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GCR – Episode 42 – The GCRN’s Top 10 – Comedy Movies

HA! HA! In Episode 42 of GCR, we are counting down our Top 10 Comedy Movies. Who knows what comedy gems will make our lists? Listen in to find out, and laugh along! 


Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Michael “Boothninja” Powers


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Wow. This list is shit. I’ll name four comedies right now that should be on your top ten: Stripes, A Fish Called Wanda, Office Space, and Ghostbusters. #$@%ing Clerks!?? Billy Madison!!?? Billy Madison is a terrible movie. Happy Gilmore of the Wedding Singer would be better Adam Sandler movies to have on a top ten, but I don’t know that they deserve to be in the top ten.

    But back to my gripes. Where the @#!$ is Ghostbusters?! Are you guys insane? It was the highest-grossing COMEDY of all-time for years. It has numerous memorable lines and is regarded as one of the best comedies ever, with a stellar cast and unforgettable characters. Office Space. So many great lines, funny characters, and a geek favorite. For a geek list, you failed in epic fashion by leaving this off your top ten. Stripes. You guys must not have seen this movie because it should be on the top ten. A Fish Called Wanda is hilarious. Kevin Kline is wonderful and won an Oscar for his role.

    I like Spaceballs, but #1? I don’t think so. Clerks isn’t a top ten comedy. It’s a good independent film, but I wouldn’t rank it on a top ten comedy films list unless you’re making a top ten for adolescent boys. The Mask is not a top ten comedy either. Airplane should be on the list. Planes, Trains… is great, and deserving of a top ten. You got a few worth top ten films on your list, but you missed the mark with a lot of these films, and excluded others much more worthy. In the words of Megatron, Epic fail!

    1. Keep in mind we are doing numerous genre lists and we reserve films for each genre. That way we don’t have a few films repeat on multiple lists. So some the ones you mentioned may see the light of day in other areas. When you bring a bunch of people together to create a list you are destined to have certain films missed, and others that may not be deserving make it. Most of the films from my personal list didn’t make the cut, which include some you mentioned, so I understand your frustration. Though I wasn’t too upset because I understand why some people may not find films like Election, Harold and Maude, Rushmore, Waiting for Guffman, and Annie Hall funny as their comedy is geared towards specific tastes.

      While I don’t disagree with your sentiments towards Billy Madison, The Mask, or Spaceballs (like I mentioned in the episode I prefer Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein), I will defend Clerks. Is it number 2? Maybe, maybe not, but I think there’s a lot of revisionist history when it comes to that film because of what Kevin Smith has done with the rest of his career. Its format and structure were in their own ways groundbreaking for the time, and its success did a lot for the Independent movie movement of the 90’s. It was even well received at the Cann film festival, say what you will about Cann, but it is surely not a harbinger for adolescent boys. Sure it is full of jokes that appeal to the lowest common deliminator, but there was also a heart and a personal narrative that maintained a close enough relationship to reality to make it extremely relatable.

      1. Sure. I’m having fun with the lists. I’m not upset, but as general feedback I think this list is way off base. I like most of the movies on the list, with the one notable exception being Billy Madison, which I think isn’t funny, it’s annoying and dumb. That’s just me. My brothers seem to like it. Clerks is a good film. It was noticed by critics and audiences, as you mentioned on the podcast, but it’s not a top ten comedy. There are much better, funnier, clear-cut comedies out there.

        I know there are other top ten lists coming, but where would you put Stripes? It’s not a war movie. It’s clearly a comedy. Ghostbusters mixes drama, horror, and comedy, but it is a comedy. It was the highest-grossing comedy for numerous years, as I mentioned. Office Space is a comedy, no question. You guys didn’t even mention it on the podcast. It had to have been on some geek lists of comedies. Come on, guys.

        1. You 100% right that Stripes and Office Space should have been mentioned. Office Space didn’t make my personal list, but I too love that movie and feel it’s deserved more love. Stripes is good, I’m not the hugest fan as my favorite Bill Murray film is Groundhog Day. Regarding Ghostsbusters I’m sure it will be featured on a future list.

    2. Hey Tim. While I will agree it is far from perfect there were some good comedies here.
      Monty Python is an acquired taste as is Clerks. Do they deserve it? Yes and No. Your other selections would depend on who is in them and whether we found them funny, Being Dan maybe as the only one voting those they lost. Ghostbusters is I think in another category. The Mask I would not have made Top 10 comedy, it is moreso a comic book film. I will agree with Office Space as it is a cult classic as well with the “That would be great…” line. The others I think you’re nuts. As for Billy Madison, that is a funny film no matter what you or Dan say. I agree that Wedding Singer and Happy Gilmore are great as well but any of those 3 deserved it over his other films. I could see Stripes as well but again there were apparently films we all thought better.

