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Talking In Circles – Episode 61 – March Badness 2: The Return


On this week’s episode we continue the long storied one year tradition of the March Badass Bracket. Characters from all over movies, TV, comics, sports, and pretty much everywhere you can think of compete to determine which one is truly the biggest badass. This week we cover round one that includes characters like Darth Vadar, Rocket Racoon, Zach Morris, and that is just the beginning. Let the madness begin!

This week’s bracket:

Round 1

Round 2



Winner of First Bracket


Dan Clark

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Greg Beppler

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Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. Thhhaaaaaannnkkkk Yooooouuuu for making my Tuesday awesome! I had no idea what you guys were doing at first but once I got into the groove it was one hell of a ride! I do have to say Darth Vadar going out like that was a surprise. Know nothing about Death Stroke so maybe you all are right but Dark freaking Vadar man! I thought he was taking it for sure. Super forward looking to the next round. When’s it coming out? I cannot wait.

  2. Super disappointed that Carol went out in the first round. I was hoping she would at least make it to the semi finals. In the last two seasons she has done some truly unique things that were some of my favorite Walking Dead moments period. Including the comics. If I was going to pick any member on that team to survive an Apocalypse with it would be her. Personally I don’t consider Black Panther a badass really. He’s a cool character and all, but badass? He carries himself too well and too formally for badass consideration.

    Too bad Snake Eyes drew a tough matchup. I would have liked to see him go further but he’s no match for The Bride. Anyways I think Storm Shadow is more badass anyways!

    You guys said you did this before? When was that? I don’t see anything listed in iTunes. It only goes to like 10 or so episodes from the past. I’d like to hear last years if its still available.

    1. I agree Storm Shadow is more badass than Snake Eyes. Both are kickass ninjas but Storm Shadow is more of a complicated character.

    2. You may also want to check out the Vs. tournaments we do. They do it differently than us but they are a great listen.

    3. I was hoping Carol would go further like you. She has been the best thing about that show lately.

  3. Another great episode guys. It’s great that you brought this idea back. You should do it more often honestly. I am sad you are only doing 32 this year cause I prefer the longer podcast honestly.

    Oh I also tried to watch Last Man on Earth. Couldn’t get passed the first episode. It’s not for me.

      1. I found it boring and too depressing for me. I thought it was going to be more comedic

        1. Don’t get the boring argument honestly. I can see the depressing issue. I will say it does get more upbeat as the series goes on.

  4. Finally a March Madness bracket challenge I can get behind. Sad Buffy didn’t make it farther than he did. She has some true badass cred. Will Angel be on the otherside?

    1. Do you think Buffy is more of a badass than Deathstroke? There’s no way IMO she should win that one?

      1. Yes I would say so. If she loses her battles the world may come to an end. Deathstroke doesn’t have those stakes. And Buffy has to endure high school while fighting for humanity.

        1. Doesn’t Buffy have a team behind her though? And didn’t she just get her powers by chance? Deathstroke goes against the Justice League solo and earned all his skills.

          1. Buffy has a team but she is clearly the leader of it, and in the series we see how lost they would be without her.

    2. My wife gave me grief for Buffy losing in the first round lol. Angle will not be in the other side. Perhaps future tournaments though.

  5. Where do you come up with some of these arguments? Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would hear someone try to argue the badass cred of Vanilla Ice against Zach Morris but you proved me wrong. If we are talking about Saved by the Bell badass characters I would probably choose Slater or Tori but I get what you are saying.

    1. Honestly once you get started its kind of easy. The key is to not take it too seriously and find a unique angle.

  6. My question is would Rocket be as big of a badass if he didn’t always have Groot by his side? I mean yay that guy walks tall and carries a big gun but if push comes to shove he’s usually having Groot handle the dirty business.

    So glad Boba Fett went out early. He is such an overrated character in my book. The guy looks cool do no doubt but does absolutely nothing in the movies. Overrated.

    1. ohhh, the Groot argument is a good point. We might have to bring that up in next week’s show.

  7. I love the image in the bracket with The Bride and Deathstroke. That looks like a movie
    that I want to see. Talking about Tarantino characters that should be in this list Jules Winfield! That guy literally has a wallet that says badass on it. And it’s the role that made Jackson what he is today. Hope he makes it onto the tournament somewhere.

    Was that a clip from Cool as Ice? If so I have now listened to more of that movie than I ever wanted. Man Vanilla Ice back then makes Justin Bieber today look humble.

    1. We had Samuel L. Jackson in last years, but Jules is certainlly someone we could consider in future tournaments. And yes that was a clip from Cool as Ice–You’re welcome.

  8. When it started I thought Vader was taking it. To my surprise that didn’t happen. Rocket was my second choice though

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