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The Top 100 – Animated Films – 80-61

After the initial bumpy start, the Countdown starts getting more turbulent as we run down to the next 20 Animated Films. Will we see Anime? Foreign? Or something new entirely? Only one way to find out for sure. So listen in on this 2nd Countdown episode as we discover together what happens when 30 lists combine! So join us in Episode 53 of this podcast to discover the awe and wonder that will be the GeekCast Radio Network’s Top 100 Animated Films Countdown. Be sure to leave your feedback in the various mentioned ways and as always “UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!”



Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Wait Tony Hawk did the animation for Tarzan? Damn. I need to watch that movie again.

    1. yep… what they did was they filmed Tony doing his moves then took the animated character scenes with tarzan surfing the trees and matched Tony’s film clips to the animation. Think of it as voice dubbing, but it’s actor dubbing lol

  2. Again another great episode! YAY for Watership down and TMNT. I’m on Mike’s side, TMNT > Turtles Forever. Watership down gave me nightmares as a kid lmao.

  3. Whaaa,wait…Return of the Joker already? Wow…just wow..are you sure this is Geekcast Radio’s list? j/k Just your love of Batman would make me think it would be in the Top 10 lol.

  4. Uh oh.

    New episode of the Geekcast Top 100 Animated Films?


    Lots of Disney and Dreamworks films?

    Most likely.

    Bring it on.

    Oh my god, the movie ranked at 69 could not have been more appropriate. I’m actually shocked that I did not hear a single dirty joke in regards to the ranking number. Heh-heh… heh-heh…

    I think the title of Rescuers Down Under totally sounds like a sequel, because it sounds like the further adventures of characters we already know. For the same reason, however, I think Quigley Down Under sounds like the sequel to a movie that doesn’t exist.

    Though, I think there’s a goof in your ranking. I didn’t rate Rescuers Down Under at #10. I ranked it at #18. I had the original Rescuers at #10. But the numbers are so close, I don’t think eight points is going to make that much of a difference.

    I honestly don’t know what the hang up with stop-motion animation is. True, it’s herky-jerky, because there’s almost no motion blur. On the other hand, you get real sets and real shadows.

    And finally, I think Mike is correct about Land Before Time and Ice Age. One was enough for each franchise. I think both franchises are in a race to see who can get to the present day first.

    1. I don’t understand the hang up for stop motion or claimation is either. I love both, I guess the issue is its not the norm.

      Regarding the 69 joke it was there of course, but figure it was better left unsaid.

      I’m personally waiting for the Land Before Time-Ice Age crossover where they got on an out all war against one another and endless amounts of bloodshed is spilled.

    2. no mistake in the ranking, I just misspoke when I said you had it at #10, I mistook one Rescuers for another when searching for who had each movie the highest. The points and rankings are accurate though for the overall list. :)

  5. Lilo and Stitch and Hunchback should BOTH be above Rescuers Down Under, you guys. :p And TMNT was probably the first film to come up that I felt absolutely deserved not to make the list. *shrugs*

    1. I agree Lilo and Stitch is way too low. That movie is so underrated in general.

    2. Not sure what ‘above’ means in your statement. You think they should rank higher or lower?

      1. I think they should rank higher as in having a lower number. I think they’re objectively better movies. :)

        Coraline, like Watership Down, is required watching for any animation fan.

        1. ok I’m with you now…although I’ll disagree with you on the Rescuers Down under part :)

          1. Don’t get me wrong, Rescuers Down Under is probably the best Disney sequel (though that’s a little bit like being the toughest kid in kindergarten), I just didn’t get the sense of wonder watching it as I did from some of the Disney films that showed up before it. Animation wasn’t as good, the voice acting and songs in Hunchback in particular blow it out of the water, and none of the characters really captured me like they did in Lilo and Stitch (I can name six characters in that film off the top of my head that were better than any of the characters introduced in Rescuers Down Under, though Bernard and Bianca themselves probably outrank all but Lilo and maybe Stitch and Jumba).

            I was shocked so see Lilo and Stitch come up so early. I mean imagine how two of you guys felt when Return of the Joker showed up in the 70s.

        2. “Coraline, like Watership Down, is required watching for any animation fan”

          uh no. That statement depends on WHAT type of animation or genre of animation you like. I’m not into anything horror at all, the closest I come is the Blade series of films. But saying that something released in 2009 is CORE watching for any animation fan is just plain weird man.

          Following the logic of that statement you could say that “watching Wreck It Ralph’ is REQUIRED by any animation and video game fan.

          The other resaon why I disagree with your coraline statement is that I have never even read anything from Neil Gaiman. Not that I don’t want to, I just haven’t.

