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The Top 100 – Animated Series – Wrap Up

And so having disposed of the countdown exit our heroes through the front door stage right! It has been an incredible journey doing this Top 100 Animated Series project. And here the guys bring in Mike Dodd from TWIG to have the final say with them.  We talk about cartoons that should have made the list,  cartoons that shouldn’t have made the list, cartoons that should have been higher or lower on the list. You’ll hear TFG1Mike go on a tirade about Ren & Stimpy and everyone disagrees with him.  So sit back relax and listen in as we here at The GeekCast Radio Network close out The Top 100 Animated  Series Countdown.  Join us in 2013 when we revamp the countdown!!



Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Mike “Birdman” Dodd From This Week In Geek


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Your such a cry baby mike “Oh Ren and Stimpy grosses me out” if a nick cartoon grosses you out then go watch jem with all the girls.

  2. I’m done with it just as the great scrappy debate is over

    …. also umm why did you use the intro with tarah’s name steve? mistake! lol

    it’s cool though.

  3. If there is one thing I learned from this experience and listening to the countdown episodes was I let the glasses of nostalgia rule my list. I actually feel a little foolish for some of my choices on the list. If and when we do a revised list, I am for damn sure going to take a longer look at my choices.

    At the very least, I will admit “Spider-man ’67” was not as good as I thought. But it still has the best theme song.

  4. Still only halfway through the show, but thought I’d chime in. Ren & Stimpy, sorry, Mike, but it does deserve to be on the top 100. It was influential and very popular at the time. So despite your distaste for it, I have to agree with the panel that it should be there. I have it at 25 on my list, which is probably too high, but it’s probably top 50 worthy.

    And I couldn’t agree more about Tom & Jerry. EASILY a top 10 show. It’s #8 on my list.

    He-Man, the 80’s version. It wasn’t the best show, but for it’s time it was HUGE. In the 80’s it was loved by boys and girls. And the girls got their own “version” as She-Ra, which, honestly, I actually enjoy more on some levels. I like that the Horde is oppressing the people of Etheria, so the good guys, led by She-Ra, are actually rebels. It makes the stories more interesting, somehow. But He-Man was huge. The cultural impact, the significance it had on animation in syndication, it’s easily a top 20 or top 10. But I agree it is not easy to watch now. I bought the first season and I stopped watching it after the third disc. I will go back to it, but it’s not something I want to watch in blocks. An episode here or there is enough.

    I had Robotech much higher. It should be in the top 50 at least. And that’s not nostalgia talking, as I rarely caught the show, but it was a very popular anime, still is.

    I’m with Mike “Birdman” on Rocky and Bullwinkle. I think it deserves to be on the list, but I didn’t rank it very high, #76.

    Shows I thought should have made the top 100: Spawn the Animated Series, Richie Rich, The Herculoids, Mighty Mouse, Strawberry Shortcake, Battle of the Planets, Speed Racer (original) and The Penguins of Madagascar (great show). Granted, I’ve never seen Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Brite, although I saw the movie, they played a huge role for girls and were well-known even to boys at the time who saw the commercials during other shows. Maybe next time we can get more opinions from the female fan base to help us even this out.

    Beast Machines was good, but I don’t know that it’s top 100 worthy. I like it. I like Beast Wars, too. But I thought you ranked it too high. Again, I think the audience is a niche, but the stories are good. The overall show is awesome, and, yes, it’s better overall storywise than G1. But it didn’t have the impact that G1 or other shows on the list had. So that’s where taking a lot of factors into account in the rankings would help next time.

    Now, back to the podcast. :)

  5. I have your back Mike, although I don’t think Ren and Stimpy is gross it definitely is overrated. However, Scooby Doo rocks, c’mon man! Anyway, nice job. Nice to see that you guys aren’t afraid to admit things that go against popular opinion. And to the guy that said NGE needs to be way higher, kudos.

  6. I meant lower, like in the 40’s, not higher. Lists are so confusing lol.

  7. @Tim But if it weren’t for Beast Wars, then Transformers would be dead today. It was a dying breed during Generation 2. Beast Wars single handedly revitalized the franchise. I can see that with Beast Machines tho.

  8. One glaring omission that I thought would be in the top ten, but turned out to not be on the list at all is Classic Disney cartoons.. Mickey Mouse specifically. I imagine because there was no banner title like “Looney Tunes” it was left off many lists. But, I think if we’re upset that Looney Tunes isn’t further up the list, than Disney Classics should definitely rank right up there with them. I feel that Mickey Mouse probably had greater cultural significance than COPS or MASK and should rank right up there with Flinstones, Simpsons and uh.. Transformers.. but.. what do I know?

  9. Honestly I’m not even sure if we ever thought of ranking the classic disney cartoons like mickey goofy and such. Because again like looney tunes they were first theatrical shorts then aired on TV later.

    Thanks for the feedback, hope you are enjoying all the podcasts.

  10. Yea, Looney Tunes was technically a TV series even if it was just re-airing old theatrical shorts whereas the disney shorts were never part of a tv series other than one or two appearing in random shows like House of Mouse. So, Mickey Mouse etc wouldn’t have qualified for this list.

  11. I may be somewhat late in saying this, but after hearing this episode again, I think that (strangely enough) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a possibility to make the list next time it’s created, with it’s current presence in Pop-Culture, the animation being fantastic and the writing being awesome. If you guys haven’t already, check it out. I actually prefer it to Transformers Prime and this is coming from a guy who thinks that Beast Wars is the 2nd best animated series of all time.

    1. Yeah there a lot of shows that will hopefully make the list next time. (Thundercats, TF Prime, Young Justice, MLP, The Looney Tunes Show, etc.) So I think the next list will be much more informed and will be more balanced. I also hope Beast Wars makes it higher but suffice it to say I think we did better than IGN. And I think we learned what could be done better next time. But at least there wasn’t 100 clicks and no explanations.

    2. I’ve only seen the Season 2 opening 2 parter of MLP FIM because of Discord. Thanks for the feedback! Right now TF Prime is tied with Beast Wars for best TF cartoon ever. Both series have amazing writing, and know how to do cliffhangers!

  12. My first listen to the podcasts I naturally gravitated towards these episodes. It was good but I do have a few minor quibbles. And no it’s not that Transformers was ranked to high, you guys laid that out well. I would have placed House of Mouse on the list, probably somewhere in the 70’s. I thought it was a very clever concept. And the shorts were pretty entertaining.

    Speaking of the classic Disney shorts, they were on Donald Duck Presents and Donald’s Quack Attack so for me I see it being the same as the Looney Tunes shorts which should have been ranked number one. Same thing for the Tex Avery cartoons which were on Boomerang under the Tex Avery show.

    Still I really liked the show and looking forward to spending time with the other podcasts. Keep up the good work guys.

    1. Yeah we knew we left shows off the list. This was our first attempt. Which next time we do one it will be much more smooth and diverse with the newer and older shows we’ve watched.

      Part of the issue was that people didn’t list enough. Meaning some of our contributors only put 20-50 shows while the other half listed 100. So next time it will be better there. Also we all may have forgotten the shows or not watched it. As for the Short’s they weren’t really listed due to not having a full ongoing series thing. Some were on the other hand bunched into their respective show titles.

      But thanks for the support and glad you liked it.

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