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The Top 100 – Animated Films – Intro

We return to the epicness of GeekCast Radio fame once more. The itch had to be scratched and we again are ready for the latest Top 100 Countdown. No longer the slogan “of all time” but a countdown of epic proportions. We join a slew of other film reviewers in the votes for this countd0wn. However before listening to the Countdown, we must hear the Introduction. This is the primer for the entire Top 100 Animated Films Countdown where we’ll give the rundown of what to expect this time. So join us in Episode 51 of this podcast to discover the awe and wonder that will be the GeekCast Radio Network’s Top 100 Animated Films Countdown. Be sure to leave your feedback in the various mentioned ways and as always “UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!”



Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Finally some GCRN content to listen to during my commute! Looking forward to this epic countdown.

    1. HELLO we’ve had MWIRE Weekly and AGU going, plus TPB, and PITA! PITA only stopped, because I needed to get the Zelda set…. production resumes soon for that.

      1. Yeah, I know you have those other shows, but I don’t listen to them, except PITA. Glad it is returning soon!

    2. Curious Tim, what kind of shows that we do do you like to listen to the most?

      1. Kevin, I listen to most of the cartoon-related and retro shows. But I also listen to the GCRN feed. I don’t read comics currently, so those are of no interest to me. And I don’t stay current with the latest movies, so I usually avoid shows that review newer movies (in theaters) so that I don’t hear spoilers. And I’ve never been a big gamer, so those are of no interest. I do like to game on occasion, but it’s just not something I have a vested interest in, not having a lot of experience with many games.

        1. Not to toot my own horn here but you may like Altered Geek. We don’t review films or anything for that matter. It’s general geeky topics that are more or less random per episode. We also do some film/tv news but besides the little that’s there it is mostly us just conversing of things that would be on GCR feed just limited on the length of the topics.

  2. I have my claws out ready to attack the list if its not up to my liking lok. j/k Looking forward to the countdown to begin. I hope my favorite makes it near the top 10. That movie being Akira. Such an awesome movie.

    1. Yeah I doubt Akira will hit Top 10 but again depends on the other contributors too. We have so many this time there should be a more fair shake at everything. Plus there are films sometimes better than the shows they spawn. So only time will tell. I don’t even know the list as stated. But should be fun to hear your feedback nonetheless.

  3. Just got done listening to this. Wow…I’m excited. Most people just put out their own list and call it a day, its pretty sweet you are getting so many people.

    1. thanks!!! yeah we go BIG!!!! even though it’s very biassed you should check out the top 100 animated series countdown.

      1. It’s not that biased besides the lack of Anime knowledge/presence really

        1. to a lot of people it was, I was moreso referencing G1 at #…. LOL you know! But it is better than IGN’s list lol

    2. Yeah this tends to be a long, and large project behind the scenes but it is awesome when it’s heard. This is going to be Epic this time having done the previous one.

  4. Just got done listening, and I am excited for this countdown. I am a little confused though. Anime films are allowed? Or only if there was an American version? I wasn’t sure if I had that correct or not.

    1. Yeah we allowed some anime this time. However the rule was that it had to have an American release with English track. If it did not, then it wasn’t able to be qualified. Granted it will give some the upper hand but we here at the GCRN aren’t knowledgeable in Anime’. So if it makes it, they will be due to the collaborators.

      1. Ok, I get the has to be an American release qualification. That makes sense. I don’t understand the has to be dubbed in English qualifier. What’s the thought process behind that one?

        Just not a fan of subtitles? I ask because I personally can’t stand it when
        American dubbing is used on an animated movie. There have been countless occasions when dubbing has nearly ruined movies. Some dubbing is done to match the lip movements of the characters, and not to match what was actually said. Some do it better than others of course. Many though can cause more problems than they solve. I get its your list, and I’m not questioning your overall thought process. For the most part it is clear you are attempting to be transparent with everything. That one regulation seemed odd to me.

        1. For me personally I will not watch anything no matter what if it’s not Spoken in English…. most Anime isn’t. I’m not talking about TV shows that have someone speak Chinese then there’s a subtitle. I’m talking about when the entire thing is in a foreign friggin’ language and subtitled. But that is me personally OpSolo can clarify better as far as the rules.

          1. I kind of feel bad for you. You are missing out on a lot of great movies.

          2. Don’t feel bad for me…… the way I look at it… is that it’s WORK for me to stare at a screen and read everything in subtitles. Now as I stated before If only part of something has a foreign language in it I’m fine.

          3. I thought reading was work too. But then I turned 12 lol. Honestly give it time and you don’t notice.

          4. Now now… I love reading……. JUST NOT MY FRIGGIN’ TV! lol I think we will have to agreee to disagree on this and move on.

        2. While we understand that to be true, some of our collaborative team wanted to include anime films. We didn’t want disclude them but ourselves we don’t have enough knowledge there. We just stated had to have a North American English release.

        3. Its actually pretty simple. This is an English/North American formulated list. For that reason releases needed to be in American and in English. Cut and dry pretty much on this one.

          1. Fair enough. Still kind of seems odd that it HAS to be in
            English. Having to be an American release I get that, but not watching something because it’s in another language seems shortsighted.

  5. No I don’t have my own web comic. Mainly because I have no artistic
    ability. I’ve thought about some digital books and what not, but I’ve mostly resorting to message boards. I haven’t done it in quite a while, as time is limited recently. But maybe one day I’ll write something and put it out to be digitally published.

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