          This statement to me also means that “ohhh for any disney fan SNOW WHITE IS REQUIRED watching” HELL No there are so many things wrong with that film…. LOL

          Thanks for the feedback1

          1. I think you’re misunderstanding what he means by required watching. He’s not saying you have to like or love them. Just that in order to make the best list and be knowledgeable on the topic you should make sure you have at least seen them

          2. yeah I still disagree with that. Ths whole conversation will be a future GCR Ep anyways lol

  6. Lilo and Stitch and Hunchback should BOTH be above Rescuers Down Under, you guys. :p And TMNT was probably the first film to come up that I felt absolutely deserved not to make the list. *shrugs*

    I can’t BELIEVE Beavis and Butthead ended up at #69. That’s too perfect. I laughed so much. That’s awesome as hell.

    Coraline way too low :(

  7. I’m not understanding the dislike of claymation and stop motion animation? I don’t get whats so odd about it. Explains why something like Coraline is way too low

    TMNT making it this high is a shock among shocks. Not a good movie IMHO.

    Simpsons and Beavis and Butthead in one episode? You were just a South Park away from a trifecta.

    1. Personally and specifically to Chicken Run in my eyes that was the worst stop motion I’ve ever seen. And as I said in one of the eps I like Claymation when it comes to Celebrity Death match lol

      Lilo & Stitch, the film series and the TV series were all very awesome. ONE of the FEW TV series based off of film characters that was actually any good

      1. Ummm, what? Worst stop motion animation you have ever scene? What was bad about that animation? Chicken Run is some of the BEST claymation.

          1. I haven’t seen Chicken Run in a while, but I have it on DVD and plan to re-watch it soon, but I enjoyed it when I originally saw it. I don’t believe the animation was bad at all. It’s deserving of being on this list. A lot of people enjoyed this movie. To me, a good story in any format is acceptable. I don’t care if it’s claymation or not. Just as I don’t see movies because of the voice actors. If the story is good, the character designs and general designs are good, and the voice acting matches those characters and designs rather than standing out and being too obvious of a star power card being played, I’ll enjoy the experience.

            This has nothing to do with Chicken Run, but to me, voice acting should be good without getting in the way. Nothing should be distracting. So when the panel lauds the voice acting I feel sometimes they’re huge fans of the voice actors. I am fans of some voice actors too, but mainly because they do such a great job with the characters…they fit the character(s) they play. Sometimes, particularly with Dreamworks, they just pull in stars who don’t really fit the characters, IMO. Again, off topic, but wanted to bring it up in the context of being drawn in or put-off by style over substance.

          2. I never like a show just because the voice actors not sure if thats what you meant by ‘the panel’ Also I think you misinterpret what I do say about voice actors as me liking ‘celeb or big name’ voice actors. That couldn’t be farther from the truth…I much prefer ‘real’ voice actors ;) Agree on everything else though!

  8. Just picked this impressive puppy up and man I’ve enjoyed it a great lot. I disagree with your numbering greatly but the project itself is cool. Checking your site overall and I’m enjoying what I am seeing. Cheers!

    1. thanks 4 the support!!!! Glad you are liking what you see on the site. As far as disagreement, there was bound to be some lol

  9. As for The Dark Knight Returns parts 1 and 2…I remember reading the graphic novel as a kid and it’s a love letter to the 80’s. The mutants represent the 80’s punks, Joker is an aging rock star coming out of retirement for one more performance. The same goes for Batman…Regan addressing the Cold War…and if Superman was involved. If Superman and Batman did exist in the 80’s it’d go something like this. I love Jokers final “Joke” or getting the last laugh per say….Spoiler…I’m convinced Batman killed Joker in part 2, and his paralyzed body talking is just in Batmans mind. Joker was a rapid dog that Batman had to put down. In my opinion this should be tie for number one and Return of the Joker number 2. Hunchback should’ve been in the top ten.

    1. I love both of those Batman movies, but 1 and 2 of all time? I can’t go that far personally.

  10. Beavis and Butthead at 69? LMAO that’s freaking hilarious. I hope The Rescuers is on this list, its much better than the sequel. And Caroline, man that movie blew my mind. Surprised there wasn’t more love for it on the panel.

  11. Very cool all, very cool. Another great edition to the countdown. Can’t believe Return to Joker wasn’t higher. Huge surprise.

  12. I’ve never really saw anyone do a list like this survey style like you are. Similar to the sight and sound poll. Cool idea, and helps explain some of the odd numbering. Will you be releasing the individual lists at all? I’d be fascinated to check those out.

