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Comic Concierge – Comic Book Starting Points for the Week of 7/28/2021- Black Cat | Superman: Son of Kal-El |Wolverine

Comic Book Starting Points for the Week of 7/28/2021

Comic Book Starting Points is back! One of the hardest questions to answer with comics is where to begin. With so many series and years of stories finding a starting point can be difficult but that is where this series comes in. Each week I break down ongoing series starting new arcs, notable new series, trades/graphic novels and then finish things off by picking out my Starting Point of the Week.

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New Arcs
00:00 – Opening
00:29 – Black Cat #8
01:45 – Wolverine #14
03:20 – Detective Comics #1040
05:24 – The Other History of the DC Universe #5
07:28 – Wonder Woman: Black and Gold #2
09:07 – Red Room #3

Notable New Series
10:52 – Superman: Son of Kal-El #1
12:34 – Icon and Rocket: Season One #1
13:56 – Batman Secret Files: Huntress #1
15:07 – Amazing Fantasy #1
16:49 – The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #1

18:20 – King in Black: Thunderbolts
20:20 – Taskmaster
22:59 – Rain Like Hammers
23:56 – Snake Eyes: Dead Game
25:32 – Together

26:46 – Pick of the Week (Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done?)

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