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The Top 100 – Animated Films – 20-01

The time is finally here. We finish the Countdown with the last 20 picks. Only One shall reign supreme, so who is it? This is the longest episode of the countdown but these warrant it. So join us in Episode 56 of this podcast to discover the awe and wonder that will be the GeekCast Radio Network’s Top 100 Animated Films Countdown. Be sure to leave your feedback in the various mentioned ways and as always “UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!”



Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

TV’s Mr. Neil


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. IF you want your voice heard in the wrap up show send emails or mp3s to feedback at by December 4th at 11am or call the voicemail line 502-526-5821

    1. I’ll try to send an email if I can get to it. Have some thoughts I’d like to share.

  2. Well now that the list is done I’m gonna go ahead and disclose that I was one of the people who submitted a top 100 list (I had Beauty and the Beast #1 and was the guy who put Spirited Away #2 and Snow White at #4). I’m really grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this list and it was very fun and challenging coming up with my top 100. A lot of the films were somewhat close to how I had them ranked so I can’t complain too much even if some films were higher and some were lower than I would’ve liked. I did feel like there was some confusion between objectivity and subjectivity, it sounded to me like some people were ranking what they legitimately thought to be the 100 greatest animated films of all time and others were just listing faves with no real mind paid to objectivity, I know that had I done an entirely subjective list, films like Mulan and Tangled would have been significantly higher on my list (top 5) than what I ended up ranking them at (in the 25-35 range). Even films I hadn’t seen, I attempted to watch a few clips and did some research on the production and plot of them to formulate a ranking, I felt like I had to evaluate every single acclaimed animated film ever made to get an honest list rather than just leave a potentially deserving film off my top 100 because I’d never gotten a chance to see it. Even with those issues though, the rankings ended up being quite good and entertaining so I can’t really quibble with how others did their lists, it’s just a thought. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with how it came out. The highest film on my list not to make the cut was Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door which I had ranked #46, so to have my top 45 films all make it on somewhere was really gratifying and vindicating. I might submit an e-mail to the wrap-up show if I can find the time, I’d love to give my opinion on Beauty and the Beast and Spirited Away, or possibly some of my higher ranked films that didn’t make the cut (Cowboy Bebop, Fritz the Cat, Atlantis, Frankenweenie, and Brave Little Toaster were the highest five I had ranked that got snubbed) or possibly to speculate on where I would have ranked Frozen if it hadn’t come out too late (*cough*top25*cough*).

    Thanks again and awesome work to all of you guys!

    1. Cool on the contributions! Yeah I haven’t see Frozen but heard great things about it. As for the Atlantis I agree. My input will be in the wrap up tho overall.

    2. Just saw Frozen this week. I agree it should be on the list if done again. At least Top 50.

    3. Thanks for your input. Appreciate taking the time for sure. If you have more time we’d love to get an email for more input. Also great to hear more opinions.

  3. Toy Story…FTW. Can’t really argue with the choice. Though I think Toy Story 3 is a better movie, Toy Story had a huge change on animation.

    I’m so glad I was able to discover this countdown. It was a lot of fun and kind of sad its over, but looking forward to the wrap up episode. Hope you guys do another top 100 list in the future next year!

  4. Wall-E has always been my favorite Pixar movie so I wish it did rank the highest. Glad it did rank as high as it did.

    1. Wall-E is up there for me as well. Not sure what I would put number one, either Up Wall-E or Toy Story 3.

    2. It’s just the absolute best that Pixar has done. I love the “Toy Story” films, but for sheer bravery and innovation in terms of characters and setting, “Wall-E” pips it for me.

  5. I think some of you were a little too harsh to some of the Disney classics. Yes the plot of movies like Snow White or Cinderella aren’t that complex, but you also need to think about the time they took. I mean Snow White was trying something that was never done before, so the simple creation of it was a feat in its own.

    Anyways no big arguments with the Top 10. Surprised Lion King wasn’t number one, and very glad Iron Giant made it into the top 10. Very deserving.

    Looking forward to the wrap up episode. Its been a great amount of fun.

    1. Thanks! Glad ya liked it. Personally on my part I really enjoy Cinderella, but Snow White and boy on a string … no thanks…. they just aren’t that great to me as an adult.

      1. What doesn’t work with Pinocchio as an adult? If anything that story should be better as an adult. Well, maybe more so if you have a child or ever wanted one.