    1. a week after the wrap up the actual lists will be on the site. We normally do not publish them til enough time has gone by after the countdown concludes, because we want people to LISTEN to the countdown. Rather than just look at a list.

      1. I believe he is referring to individual people’s lists here and if we will publish those or not.

        1. ahh, well we have never done that before, but that would be like POSTING overload… unless we find a way to use columns or something.

          OR unless we posted 1 persons list a day for 20 or 30 days… I know we have 20 networks collaborating, but not sure how many individual people.

      2. I was going to ask that too. I do listen but by the end i even forget what has made it so far and what has not.

    2. More than likely won’t be posting the individual lists as that would be problematic with the amount of collaborative lists we have. But that is why this time Kevin is putting the averages and who ranked what into these lists. Good idea to look into for a future one though.

      1. yeah completely agree…. wayy too many people this time. MAYBE the collaborators can post their lists on their sites etc…

        1. Okay, I understand completely. I could see how that would be a difficult task to complete. Thank you for responding.

    3. I’ll be posting my personal list on letterboxd once the list is concluded.

  13. Watership down! OMG, did my parents freak out when I watched that movie with them. So many dead rabbits. Its like Elmer Fudd’s dream. I do find it crazy that Meet the Robinsons made it so high. I don’t know one person that is a fan of that movie.

    1. yeah I never was a fan of Meeting the Robinsons… I wish that film was something completely different than what it is.

  14. Awesome guys! Keep it coming. This countdown has been epic. So many movies I have to watch now. Never heard of Watership Down but it sounds amazing.

    1. You should definitely check it out! Let me know what you think of it when you do.

  15. Chicken Run should be much much higher. One of the greatest Claymation films ever made. I’m not 100% understand the dislike for it Honestly never heard anyone say anything bad about it before I listened to this podcast.

    No Pixar has me a little worried. Hoping the top 10 isn’t just Disney, Pixar, Pixar, Disney. I like both companies don’t get me wrong. There’s just so much more out there too.

    1. I agree that Chicken Run is a very good movie. I need to re-watch it, but like I wrote in my comments earlier, I loved it when I saw it in theaters. My wife liked it a lot too. It is excellent animation and just a fun story, with some great homages and references.

      The top ten is likely to be largely Disney and Pixar, IMO. We’ll have to see, and I don’t know if we want to get into that discussion now with so far to go. But there are so many good Disney and Pixar movies that it’s hard to beat them and their extensive libraries. The Iron Giant is one of my favorites, so I hope to see it in the top ten. Princess Mononoke and The Secret of NIMH are also excellent, IMO and I hope they’re also somewhere in the top 20. But if Transformers the Movie, as much as I enjoy it, is top ten. I’m calling bull@# on this list. :)

      1. Oh god, if Transformers the Movie is in the Top 10 I would not have words to describe the horrible feeling that would come all over my body. I do agree you can’t get as big as Disney and Pixar without making amazing movies.

      2. yes it is at least Top 10 material as far as TF the Movie….. does it fall there within our Countdown… who knows at this point. But it’s at least #11 or #10 material in my mind of all time great animation.

        1. Really of all time? Are you talking favorite or actual quality. Favorite I could see that. Overall quality I don’t at all. The animation is ok, the story is your basic Transformers story, and when I think Top 10 I think of cartoons that are influential or changed the game in some way.

          1. WELL Favorite it would be in the Top 3, but overall yes I say Top 10 or 20 is accurate.

            It is NOT just another basic Transformers story. The plot flows well from beginning to end, there isn’t one scene that needs to be cut from it. Maybe shorten the Junkion dance scene. The animation is more streamlined and clean versus the cartoon series, the voice acting as always is top notch. The musical score fits the emotional moments of the film. There are characters to like and root for, as well as characters to hate on.
            Overall I stand by my opinion in saying that it’s Top 20 of all time at least. And your point of “changing the game” ummm IT KILLED A CHARACTER!!! that had never been done in Western animation on a big screen before.

          2. TF the movie isn’t a top ten, IMO. I like it. Klling a major character was a big deal, as Mike stated. The animation was very good. I’m less enthusiastic about the score though, but it is a product of the time so I accept it. It’s a movie I enjoy, don’t get me wrong, but there are a lot of movies that are much more deserving of a top ten. My list is far from perfect, but I have it at 33. I would say it’s worthy of being at little higher, perhaps even top 20, but nearer to 20 than 10.

            One argument I have with the rankings is that some people are voting with a very strong bias. That will happen. But I can’t help but spew a mouth full of liquid when I hear things like Tarzan in a top ten, or Batman Beyond Return of the Joker at number two on someone’s list. Sure, it’s your favorite, but you can’t honestly believe that it’s better than that many other animated movies.

