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Weekend At The Movies -3/20/2015 – Actor Spotlight: Will Ferrell


Today on Weekend At The Movies …..we talk about more Beauty and the Beast castings, whats possibly in store for fans of horror films, we look at a trailer that had everybody talking this week and for our main attraction we will do our first ever Actor Spotlight

Box Office:


The Horror Genre Might Get Its Own Expendables-Type Movie

John Williams won’t score Star Wars: Rogue One

Beauty and the Beast Castings

Trailer for Pixels

Trailer Talk

Inifinitely Polar Bear
The Vatican Tapes
Insidious Chapter 3
Before I Wake
Alex of Venice

Things to Watch Coming Up

Netflix April Additions


Who would you like us to do for future ‘Actor Spotlights’??



Kevin @OptimusSolo

Dan @MovieRevolt

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