters you’re into also. I do have a couple pictures I could dig up. Nothing of the full collection but I’ll look. Maybe put them up on our facebook page or something. You got any of your collection?

          1. Not really. I have more figures I have room for so a lot of
            them are in boxes.

          2. Yeah I’m in the same boat. I display my Avengers and X-men and that’s about it. I found a couple old pics, I’ll toss them up on fb

      2. Super jealous you got that figure. I thought about it but it was too rich for my blood.

        1. Yeah I told myself I wouldn’t spend that much but it holds its value and I couldn’t make myself wait. It is such a great sculpt

  5. I get why the creators of Saga wouldn’t want to make merchandise. Part of me is impressed by that in some ways. In today’s day and age though that’s a mistake though. People will just bootleg their own merchandize and they won’t see any of it. That is really cool there was a Lying Cat T-Shirt. I would so buy that.

        1. I didn’t realize until recently that all those Calvin peeing decals were bootleg

    1. I kind of respect the choice. And lets be honest people would be making bootleg stuff either way.

  6. Quite the theory Mike has there for Phase Two of Marvel and Avengers 2. Forgot completely about that line that there was another plan besides The Avengers. I could see SHIELD having a hand in Ultron. That would make sense.

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