        1. yeah that’s it …. for those people maybe it works. I’m not one of them lol

    2. Very good points. I try to take that into consideration when I put together a list because those things are important. That said, I forgot to add Snow White to my list, as I was just pulling together films, not having a list from which to pull the films. That was unfortunate because, as you said, it is significant. It may not be a film I would personally return to often, I would still rank it higher than some of those films I enjoy more because I feel the quality of the film, historical significance, mass appeal, critical acclaim, etc. deem it a top animated film.

  6. I wish the top 20 was not so dominated by Disney and Pixar. I get why of course. Still Spirited Away among others are worthy of being placed into the top of the top. I like most thought Lion King was going to take it, but Toy Story is not a bad choice. Can’t think of one bad thing to say about Toy Story.

  7. Jungle Book made it to the Top 20! Yay. The Top 10 was a little too Pixar heavy. Monster’s Inc is overrated IMO. Glad to see Shrek make it. How to Train Your Dragon should have made it as well though.

      1. I would include things like Akira, Spirited Away, maybe even South Park, Pinocchio, The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner movie, which surprisingly didn’t make the list at all, and something Don Bluth. Maybe Land Before Time. Don’t know if all those could make it. Just that there is more than Pixar and Disney.

        1. yeah I didn’t even think about the looney “movies” as most of them are edited together shorts. NOT saying that’s bad at all… really love em like that, but they didn’t register in my brain when I made my list

        2. You didn’t answer the question. I wasn’t asking what you would put IN the top ten but what you would TAKE OUT?? Its much harder when you look at it this way. You just mentioned 6 movies you would put into the Top 10 – So you are taking Lion King out? Toy Story? Up? Wall-E? Iron Giant? Aladdin?? Yea, not so easy now is it ;)

          1. Not that hard. I’d take out Up, The Iron Giant, Aladdin, and The Incredibles. I had Toy Story 1 and 3 outside my top ten too but they can stay. I’d pull the above four films to make room for Spirited Away, Snow White, Grave of the Fireflies, and either South Park or Fantasia.

          2. Disagree with taking out The Iron Giant. That’s a must Top 10 for me.

          3. Iron Giant was my #14. Fantastic but I just found the 13 films I put above it better.

          4. I’d by no means change any of what ended up in the Top 10. Those were all iconic and great films. Iron Giant, Aladdin and Incredibles had great and memorable moments.

          5. You’re all batsh*t insane for suggesting to take out Aladdin from the Top ten!!!! :)

          6. I love Aladdin, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know if I would put it in the Top 10 honestly. I do rank Disney movies like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, classics like Pinocchio and Dumbo ahead of it. Also Pixar movies like Up, Toy Story 3, Wall-E, and maybe even The Incredibles. Not to mention non Disney Pixar stuff like Iron Giant, Spirited Away, Coraline, Akira, and American Tale, Again Aladdin is awesome, but its not crazy to think it is more Top 15 than Top 10.

          7. Oh, I read that too quickly. My bad. Well that is a hard question I grant you that, but I would remove Toy Story or Toy Story 3. I think only one needs to be in the Top 10. I’d also remove Finding Nemo, Aladdin, and push the Incredibles back further. I’d take out Monster’s Inc and Wreck It Ralph from the top 20 as well.

          8. I’d take out Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Toy Story and Keep Toy Story 3. Take out Beauty and the Beast as well.

  8. This is somewhat bittersweet. Can’t believe the actual countdown is over. Wreck-It Ralph making it to the top 20 is surprising. Don’t think it deserves to be that high.

    Anyways thanks guys for doing this. Its been a great deal of fun. Looking forward to the wrap up episode.

  9. I haven’t listened to the top 21-1 episode as of yet. However if I could have taken one film out of the top 100 it would’ve been Legend Of the Guardians. This is just another Dreamworks film where you either get A-D list celebrities to voice characters. You spend more time trying to match the voice and it can drive you insane. What is the point of Hugh Jackman providing a voice when his physical body is not in it. Yet I could say that about a lot of animated films these days. This movie has no substance, the elves are a carbon copy of the Despicable Me minions….sorry but…this film was not worthy. If a fluff and nutter Dreamworks CGI film had to be put in it’s place I’d pick Monsters Vs. Aliens.

      1. Apologies. I hadn’t got to that part of the show before I asked the questions. I only ask as I thought it may be handy for people wanting to leave feedback before Thursday to have a hard copy of the list. Thanks anyway Mike.

        1. LOL I wasn’t yelling attcha when I said YES. I was just being enthusiastic. As far as the feedback from emails or mp3s we said that on the ep, in the hopes that people whom have listened to the countdown as it happens would do so lol

          1. I know man ha ha. It’s just purely for the fact that I do my listening on the move, so I didn’t get a chance to take notes as I was listening. Wouldn’t want to call out a film for not being on the list when it actually was, ya know?

