GCR – Episode 13 – Phineas and Ferb

In the 13th episode of The Geek Cast Radio Podcast TFG1Mike is joined by PecanCtMichael for the first time on the flagship show. The duo talk about one of the funniest cartoons Disney has on right now. Yes yes we are talking about Phineas and Ferb. Enjoy!

Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard



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  1. Mike,

    Liked the podcast. Just to let you know, there are now Phineas and Ferb toys are available at Toys R Us (though they are often sold out) and will be at Target and Walmart by August.

    And the movie will definitely NOT be 4 episodes tied together. It’s a huge story.

  2. Dan…. thank you so much for commenting. Anytime you or Jeff want to come on the show and talk about Phineas and Ferb you are more then welcome to.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Dan. We’re really big fans of the show. And now we’re SERIOUSLY anticipating the upcoming movie!


  4. The best thing about Phineas and Ferb is they’ve created a show that our whole family can enjoy together. From my 6-year-old daughter to my 63-year-old mother, my whole household loves it just the same. And aside from MLB and maybe a few game shows, there really is nothing else like that on TV. I just wish Disney would gear the merchandising a little more towards girls. My daughter was heartbroken to discover that there were no Candace or Isabella figures in the new TRU line. I also love the fact that the show seems to be inspiring her to spend lots more time out in the backyard imagining and creating. Last weekend, she and her friends (all girls, btw!) made their own “backyard spa” based on an idea from the show. There was a lot of mud involved … and even a little bit of rapping. LOL Fun show, guys … I’ll be back to listen again.

  5. thanks 4 the comment bananasmom be patient on the toys they are usually released in waves. I’m sure we’ll get candice and isbella figs!! Thanks 4 listening.

  6. Glad you liked the show! My boys get a lot of mileage out of the backyard sandbox too!


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