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Cinema Geeks – Episode 102 – Mid-Year Awards


Today on Episode 102 of the Cinema Geeks …..We discuss the new leader at the box-office for 2016, we react to the reveal of the new highest paid actor in the world and In our Main attraction we present to you our Mid-Year Movie Awards

Box Office:


Rotten Tomatoes:



Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Finding Dory

Mary Magdalene Cast (Ejiofor Peter, J.Phoenix and R.Mara)

The Founder moved from August to December Limited/Jan 20th wide release

Ghostbusters a no-go in China?

The Rock highest paid actor in Hollywood

X-Men TV Series

Tomb Raider Reboot

Flatliners Remake

The Warriors


Not Covered This Week

Main Attraction:

Mid-Year Awards!


What is your favorite film of 2016 so far?


Kevin @OptimusSolo

Dan @MovieRevolt

Amanda @HardCandiMandi

Matt @FridleyCent

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