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Talking In Circles – Episode 59 – Power Rankings Revisited


Last September we debuted the Geek Power rankings where we attempted to rank the biggest things currently in Geek culture. Now five months later we are at it again! We see how much has changed since last time and what has remained the same. The results may surprise you. We also discuss the recent Power Rangers fan film that has the internet a buzz, and talk about one big element everyone else appears to be missing.

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Dan Clark

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Greg Beppler

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Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. No love for Gotham? That has to at least be in the discussion right? With the Joker and Red Hood stuff I couldn’t stop seeing people talk about it. Also regarding Joker what about the Suicide Squad movie? Lot of buzz about Jared Leto being the next Joker.

    1. the “joker” in Gotham was fan service at best. At least for Season 1…. the idea of the red hood gang was a great jumping off point though.

      1. Yes but that fan service got people talking, which is the question here. You can not like it but people were talking about it.

        1. I’m not saying I disliked it… I’m saying that they are throwing every Bat character to us…. to get more people to watch the show. Take away the Batman angle…. this is just another cop procedural.

          1. You mean if you take the bat stuff out of it it would just be another police procedural… uh yeah it would be. And as far as the villains go…. Penguin… Riddler… Dollmaker… Joker (wannabe)… Catwoman…. TwoFace… before he becomes two face but still….. so yeah it’s damn true. I’m expecting mr. freeze to show up in season 2.

          2. So you take everything out about the show except for the police part and it becomes a police procedural….yea you make my head hurt lmao

          3. right back attcha. What I’m saying is….. if it wasn’t for the Batman elements…. Gotham would be just another police show in a long line of police shows. Yet at the same time with the Batman elements…. specifically the villains…. for me it’s frustrating to watch… Because they are only scratching the surface! There’s nothing that is deep about any of them on the show. They just throw them in there to get ratings.

          4. I’m just saying – you are saying to remove everything that makes it Gotham – of course its just going to be a cop show then…what else would it be? Also, how can you expect them to do any more than scratch the surface. We are dealing with first appearances, initial relationships and the very early origin stories of these characters. What do you want them to do that they aren’t doing? Be the older versions of themselves that you are used to from the comics/games/cartoons?

          5. No. I don’t want them to be their older versions. I want better origins for them. Look at Mr. Freeze and BTAS…. before that he was just a common crook with a cold gimmick. Paul Dini in BTAS gave him emotional resonance. In Gotham Penguin and Riddler are too damn creepy… not that I want them to be comical. But both are just getting by. I really only have an issue with The Riddler character as far as the creepiness. They’ve turned him into the stalking mad hatter character. and the kringle woman is alice.

            At least Gotham is keeping my interest, even though I don’t care for certain aspects. The sam can’t be said for Arrow Season 3.

          6. What did you expect from a show called Gotham for Christ sake. A Batman show without any Batman type characters?

          7. no what I’m saying is without the bat aspect it’s just anothe in a long line of cop shows… I get that the bat elements are what make it what is. I just don’t like the character development and pacing at times.

    2. You’re right, there is alot of buzz especially from the suicide squad movie and harley quinn and joker being cast. You could def make a case for that in the top 10

    3. Yea Gotham should have been mentioned. Still don’t think it would make the Top 10.

  2. The Power Rangers fan film was a huge surprise to me. I had no idea it was trying to be satirical. It makes sense it was made by a guy who wasn’t a fan of Power Rangers. I did think it look really good. The special effects were quite amazing. But overall it was just too much. At first it was like yay cool this is badass power rangers. Then it just got insane and too crazy and was trying way too hard.

    1. I never understood why adults would like Power Rangers on any level besides ironically or based on nostalgia. It is insane to me that there are adults who
      actually watch that show on face value still. There are kids shows that can be
      for adults too but Power Rangers isn’t one of them. That’s why I liked the
      Power Rangers movie. We saw how insane that premise would be if more in a real
      world setting.

      1. I tried to watch an episode the other day on Netflix. Got 10 minutes in and had to shut if off. They are just so terrible.

      2. So you are saying as a 13 year old when PR came out…. as I grew up I should have grown out of it? I have watched all the series… but only enjoy a few of them past the MPR days.

      3. I loved MMPR as a kid. I haven’t watched it in years though. I could imagine it doesn’t hold up well at all. It was kind of goofy.

        1. Some of the series are very well done on storytelling. MMPR-Zeo all have great stories in them… most of them are focused on Tommy. Other PR series that are very enjoyable are:

          Time Force
          Dino Thunder (outside of MMPR this is my all time fav)
          In Space
          Lightspeed Rescue

    2. I didn’t realize it either fist time I watched it. It wasn’t until I read and listened to a few interviews that I realized exactly what he was doing with it.

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