The Beast Unleashed

The Beast Unleashed – Review



Episodes: 1-28

Series Covered: Beast Wars, Beast Machines

# Title
1 Beast Wars Parts 1 and 2, The Web, Equal Measures, Chain of Command, Power Surge
2 Fallen Comrades, Double Jeopardy, A Better Mousetrap, Gorilla Warfare, The Probe
3 Victory, Dark Designs, Double Dinobot, The Spark, The Trigger Parts 1 and 2
4 Spider’s Game, Call of the Wild, Dark Voyage, Possession, The Low Road
5 Law of the Jungle, Before the Storm, Other Voices Parts 1 and 2
6 Season 1 Recap
7 Aftermath, Coming of the Fuzors Parts 1 and 2, Tangled Web, Maximal, No More
8 Other Visits Part 1 and 2, Bad Spark, Code of Hero, Transmutate
9 The Agenda Parts 1-3
10 Season 2 Recap
11 Optimal Situation, Deep Metal, Changing of the Guard, Cutting Edge
12 Feral Scream Parts 1 and 2, Proving Grounds, Go with the Flow, Crossing the Rubicon, Master Blaster
13 Other Victories, Nemesis Parts 1 and 2
14 Season 3 Recap
15 The Reformatting, Master of the House, Fires of the Past, Mercenary Pursuits, Forbidden Fruit
16 The Weak Component, Revelations (1): Discovery, Revelations (2): Descent, Revelations (3): Apocalypse
17 Survivor, The Key (1), The Catalyst (2), End of the Line (3)
18 Fallout, Savage Noble, Prometheus Unbound, In Darkest Knight, A Wolf in the Fold
19 Home Soil, Spark War (1): The Strike, (2): The Search, (3): The Siege
20 Spark of Darkness, Endgame (1): The Downward Spiral, (2): When Legends Fall, (3): Seeds of the Future
21 BM Series Recap
22 Complete Beast Unleashed Compilation Recap

A New Episode 00 will be featured in Jan. 2010

So stay tuned!

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