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GCR – Episode 49 – The GCRN’s Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies

Set your Phasers to Stun! Because we are traveling back in time to a galaxy far far away! In Episode 49 we are counting down our Top 10 Sci-Fi films!!! 


Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. I still disagree that Ghostbusters is a sci-fi film. It’s more of a horror/comedy, with the emphasis being a comedy, at one time the highest-grossing comedy of all-time. That said, you have some good films on the list. The Thing is am incredible movie that still holds up today. The only thing that really dates it, as I recall, is the African-American guy with a boombox on skates. The special effects are amazing, using practical effects and incredible monster designs that truly terrify. It might be more of a horror film, but it certainly has sci-fi elements, with the creature having come from space. Fans of The Thing should also seek out the older film from which it was based, which doesn’t include the numerous creatures in the John Carpenter version, but is very good. Some of the panel hasn’t seen The Thing, which is a travesty.

    Another film some on the panel haven’t seen is Blade Runner. This film is a bit slow, but it embodies what every great sci-fi film should be, IMO. It’s thought-provoking. The sets, costumes, special effects are all incredible. I still watch this film today and am amazed that it was made in the early 80’s. It is a solid film that is head and shoulders above so many sci-fi films that have come after.

    Back to the Future. Good movie. entertaining for sure. But I wouldn’t rank it lower. I know AFI had it on their list of greatest sci-fi films, but when I think of sci-fi, I don’t think of this movie.

    1. Regarding Ghostbusters I could see that. I typically place it in the comedy genre, but I’m just glad it got on one of these lists. That’s the hard thing about genres lists so it’s always bound to happen.

      I’m right there with you with The Thing. Huge fan of creature features like the original Blob, Them!, and especially the first Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Thing to me is everything those are but a billion times better. Easily Carpenter’s best film. Just thinking about it makes me feel paranoid and cold—plus makes me want to grow a killer Artic beard like Russel.

      Yea Blade Runner is super slow, but not when you compare it to many of the classic noirs it emulates. When I watched it when I was younger I was not the hugest fan. But as I have grown older (and wiser) I now can appreciate how much a masterpiece it is.

      Back to the Future may not be a analytic dissection or an allegorical representation like some of the great Sci Fi films, but it uses the framework of a science fiction film to make an amazing fun adventure. When you think of time travel movies I think Back to the Future is always the example people go back to. I was surprised to see it reach number one honestly, but I’m actually kind of for it in a lot of ways.

  2. Wait…wait….wait…some people who made this list haven’t seen Alien, Aliens, or Blade Runner? That’ crazy crazy! How can you make this list without seeing those movies. Some homework is majorly needed. I kid, I kid. Overall solid list though, but Jedi instead of New Hope. That I don’t get. Looking forward to your Animated Movie countdown. When are those coming out?

    1. the list was compiled from 4-7 top 20 lists…. I’m not putting fims on my list that I haven’t seen. Alien franchise aint my thing.

      Top 100 Animated Countdown comes end of Sept.

      1. I understand it is made up of different lists. You still cannot accurately make a best science fiction film list without even seeing those movies. Your thing or not, how can you rank movies when you have yet to see some of the notable greatest of all time? You cannot see everything but those three are huge holes that need filling. Wouldn’t it be prudent to check out some of the major candidates before making your list? Otherwise remove the word greatest, and replace it with favorite. That would be more accurate. Still enjoyed the episode that just makes me scratch my head.

        Still can’t wait for the Top 100. Hoping my favorite Spirited Away at least makes the to 20.

        1. Again lists were made Kev used a math system to compile them into what our Top 10 final list would be. NEVER in any of the eps from GCR 41-50 did we say these are the BEST EVER…. we’ve moved away from marketing our Top lists like that. These Top 10 Film lists are made up of each of our lists that we thought are the best.

          I can certainly make my sci fi list out of films I have seen…. I have no desire in seeing any of the films you mentioned. Sorry.

          1. True, you never said of all time. You did say you were
            making your version of the AFI lists but just on movies around 1970 onward. Based on that description it sounds like you are doing best of our generation. Plus your own title says “Top Ten Sci Fi Films”. That kind of indicates you are doing a best of list as well. I am just saying if you are going to put out a list like this you should have a solid knowledge of the subject matter.

            I wouldn’t want someone who only watched two football games to put together a best QB list, or someone who only ate fast food to rank the best food of all time, or someone who has never traveled outside the US talk about the World’s greatest travel
            destinations. If you don’t want to watch those movies more power to you. Just don’t put out a list like this then. Otherwise it is seems meaningless.

            I apologize if I am coming off harsh, and I really did enjoy the podcast. Just its lot more enjoyable and feels more legitimate when the people making lists like this at least try to reach outside their comfort zone of films to do the list justice. I know it is all in fun, and this is a dumb thing to get upset about, I just loved your Top 100 Animated Series list and was little letdown by the work done here. Maybe that stuff is just more in your wheelhouse.

  3. You guys should do more of these. I stumbled upon and and really dug it. What about horror or westerns or thrillers?

    1. There will be more sometime in the future! Horror Westerns and Thrillers aren’t my thing so other GCRN staffers would be doing those. Glad ya liked it!

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