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Talking In Circles – Episode 63 – Cue the Theme Song


Now that the Badass Tournament has crowned it’s champion we are bringing them back to basics as well play one of our favorite games: Fact or Fiction. Before that we also delve into the news about the Super Troopers 2 sequel and give our thoughts. Dan reviews HBO’s The Jinx and tells you why it’s a must watch, and Greg has some hidden gem comic books you must check out. The second half is full of random discussion about comics, movies, TV, and we even fit in a little bit of sports talk as well.



Dan Clark

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Greg Beppler

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Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. So what placed make Chucks top 10 burger places? Does White Castle and In and Out make the cut?

    1. Honestly I’ve never tried either of those two. We don’t have any where I live and I’ve never been able to get to one. It’s on my to-do list. I have places like Chick and Ruth’s Deli in Annapolis, MD which I mentioned, also Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA has a huge burger menu of about 35 burgers and home of the world’s largest burger challenge. The DooWop Diner in Wildwood, NJ also has a huge selection of burgers and the ’57 Chevy burger with jalapenos is really great. I’m also not afraid to throw in some places like Red Robin (love the Whiskey River BBQ) and TGIFridays (American Stacked burger). There are a few more that I really have to think over but those 5 are definitely on the list.

      1. White Castle burgers are overrated. They are just hard to get which makes people freak out about them. But in reality they are basic sliders with onion. nothing special about them at all.

        1. hard to get really? Here in KY you walk into any Wal-Mart frozen section and BAM there are boxes of them everywhere. You don’t even need to go to a White Castle itself LOL

          1. Well the actual resturants are only located in certain parts of the country. The frozen burgers you get at Wal*Mart aren’t really the same thing, well maybe they are and that’s why they aren’t any good.

  2. Wait! What? They are making Super Troopers 2? Where was I when that was announced. I loved that movie when it came out, although I rewatched it recently and a lot of it doesn’t hold up well. Some funny spots here and there. I’m a little worried that the sequel will be more of the same.

    1. The thing is Broken Lizard has been doing more of the same with all their movies since Super Troopers. It’s the same type of jokes just with different plotlines. They got lucky with Super Troopers and haven’t been able to repeat that success since then.

  3. I’m a little worried about the future of comic book shows on TV. Arrow is going down hill and the new show they are talking about sounds questionable at best. Hawkgirl? Really. I hate what they did with Captain Atom making him a want-a-be Iron Man. The Flash is good but I’m worried about using Grodd. It is going to look really fake.

    1. Arrow is going down hill! What that’s crazy. The last few episodes have been some of the best of the entire series.

      1. Honestly I stopped watching with they but Atom in the suit. This season has just not worked for me. It is too all over the place.

        1. Yeah I completely agree with you as far as Arrow goes. I know it’s supposed to be a dark show, but for me it’s gotten to dark, and too drama heavy. As far as using Grodd so far what I’ve seen in promos it looks great!

    2. Yeah the spinoff show with Hawkgirl sounds iffy, and Arrow is less stellar than prior seasons but it is getting very good right now. Especially with the Flash crossovers. Flash is incredible, the writers keep Wowing me every week so I have faith in them to get Grodd right.

      1. They are supposed to add other characters too right? It’s not just a Hawkgirl show. Cause that would be awful.

        1. Yeah from what I heard there is supposed to be 3 DC characters that have never been portrayed in TV before. And then some others that have. Hawkgirl appeared in Smallville I believe.

          1. I think she was in that. I know she was in Justice League. Never been portrayed on TV before? That makes me curious cause a lot of DC characters have been on TV.

          2. Hawkgirl was referenced in Smallville and maybe shown in a flashback. But I don’t remember her being an active part of the JL that they showed on that show. But she did kick ass and take names on JL and JLU! It will be interesting to see what they do with her, and who else they involve.

          3. I think she was only in 1 episode. If memory serves they showed her as Hawkman’s wife and how they die every 1000 years or whatever and are born again and they always find each other or something like that. I think it was a vision but they also show her mask and mace in the room with all the JSA items that Carter Hall protected

  4. I see AP landing with the Cowboys. They have cleared enough cap space to get him, and if you are the Vikings what’s the benefit of having him. Pull a Herschel Walker trade and rebuild your franchise. Mccfadden isn’t the answer for Dallas. He has a worst injury history than Bradford.

    1. That’s a sound theory. Its interesting how they restructured Romo to free up like 12 million bucks or whatever it was.

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