          3. Again the personal lists will have bias, even if we are instructed to vote BEST of all time.

            TF the Movie has a masterful SCORE from Vince DiCola. I’m talking the instrumental music here, not the actual soundtrack songs. So that we will have to agree to disagree on.

            Return of the Joker is easily Top 10, not because of the continuity it built upon, but because the animation, story, voice acting are all excellent. The animation in that film is subtle when it needs to be and action packed when it needs to be. Again the musical score is a wonderful mix of the series composer Kris Carter, whom took bits of the old BTAS scores in certain moments.

          4. I don’t know. I really don’t see it. I think you are causing your love for those franchises to overate where they actually belong. Top 10 of ALL Time or whatever you want to call it means you are talking about nearly 100 Years of Animation. If the best we can do in that time is a cartoon based on a toy line or Saturday morning cartoon something is wrong. To me when you are talking Top 10 you need to be an icon on your own. Stand head and shoulders above pretty much everything. Is Return of the Joker that much better or worse than Under the Red Hood. Or is Transformers that much better than the GI Joe Movie. Not really. GIve me Spirited Away any day of those.

          5. Transformers was a toy first yes, but after that the cartoon writers wrote some pretty cool stories with the characters. NO by what I just said am I defending the G1 cartoon as far as when it had it’s many BAD moments. I’m saying that people need to stop saying” oh it was a toy first, so the film based on the character has to be BAD”

            Your argument about based on a toy has no merit when talking about Return of the Joker. It was based on previous animated continuity, and toys came later.

            And no my love for these films is not clouding my judgement when I say that BOTH in my PERSONAL opinion should be Top 20 at least. Yes TFTM has issues, but I can overlook them, for the sheer enjoyment I get out of the story, animation, voice acting, and music.

          6. I definitely think it deserves a ranking in the Top 100 somewhere but I would not put it in the Top 20 myself. I do disagree though slightly in the fact that something should lose points simply due to being based on a cartoon, toy, comic or anything else like that. We don’t penalize most films for being based on a book do we?

          7. I think there is a big difference between being based on a
            book and being based on a toy, as often movies based on toys are more of a marketing ploy than an attempt to make a great movie. Now you can have both, and I am not saying your source material should disqualify you at all. In the cases we are were speaking of, Return of the Joker and Transformers, I just don’t see those movies as Top animated movies of all time by any stretch of the imagination. Not even top 25. I do like them a great deal, but there are no masterpieces which is something I would require for a top 10 movie. Also I would say the South Park movie could make an argument for top 20 of all time. A movie based on a cartoon show. SO again, it’s not the source material per say, but it can have an effect.

          8. You hit on something I feel is appropriate and well stated. The top animated films should be comprised of those films that do stand head-and-shoulders above the fray. TF The Movie is worthy of being on this list, as is Return of the Joker, but not top ten worthy, and probably not even top 20 unless this is truly, “the top 100 animated geek favorite animated movies,” but even then I think those movies aren’t nearly as strong as so many others. They are good. Just not as good as so many others. There are too many other astounding movies that have stronger scores, story, dialogue, voice acting, broader appeal, etc. because of their high quality and originality, even if they aren’t my personal favorites. I would watch TF The Movie or others on any given day over some of the higher-acclaimed movies, or I should say, ones more deserving of a higher ranking, but there is a difference. I still wouldn’t consider ranking those movies in the upper tier of best animated movies.

            TF The Movie has a good score, I never said it didn’t. The soundtrack is what I was referring to. But even still, I wouldn’t say that it’s a better score than a lot of other animated films. It fits the movie, and it does the job well, but so many other films have stronger scores, more memorable and original music, and on and on.

            Spirited Away, while a great movie, didn’t appeal to me. But it was a critical success and people did like that movie. It’s beautiful and stunning to watch. So I would expect it to rank well. That said, I just now realized that I somehow left it off of my list, so shame on me. That wasn’t intentional.

          9. When I put my list together, my first thought was if I was going to show someone the power of an animated film what movies would I show them. Which ones use the medium in interesting ways to create amazing stories. Basicly if I was going to prove to someone why animated films are just as good as any other type of filmmaking what movies prove that. My personal Top 10 did have some Pixar and Disney-don’t think you could be valid and not include some of their films, but I also tried to spread to love to other deserving companies and movies. What the final Top 10 will be I have no idea, but I’m super interested in finding out.