      1. I agree. There are several enjoyable, good, funny films on the list, with the notable exception being Billy Madison, which has some moments, but it’s a bad movie.

        1. You are the only living human being I know that doesn’t appreciate Billy Madison. I get you don’t like it man but its FAR from a ‘bad’ movie!

    3. I understand Stripes (I voted for it) but no offense man I wouldn’t put Ghostbusters, Office Space or A Fish Called Wanda in the top 20 let alone 10 ;)

      1. Yeah I agree with that man. I like Office Space and Ghostbusters but they’re not Top 10 or 20. Ghostbusters is more Supernatural than Comedy. Stripes I could see.

      2. And no offense, but I would hope your top 20 would consist of some better comedies than what is on this top 10 because there are some that I wouldn’t put on a top 20 or 30 list either. How you can dis Ghostbusters or Office Space is beyond me. A Fish Called Wanda is a great comedy, definitely worthy of a top 20.

        1. *SUPER ANGRY FACE*

          We aren’t dissing GB or Office space… these lists are compiled mathematically through votes and where people placed films on their list, then added all together for the final list.

          It’s not our fault in general BLAME THE MATH!!!!!! LOL

          1. Will do! I have seen all of the comedies Optimus Solo listed, and only a couple are lackluster IMO: Billy Madison and Step Brothers. See, I have good taste. :)

          2. you don’t like step brothers either???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my lord haha. Well at least you like the others I guess. Never met someone that disliked either of those movies let alone BOTH! ;)

        2. Ok, then here you go man. These are the movies I would put WAY ahead of Office Space, Ghostbusters or A Fish Called Wanda:

          Both Ace Ventura movies
          Billy Madison (your lack of appreciation for this movie says it all about your comedic tastes ;) )
          Blazing Saddles
          Blues Brothers
          Dumb and Dumber
          Grumpy Old Men
          Happy Gilmore
          The Jerk
          Napoleon Dynamite
          National Lampoons Vacation
          Plains Trains and Automobiles
          The Princess Bride
          Step Brothers
          Uncle Buck
          Wedding Crashers
          What About Bob
          Crazy Stupid Love
          Date Night
          Groundhog Day
          Little Miss Sunshine
          Lost in Translation
          Old School
          Other Guys
          Robin Hood Men in Tights
          Stranger than Fiction
          Tommy Boy
          Trading Places
          Wedding Singer
          Weekend at Bernies
          Anger Management
          Police Academy
          School of Rock
          Theres Something About Mary
          Three Amigos
          Tropic Thunder

          I could keep going probably lol

  2. So I was listening to this and was thinking…wow this could be the best one yet. Funny movies, good mixture, some old, some new. Very well done. Then…there…are…almost…no…words…lol..How does Clerks and Spaceballs TOP the list! You start by saying pop culture references can date a movie, and that’s all those movies are. But it’s Star Wars so that makes it ok? Spaceballs has moments, but it’s not even in Mel Brooks top five. Craziness…absolute craziness. Other than that the list is

    1. You have to remember that we created these lists from a GEEKY perspective. Spaceballs while dated is a classic pop culture and geek culture film. Clerks is the same, there’s dated material in it, only for VCR and renting videos from a store.

      1. True I get the geek thing. Yet there are geek films that never came up like Scott Pilgrim or Sean of the Dead, among others. I am not saying the list as a whole is bad by any means. Those top two though don’t make sense to me at all. But what you going to do

        Forgot to mention Steve saying Bull Murray is bland and annoying almost made me scream in rage in the middle of work. How in the world can you love Sandler so much and think Murray is annoying? That man is a genius. You should respect your elders! j/k j/k

        1. Scott Piulgrim I just don’t care for personally, so it wasn’t on my list, plus aint that more of a “superhero” film? Shaun of the Dead is horror to me at least… no thanks LOL

          YAY Steve made someone scream.

          1. Glad I can make you cheer lol. I’m giving you’ll grief but it’s all in fun. Going through these lists I’m super curious what all of your personal top 10s would be. Just general overall. Knowing that will make understanding these lists a lot easier.

          2. Well in order to make the Top 10’s we did Top 20s for each… I dunno if we are ever gonna post our lists individually. That’ll be something we discuss soon. Thanks again for the support and listening!!!!

          3. I was more talking about a non genre ep. Where people give their own personal top 10 favorites. Just so I can get some peek inside your heads lol. See what’s ticking and better get where your movie tastes are coming from.

          4. Hence why we might just post our Top 20 lists…. not sure yet….GCR has the Top 100 Animated Films countdown coming up next… That’ll carry us through Eps 51-56

        2. Have to agree, Bill Murray has been on genius level his whole career in my opinion!

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