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Cinema Geeks – Episode 145 – Top 100 Films of All-Time: 20-11


Today on Episode 145 of the Cinema Geeks @CinemaGeekCast continue the journey through our personal Top 100 Films of All-Time with our 20-11 entries. Listen to @MovieRevolt @OptimusSolo @FridleyCent and @HardCandiMandi as they debate the merits of 90s action films, debate Disney, yet again and check in to see how their wager is going.

Box Office:


Rotten Tomatoes:



Not Covered This Week


Not Covered This Week

Main Attraction:

Not Covered This Week


What do you think of everyone’s 20-11 selections?


Kevin @OptimusSolo

Dan @MovieRevolt

Amanda @HardCandiMandi

Matt @FridleyCent


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