          2. I’ll throw the list onto letterboxd .com later today. That should help avoid that issue.

  10. It was another entertaining countdown. I love these things!! The one movie I really feel was out of place was Wreck It Ralph. I admit it was a good movie, but I wouldn’t consider it a top twenty film. I would say top fifty, maybe in the 30’s at best. It was a touching story, but I didn’t feel connected to the characters. And as a person who isn’t a gamer, per se, I didn’t connect with it on the level that some did. Sure, I got some of the obvious references, but as Dan said, that doesn’t make a movie. It isn’t that it’s a bad movie, but I don’t think it’s better than a lot of the other movies on the list, which I feel have stronger characters, tighter or more original stories, etc.

    The two movies at the top are very good movies, but I am surprised that they were back-to-back. And I am surprised at where some of the Disney renaissance films landed on the countdown: Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. The Lion King was my #1. Aladdin is the Disney film I absolutely love and can watch anytime. It’s just that good. But then, I could say that for all of those films.

    I am very glad The Iron Giant ranked well. I would have loved to have seen it even higher, but I think it is in a good spot. It truly is one of those movies that surprises you in so many ways and has a great theme.

    The Incredibles. The first time I saw it I enjoyed it, but it just gets better upon repeat viewings. It’s such an amazing film. Same for Up, Wall-E, Finding Nemo (another film that I just love watching anytime). Pixar has such a strong catalogue of films and I was not surprised to see so many ranking well.

    At this point I look forward to the wrap up show.

  11. I must say there is not one movie in the Top 20 that doesn’t deserve to be there. I was a little worried based on the list so far. Those worries were for not. If there was one movie I would take it it would have to be Wreck-It Ralph and maybe Cinderella. You got number 1 right in my book so that’s most important.

    1. Wreck-It Ralph does stand out like a sore thumb. A sore thumb from playing too much video games perhaps!

  12. Man has this been fun ride. The amount of emotions I have gone through. I’ve laughed, got angry, haven’t really cried, maybe I will when its not around any more. All I can say is I hope yo do this again sometime soon.

    1. not sure HOW soon we’ll do animated films again, but there are plans for other Top 100s

          1. How bout the Top 100 Top 100 lists j/k. I too would love to see something similar again sometime soonish.

          2. are there even 100 Top 100s? oh wait maybe there are thousands lol

          3. Even just to make it easy on yourselves, a top 20 or something. I know a LOT of work went into compiling all that info.

          4. All I have to say is….make sure you listen to the wrap-up show! :)

  13. Lion King was not number 1? SHOCKED. SHOCKED I Say. Not a bad shock. Just a general shock. Toy Story is not a bad choice though.

    1. Yes, I was thinking that was number 1 as well. Toy Story makes sense though.

  14. For some reason I love it when Mike and Dan disagree. Those have been the best moments of the podcast episode so far. Wreck-It Ralph, Transformers, and World’s Finest. You should do full episodes on those. I’d pay to see it!

    1. LOL there were gonna be some deep battles during the TFTM segment when it placed, but I decided to control myself.

    2. Yea, for some reason Dan has found himself in more arguments/debates than I have lately….its odd but interesting at the same time :) Good break for me I guess haha

  15. Just listened to the episode again, and looked over the entire list below. I will save more deeper thoughts for a email to not clog up the comment section, but I will say this. *hands clapping* Great job guys. I have issues sure, but I really dug this a lot, and I listened to it while working out so any rage you enticed was put to good use.

  16. Not ONE Star Wars movie on this. No love for Clone Wars? Just Kidding. That movie is awful. Now the cartoon series on the other hand. That’s amazing.

    Been a fun time. Looking forward to the wrap up episode.

    1. I had put Tartokofsky’s “Clone Wars” series on my list, but wasn’t sure if it was eligible as it’s more of a compilation of shorts than an actual movie.

  17. Aquaman huh? Sure why not. If we can do a Guardians of Galaxy movie why not Aquaman too. Who to play him. Well that is hard. Maybe Ryan Gosling as suggested below.

  18. Finally finished this epic episode. Not many surprises. The movies that should be there were there, the order was a little off. Pixar taking 1, 2, and 3 does seem too much. Looking forward to the wrap up episode.

  19. I love Pixar as much as anyone. WIth that said the Top 20 was too Pixar heavy. Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story 3 are good movies. But not Top 20 worthy IHMO>

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