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Weekly Comic Recommends: Kill or Be Killed #17, The Mighty Thor #705, and more!

Another week down another stack of comics to talk about this week. Starting with the recommendation of the week Kill or Be Killed #17. Also, take a dip into some major Marvel books, ask\ why everyone loves Ivy and talk about a number of promising indie titles.




This week’s rundown:

(00:02:16) Kill or Be Killed #17

(00:10:04) The Mighty Thor #705

(00:15:35) Thanos #17

(00:18:02) Tales of Suspense #103

(00:23:03) Doctor Strange Damnation #3

(00:25:39) Weapon H #1

(00:29:19)  Damage #3

(00:31:11) Batman #43

(00:34:51) Descender #28

(00:38:06) The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson #3

(00:41:51 ) Kick-Ass #2

(00:45:35) Ninja-K #5

(00:47:25) Quantum and Woody #4

(00:50:02) James Bond: The Body #3

(00:52:29) Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #1

(00:54:46) Infinity 8 #1

00:57:25) Outro


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