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The Comic Concierge – Weekly Comic Recommends Action Comics #1000, Batman #45, Skyward #1, and more…

It is one of the biggest weeks in comics in some time and leading the way is what will easily be the biggest comic book of the year Action Comis #1000. We are celebrating all things Superman but does it measure up to the Man of Steel’s legacy? That’s only the beginning as we also have a double dose of Batman with Batman #45 and Batman: Creature of the Night #3. Also Black Hammer makes its long-awaited return, the Infinity Countdown is underway, Amazing Spider-Man is going down swinging, and James Bond and John Wick are doing what they do best. All that and more on this week’s episode.

This week’s rundown:

(00:01:26) Action Comics #1000

(00:09:52) Superman #45

(00:12:51) Batman: Creature of the Night #3

(00:17:12) Batman #45

(00:19:37) Mister Miracle #8

(00:22:42) Damage #4

(00:25:34) Deathbed #3

(00:28:12) Infinity Countdown #2

(00:30:52) Amazing Spider-Man #799

(00:33:36) Avengers #689

(00:36:40) Black Hammer Age of Doom #1

(00:39:24) James Bond: The Body #4

(00:42:00) John Wick #2

(00:44:05) Antar: The Black Knight #1

(00:47:36) Her Infernal Descent #1

(00:50:24) Infinity 8 #2

(00:52:47) Infidel #2

(00:55:12) Skyward #1

(00:57:45) The Ballad of Sang #2

(01:00:22) Outro

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