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Talking in Circles – Episode 08 – Sequel, Reboot, or Destroy!


This week on Talking in Circles we are looking at TV shows and movies of the past and present and asking those age old questions: Is it time for a reboot? Is it time for a sequel? Or is it simply time to destroy the idea and leave it be? We answer those hard-hitting questions and more including a discussion of Turtles Forever and the latest Marvel One-shot All Hail the King.





Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. Sorry that I have to comment on Duck Tales again but I’d like to see a reboot of sorts with that show. As Dan told me from the last show, they do not have HD versions of the old show on TV but in a video game. So let’s get HD versions on TV. I think my kids would like that show. I know i would. There was a show that I use to watch with my father that I heard was supposed to get a reboot but I haven’t heard anything about recently and that was/is Cosmos. The original Cosmos was hosted by Carl Sagan and gave you a look at science and the solar system in a very personal way. Great show. You can find past episodes on YouTube is you are interested. The reboot was/is supposed to be hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson but I have not heard anything else about it. Have any of you guys? I know it is too soon but I think they need to reboot the Harry Potter movies too. I think they missed a lot of great content from the books in the movies and could do a much better job a second time around. Animated I think would be even better too because they can do so much more. In a similar vein, maybe Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, can be the next James Bond. What do you think?

    1. I would listen to Carl Sagan right before bed. The man’s voice puts me right to sleep. I would like to see the new Cosmos with NdGT. I think that just came out super recently so I shall have to keep a look out. Yeah, I think it is a bit early for a HP reboot, but I have heard that there is going to be some kind of spin off down the line. So, we can all get our magical world of Harry Potter fix. Um, Radcliff doesn’t have the body for being Bond.

      1. Yeah Greg. I agree about Daniel Radcliffe. You saw right through my clever ruse. Well played friend.

        1. *Stands on podium and waves like the queen of England.

          He could bulk up for the role, but then there is an issue of height I believe he is not that tall. They could get through that with camera trickery though. Seems like a lot of work to me. At least you can dream about it James :-)

    2. The reboot of Cosmos just came out last Sunday night with Neal Degrass Tyson. I haven’t seen it yet but I will for sure. I would also highly recommend NDT’s podcast Star Talk. If you are interested in Science at all its quite good.
      There are talks about doing a Harry Potter Spinoff movie. It is set to be based on the one book they use in school. Collecting monsters or something, I forget.
      Not sure if I see Radcliffe as Bond. Maybe when he gets older. I do think he has potential as an actor. He was very good in Woman in Black, which was a great old fashioned horror flick. I honestly think Idris Elba would be an awesome Bond or maybe Michael Fassbender because you know he’s good in anything.

  2. Holy Crap Chuck’s impersonation of Alpha from the Power Rangers was amazing. I literally almost did a spit take when I heard it. it was so funny. Cool game guys. I liked playing along. The only one I disagreed with you on was Save by the Bell. I’d love to see a sequel of it with all people older. Can’t be worse than New Class.

    1. Haha glad to hear. I do love to make people laugh. And that could work. Has anyone seen Mr. Belding? You gotta have him in there. I hear he’s in a movie coming out next year and he’s playing a principal of all things.

      1. That was seriously amazing. It came out of no where and I honestly thought it was a clip or something.

          1. As a person who loves impressions I was impressed with them. And did I catch a Peter Griffin. I believe I did.

          2. Yes there was a little Peter Griffin in there haha. I love impressions too, always a fun time.

  3. My biggest issue with Turtles Forever was how it treated the 80’s turtles. It felt like a big middle finger to that franchise in how it characterized them all as cowards They may have been more comical, but they weren’t afraid to fight.

    1. I also had that problem with it. I forgot to mention it but Greg and I were talking about that the other day. The part with the comic book turtles where cartoon turtles dropped their weapons and ran, that was total BS. Like you said they would never run from a fight.

  4. Wow this was a hilarious episode. I loled on multiple occasions especially when the John Maddens came out. The game was cool too. Other things I’d like to hear your opinion on for the game are Top Gun, King Kong, The Greatest American Hero, and Predator.

    1. Haha I’m sure the John Maddens will sneak out again at some point. And those all sound interesting. We are certainly looking for requests because we will definitely be doing SRD again on future episodes.

    2. Funny I had some of those on my list as well. When we play again I’ll be sure to bring some of those up.

  5. Yes please kill off Die Hard. Die Hard Six was guilty of war crimes with how bad it is. I’d love to see another Ducktales TV show or movie. Greatest. Theme. Song. Ever.

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