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Talking In Circles – Episode 62 – March Badness 2: The Revenge


This week we bring you the finals of the 2015 Talking in Circles March Badness Bracket. Yes, that’s right in this episode we determine who is truly the biggest badass for this year, and if you thought last episode was full of random fun…you ain’t see nothing yet. Let’s just say we truly make some history on this week’s show. It’s not all badass talk as Chuck review’s Liam Liam Neeson’s new movie Run All Night and Greg takes a look at a new book from Rick Riordan. Before the show ends we also get into the recent Batgirl comic book cover controversy and give out thoughts.

This week’s bracket:

Round 1

Round 2



Winner of Second Bracket

The Grand Finale



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Dan Clark

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  1. How did Mr. T lose to Kacey Jones? Come on now. I can’t agree with that. Mr. T doesn’t pity fools. He doesn’t pity them at all. How can you get more badass than that. And that mother song is badass. Cause at that time Mr. T could say or do anything and no one was telling him no. The dude even had his own Saturday morning cartoon show! Anyways, got to say this week was really unexpected. Once you got to The Fonze and Lincoln I nearly lost my shit. Amazing stuff man. Kudos.

  2. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the use of real people against fictional characters cause real people have an unfair advantage but those were also some of the best debates so maybe it’s a good thing. I was hoping someone would bring up Rick’s mental issues at least once. He’s not like that much on the comics, well at least he is not as whiney in spots.

    1. Don’t you kind of have to be a little mentally unstable to survive in the zombie apocalypse? Kacey Jones has a loose grip on reality sometimes. Imagine what he’d be like if his wife was eaten by zombies.

    2. Sometimes real people do have an advantage, sometimes they don’t. George Foreman didn’t make it out of the first round, so just because you are real doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to win.

  3. Ha! How did you guys decide who was chosen in the tournament? You got some eclectic characters for sure. Some of them I don’t put in the bad ass category but you still made good arguments. I had no idea Lincoln was a wrestler. I wonder what hid entrance music was. Is there a chance the Civil War was one big WWF storyline?

    1. Well when developed a list of possible candidates and voted on ones we’d like to see in it. We tried to have a big spectrum of characters that cover different mediums and backrounds. It makes it random but it also makes it more fun and makes you be more creative when making up your arguments.

  4. Did someone make that Grande Finale image? I freaking love the look of it, and currently making it my computer desktop.

    1. The Rocket Raccoon is a cover for one issue of the comic, drawn by Skottie Young. The WW is a drawing done by Cliff Chiang that I cut out. I extended the blue background and extended the flames from the gun, placed WW under the flames and kind of blended WW into the flames a bit. Tossed “versus” on there and a logo and bing-o-bong-o done. Skottie Young and Cliff Chiang are great def. check out their stuff!

      1. I never would have thought Chiang and Young’s style would flow together like that but it looks perfect. I would have thought it was from a crossover comic or something.

        1. They aren’t completely similar, but they are certainly close enough. Skottie is a little more frenetic and you can def. tell that he has taken his style from graffiti/urban art. If you want to see how different they are take a look at the bullets that pile up that Skottie drew compared to the single bullet that Chiang drew. One of the same thing looking completely different, but as a whole they look close.

  5. The whole Batgirl cover controversy is utterly stupid. In creating Joker themed variants what is more appropriate than a reference to their most memorable stories in the Batgirl story runs. DC does lots of stupid sexist, insensitive stuff these days, but I don’t see this as one of them. I thought the picture was sensitive to the issue and looked great. If a cover like that can get emotion out of you it’s a good thing.

    1. That whole thing got to me a bit. There was another controversy about sexism in comics (it unfolded on twitter) with J. Scott Campbell taking a hit. I recommend finding that. It was crazy.

    2. See I’m glad they pulled it. Personally I’m not a fan of superhero stories approaching topics like sexual assault. It’s too serious of a topic to touch upon for stories that are full of such cartoon fun and gander. Save that for the more special lines that deal with adult themes.

      1. Well comics have always approached difficult topics despite the fact that they are about stories with men in tights. Drug use, abuse, genocide, I mean every stinking hero was born out of some sort of tragedy.

    3. I’m confused by the entire thing. Did it become an issue because the artist said to pull it or was it a big issue so the artist pulled it. I can never figure out the time line.

  6. So sad to see this end. Looking forward to next year’s version of it. Wonder Woman is truly a bad ass and a grest choice for a winner.

    1. I have to say I didn’t see her winning it all. It tends to just come up to matchups honestly.

  7. Patton should have took it all. That dude was an Iron horse that did just about everything from leading tank battalions to being an Olympian. He was not without controversy but that’s what made him a great leader. Weakness was not an option. What is more badass than taht?

  8. Sorry to see this end. Disappointed that Wonder Woman cause she doesn’t fit the idea of a badass in my head. When I think badass I also think cool. Someone who goes by their own rules but you don’t mind cause they are just so stinking likeable. I don’t see that with WW. The ones that should I won in my mind were either Mr. T or Kacey Jones. At least on this side of the bracket.

    1. Watch Justice League War. She is a badass in that. Lately she has stopped being a glorified sex symbol and become a true warrior. She has become one of my favorite DC characters. She may not be cool in the wear leather jackets sense, but if you think kicking ass is cool than she is the coolest.

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