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Future Imperfect – Interviews – Renegade Tim Russ

In today’s special interview Birdman gets a chance to sit down with actor/director Tim Russ to talk about the project known as Star Trek: Renegades. Birdman and Russ get a chance to talk what goes into a creating a Trek project that is darker,grittier and different from the Trek we have known before. Renegades tells a story of a Federation in jeopardy and it will require a crew that will risk more then just their reputations and lives to save it in this ambitious web pilot project. Birdman asks questions about direction, production and some of the little in’s and out’s that come with working with a limited budget but also the excitement as well.
So take off a duty shift and sit down with Tuvok and Birdman and learn about Star Trek: Renegades!


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