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Weekend At The Movies – 9/9/2014 – Sin City 2


Today on Weekend at the movies we’ll be discussing ….. the latest Rock Casting, what’s next in regards to Black Panther, Wesley Snipes and finally we’ll take a second trip to Sin City – all that and more on weekend at the movies

Box Office:


Richard Attenborough Dies

Sandman Update

The Last WitchHunter

Black Panther


Magic Mike XXL

Blade 4

Escape from New York

Casting Call

Hateful Eight casting
Jungle Book: Origins Casting And this

Flash casting

Which character for the Rock

The Secret in their Eyes

Ghost in the Shell

King Arthur

Trailer Talk

 Men, Women & Children




Miss Meadows

White Bird in a Blizzard



The Devil’s Hand

Amityville: The Awakening

Young Ones


The Drop

Son of a Gun


Seventh Son


The Imitation Game


Horrible Bosses 2

The Boy Next Door

St. Vincent



Are you a fan of the Halloween season of movies?



Kevin @OptimusSolo

Nathan Crocker @AdolfoShabbaDoo

Matt Fridley @FridleyCent

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Kevin "OptimusSolo"

OptimusSolo is a Cartoon Historian and even has an actual History degree to go with it. He's also an avid Toy collector boasting an over 1,000 piece Star Wars collection and nearly 400 Transformer toys. He is one of the hosts of the Powers of Grayskull series. He also has a passion for cartoon Theme Songs, Star Trek, MacGyver, Baseball, and is a major Movie Geek!


  1. If you are looking for heist movies some I highly recommend: Thief, The Killing, Taking of Pelham 123 (The original), Dog Day Afternoon, The Sting, The Spanish Prisoner, Layer Cake, The Getaway, Point Blank,

    1. I would add Sexy Beast, and the original Italian Job and Thomas Crown Affair. I would also add if you like The Town to watch Friend’s of Eddie Coyle. It is heavily influenced by that movie.

  2. I like a good horror movies, which are harder to find. And a lot of horror movies now are not coming out in October. It seems like any more January and February have more horror movies coming out. Nothing this year has me interested. The best horror films tend to not come out in theaters like Pontypool or Berberian Sound Studio

    1. I agree. Most of the high profile horror movies are garbage. The Conjuring last year was the only one that comes to mind that was a wide release and was actually good.

      1. I thought Sinister was good, and You’Re Next. But I agree that horror movies aren’t as big during October as they once were. We don’t have that big franchise horror movie that comes out every October. Paranormal Activity fizzled out and Saw stopped a long time ago.

        1. Have not seen Sinister or You’re Next. I’ll be sure to check them out.

  3. Are people really saying bad things about Dark Knight now? I have not heard much. I still see it listed as the best Comic Book movie ever and deservingly so. I love it and its one of my favorite movies.

    Halloween movies that I don’t know about. I guess if I am going to watch a horror movie I would rather watch it in the theater. I enjoy that experience more.

    1. I hear people complain that DC is too serious and trying too hard to remake Dark Knight with Man of Steel. They are just scared because when they tried to be more comedic with Jonah Hex and Green Lantern is failed miserably.

    2. I still rate it as the best comic book movie. Avengers is fun no doubt. But let’s not get crazy. It’s filmmaking is not in the same ballpark filmmaking wise as Dark Knight.

  4. I avoid horror movies. Just are not my thing at all. Maybe a good thriller.

    1. same here too many scars as a kid being forced to watch some horror films. But thrillers are completely different ballgame. It depends on the story for me on those!

  5. Thanks for the shout out for TIC! :) WATM is a lot of fun as well. Kev if you liked Snowpiercer you might want to check out the directors other films like The Host (which is like a campy monster movie done right) or Mother (which is more dramatic but I loved it). Glad to hear you liked it though, wasn’t sure if you would or not cause it can be a tad bit strange.

    1. Hey now I don’t just dislike anything that is ‘strange’! I’ll have to check those others out though, thanks for the suggestions

  6. After these past few weeks with nothing coming out I could go for anything that has a pulse. The last few weeks have been super slow.

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