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Talking In Circles – Episode 67 – What Are The Chances


On this week’s episode we debut a brand new game…What Are The Chances? It let’s us to touch upon a broad range of topics. Everything from Tim Tebow’s chances as making it as a starting QB in the NFL to the possibility of a Spider-Man cameo in an upcoming Marvel property. We also talk about some recent trailers including the already infamous Batman V. Superman trailer and Jurassic World. Chances are if you are a geek about anything we are going to talk about it in this episode.



Dan Clark

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Greg Beppler

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Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

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  1. I 100% agree with Chuck that Zack Snyder doesn’t understand Superman. He didn’t get how to do wholesome. His characterse flawed or have questionable personalities. Superman is a boy scout not a god who likes to be worshipped.

    1. Do we know for sure Superman is okay with being worshipped? He could be against it and it’s not shown in the trailer.

      1. True. That could be the case. My bigger problem was with how basing Batman V Superman off of Dark Knight Returns is an odd choice when these are the first time the characters are on screen with one another.

      2. To me its already too much that he allowed them to build a statue of him after what he did to Zod and the destruction he caused the city and innocent lives lost. Supes would have been guilt-stricken over this and he would have thought it perverse to erect a statue of him. And the crowd of people reaching out to touch him. That could possibly be a dream sequence with the bright lighting but just in general, Superman would be emploring people not to idolize him. Also, the armed guards in that corridor that kneel down before him when he comes in. Maybe its all misdirection and things are not what they seem. I sincerely hope so.

  2. Daredevil will be fine without its showrunner. Nothing is has been more overblown than the importance of showrunners. Noone even knew they existed a fewill years ago and Marvel had a lot of say on the show already.

    1. To a certain extent I agree with you, but we have seen shows go downhill have showrunners have left. Obviously this could be a variety of reasons, but it’s still a question worth asking.

    2. Well to be fair Drew Goddard started as the showrunner on DD and then left. So they already went through a change like this previously.

  3. If you are going to say Tim Tebow lead the Broncos to a playoff win you might as well say Trent Dilfer lead the Ravens to a Superbowl . He is Michael Vick with half the speed and accuracy. He’s great at making highlights no doubt but if you take his running away from him he’s got nothing. He’s not beating you with his arm and a good defense of coordinator can make him look silly. Look what happened the game after the Broncos won that playoff game. The Patriots destroyed him and Tebow gave one of the historically worse qb playoff performances. With that said I can see him thriving with Chip Kelly’s offense. It’s a college style spread system that is suited to his skills. If he can get that read option working it’s nearly impossible to stop.

    1. Tebow kinda did lead the Broncos to a playoff win because he had 3 touchdowns in that game. Two passing, one rushing. His level of play that day lifted them over the Steelers. Trent Dilfer clearly was not as much of a factor as the ravens defense in that super bowl win. That being said, I don’t believe Tebow is great, or even that he is consistenly okay. I simply believe there are a lot of worse quarterbacks out there.

      1. Jamarcus Russell still ranks as the worst QB I have ever seen play. That guy was such a waste of space.

          1. He was athletic, big guy with a big arm an all. He didn’t have the talent to read a D, throw in a tight window, or make presnap reads. In the NFL everyone is an amazing athlete. You need to be more than that.

    2. I never got why Tebow didn’t even try to play TE, WR, or even Full Back. That guy could have been an unstoppable weapon if he was used right.

      1. Yeah I agree. I even think of some end around plays where he has the option to throw. There would have been some great potential there. I guess he was stubborn and just wanted to make it as a QB.

        1. Yea I do get the feeling he thought he was a better QB then he really was. He wanted to prove everyone wrong and I get that. At some point though you have to realize maybe its not going to work out the way I thought.

    3. I wouldn’t call Tebow an All Pro. But he does have more skills then people admit. Getting traded to the Jets was the worse thing that could possibly happen to him. They did nothing with him. Is he really that worse than Jake Locker, Johnny Football, Josh Freeman, or Matt Schaub? I mean if you give me those Qb’s or Tebow I’d go Tebow.

    4. I put Tebow and Vince Young in the same boat. Both can make plays and get wins but eventually you need to sit back and throw. Vince Young couldn’t do that and Tebow never got the chance.

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