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Cinema Geeks – Episode 56 – Meet the Cinema Geeks

On Today’s episode The Cinema Geeks ….. React to the latest Doctor Strange casting rumors, discuss plans for the next Transformers movie, give you our thoughts on Maggie and Tomorrowland as well as react to our homework assignments of Short Term 12 and the Book Thief and in the main attraction we give you an inside look at what makes us all Cinema Geeks.

Box Office:


X-Men Character Reveal?

Cannes Rou ndup: Potential PFFL Award talks?

Wonder Woman: Lead Man Casting?

Doctor Strange: Lead Woman Casting?

Harry Potter: Casting News for Spinoff

League of Extraordinary Gentleman: Another try?

Deadpool: Cameo Hint?

Justice League Movie: Documentary

Shazam: Early Release?

World War Z: Sequel Date

Transformers: Prequel in Works?

It: Remake doomed?

Legend of Conan: New film to be sequel to 1982 movie

DC Casting: Jaden Smith as a Superhero?

Jonny Quest: Live Action Treatment?

Megan Fox: Trying to Ruin Sailor Moon?

Star Wars: Which country will screen for first time?


Trailer Talk

Me Earl and The Dying Girl: International Trailer

Batkid Begins: Documentary

The Gallows: 1st Trailer (Horror)

Cooties: 1st Trailer (Horror)

Dope: Red Band Trailer (Comedy Drama)

Black Mass: 2nd Trailer (Crime Drama)

Point Break: 1st Trailer (Remake)

The End of the Tour: 1st Trailer (Biographical Drama)

The Diary of a Teenage Girl: 1st Trailer (Drama)

Pawn Sacrifice: 1st Trailer (Biographical Drama)


What We’ve Been Watching:

Raiders of the Lost Ark



Interview with the Vampire

Queen of the Damned

Short Term 12

The Book Thief

Main Attraction:

Meet the Cinema Geeks


Name a movie(s) that has made you cry?


Kevin @OptimusSolo

Dan @MovieRevolt

Amanda @HardCandiMandi



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