The Beast Unleashed

TBU – Episode 21

In the 21st episode of The Beast Unleashed Podcast We have transformed and transcended into Beast Machines. Join Steve/Megatron PecanCtMichael, and TFG1Mike as they review the first three episodes of Beast Machines.



Steve “Megatron” Phillips
Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard
Michael “PecanCtMichael” Wilson


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. That’s a lot of Transformers. Lol. I LOVE Beast Machines! I agree with Michael Wilson about the flames, yeah, not too great, but I love the effects. When I first started re-watching this, I couldn’t stop watching it. I don’t like the way they transform though. When listening to this episode though, I thought about why they transform the way they do: if you notice, the Vehicons transform the way we’re used to: machine precision. The Maximals are going the way of the organic (nearly put orgasmic) and thus the way they “transform” is supposed to show how in tune they are with nature or whatever. As of this writing, I’m still finishing listening to this episode and I am so glad that Mike Blanchard agrees with me about the damn annoying bat…

  2. Lol guess everyone hates Nightscream. I think that they were trying to create another Cheetor-like character, someone the kids could relate to. Ugh, hate it when the networks do crap like that. Lol Mike, are you into Transformer gay sex?

  3. lol no but if you have been listening to the show you’ll know about the megatron fucks barney thing.

    I do not agree with Nightscream was another Cheetor like character. Even though Cheetor needed to grow up he wasn’t as arrogant as Nightscream.

  4. Lol I actually forgot about that joke. I admit, I didn’t start listening when it first came on, cause I believe I didn’t know about this site at the time…

    The Cheetor thing was just a thought. I hate the Nightscream character, though if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have laughed my ass off when Megatron’s spark flew into the drone’s body and he screams: “I live! I live! I…what kind of puny body is this??” Cracks me up EVERY time…

  5. This was my first episode of TBU and I LOVED it! I’m always watching my favorite old cartoons and I think a podcast like this is awesome: watch a few episodes and just discuss them and review them. I don’t believe I’ve ever watched BEAST MACHINES but I did watch BEAST WARS. Now I’ll have to get the DVDs from Netflix and try it.

    I really love what you guys at Geek Cast Radio are doing. I found this podcast after getting hooked on ToonCast. I’d like to find some way to contribute…been thinking about it anyway. Right now I’m just enjoying the show. I plan to catch up. First I’m going to get the BEAST WARS DVDs from Netflix and watch them as I catch up.

  6. @ToonMasterTim – Glad you liked the show and migrated from one of our other ones! Thanks for the kind and awesome comments. We love listener feedback. And yes, Beast Wars and Beast Machines are 100% Awesomeness.

  7. Lol I didn’t mean to give off the impression I haven’t listened to the other episodes. You guys just have so many joke I don’t recall them all, but lol, I remember the Barney one. I’m still blown about how many podcasts you guys do. I’m still having issues getting more than 1 podcast running. Doesn’t help that the first time I tried recording 8th Circle of Hell I couldn’t just go with the flow…

  8. It’s difficult sometimes but definately worth it. I tend to get more burnt out than Mike does at times but I remedy that with the TBU records. Always puts me back to wanting to do more.

  9. @Glade …. the didn’t you listen to the episode was directed at Optimus Solo not you. lol

    Thanks Timwe really appreciate the kind words, honestly best way to help us is leave an iTunes review. If you are not in the US copy and paste the review you submit into an email and send it to us Another way you can contribute is leaving us voicemails about each of the eps you listen to. Call 502-526-5821

  10. well listen to the episode before you comment on it…. ya asshat! lol …… honestly I hate nighscream up until the end of the show he gets more tolerable.

    1. I hate Nightscream and do agree it was a way to entice younger viewers back in as Primal became Grandpa and Cheetor his responsible older son. I don’t get bothered by him as much later but until dark Silverbolt comes back much of the newer cast Nightscream and on I do not care for.

  11. Spoiling???? What self-respecting Beast Machines fan doesn’t know this?? Lol. Oh one annoying thing I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention: I am transformed…They say that WAY too much. I understand it’s the new activation code, but good god is it ever annoying to hear them say.

  12. Yeah we did forget that. I noticed at one point too but lost the moment I think. IDK tho, but good ear! Yeah it is annoying until they just get on with it already lol.

  13. I guess Mike is right as to how it shows them getting used to it, but I’m so glad that they don’t say it anymore because I never got used to it. When re-watching the show, I was so ready to yell “I am annoyed!” UGH.

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