    2. Remember half the panel said great things about it! I think you guys are lumping us all together too many times, We have disagreed numerous times on these films! :)

      1. Sorry, that’s true. I meant the specific people who did have an issue. It was not everyone.

    3. As Kevin mentioned below I am huge fan of bost stop motion and claymation. Those some on the panel are not. Just a product of taste I guess.

  16. No love for The Emporer’s New Groove? I had no intention of watching that movie because it did come out during a time when Disney wasn’t firing on all cylinders, but it was on Netflix recently and I sat down to watch it and absolutely had a great time. Yes, the story isn’t anything new, but that can be said for a lot of movies. The characters played off of each other very well. I enjoyed the journey and I thought the movie looked beautiful. David Spade was very funny in the movie, too. I think it’s ranked well on the list, so thanks to those who voted for it.

    Titan A.E. just did nothing for me. I’m surprised it is on the list. I didn’t like the character designs or the story. I remember seeing the teaser trailer in theaters and it spurred my interest in seeing it, but later trailers didn’t look good and I passed until much later. I have no interest in seeing it again.

    I’ll have to track down Watership Down because I haven’t seen it. I know of it and the book, obviously. It sounds like I will enjoy it, having such high recommendations from the pane…well, some of them. :)

    Fox and the Hound, good addition. It could be ranked higher on the list, but I’m sure we have some amazing movies ahead of it. I probably had it too high on my list at 26.

    I agree about Meet the Robinsons. I had little interest in it until it was recommended by a friend and I thought it was just okay.

    I don’t know how I missed having Beavis and Butthead on my list. I’m looking at my list now wondering what I was thinking. Had I been given a list of films from which to choose I would have ranked the movies very differently, I think.

    Batman Under the Red Hood is a solid movie. Next to The Darn Knight Returns, which I did rank in parts, but I feel should be considered as one whole film, is a more solid entry in the DCAU. However, I’m glad to see it on the list and I feel its placement is pretty good.

    As far as the Ice Age movies, I am just not a fan. This is another one where I saw the trailer of the animal trying desperately to get the acorn or whatever and had high expectations for the film. But like many Dreamworks and Fox films, I am disappointed. To be fair, I haven’t seen it in a while, but I am not a fan of Ray Romano either. Dennis Leary is okay, but it’s a voice cast that is too recognizable and it’s hard for me to get into the story when it’s that voice actor being him/herself and the voice doesn’t fit the character. For example, in Aladdin Robin Williams was basically himself, but the voice fit the genie character so well. I knew it was him but I wasn’t distracted by it. The Shrek franchise did a better job of matching actors to their characters, IMO, and that’s what studios should strive to accomplish, IMO.

      1. We were asked to visit a website to sort through a list of all the movies, so in that sense, yes, a list was provided.

        1. hmm you may have missed it but I also sent a list out with movies separated by genre/company for people to use. I apologize if you did not get it :(

          1. I didn’t receive it, but that’s okay. And I think you guys are doing an amazing job with the list. I love listening to the discussions.

    1. The difference is Robin Williams using his own voice is still Robin Williams using a hundred different voices!

  17. Caroline is my all time favorite animated movie. Sad it did not make it higher on the list.

  18. Another awesome podcast guys. Enjoyed the discussion about different types of animation. I’ve never had an issue with it, but I guess I can see what the issue might be with it

    1. glad ya liked it…. we are enjoying bringing everyone this latest Top 100

  19. I’m mighty awestruck by the scope of this countdown that you are doing. Never heard of anyone doing something like this just for animated movies. After hearing some of the movies I can see why. Meet the Robinson, Emperor’s New Grove, and others are lackluster choices. So I tried to make up my own list and in the end they made mine as well. So at first I disagreed with many of the choice, now I have no choice to feel your pain.

    1. Yea, its harder than people think to come up with 100 worthy films (especially for some people who havent seen a ton of films although myself it was harder to narrow down to 100) – much easier to rip apart these types of lists than it is for those same people to make an actual list. And once you have made a list its very easy for someone to come along and find ‘errors’ in your list as well. That’s what makes these things so fun IMO.

    2. Thank you! People love to say this doesn’t belong on a list or that does. But when you sit down and do it, you never know what will make it where.

  20. Am I the only one the loves Emperor’s New Grove? It’s no Aladdin but its sure a hell of a lot of fun. Spade was perfect in that role.

    1. I do. As I commented before, I had skipped it but just recently saw it thanks to being on Netflix. I had read some positive things about it around the Internet and decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did. It truly is funny and very enjoyable. The backgrounds are beautiful, too. I am glad it made the list. It’s probably not worthy of being ahead of some of the lower-ranked films on the list, but I am glad it did make the countdown.

  21. No big complaints this episode guys. Keep it up, can’t wait till the next episode.

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