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GCR – Episode 60 – The 1st Annual GCRN Awards


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s AWARDS TIME! We delve into all 26 categories and converse over the fan vote, our vote and what we thought overall. This is truly an experiment that went well thanks to you, the listeners. Be sure to leave your feedback in the various mentioned ways and as always “UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!”

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Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. First and far most it was an honor to be nominated. Finishing dead last…well don’t know what to say about that. It could be that I am new to the GCRN, and my topics don’t appeal to everyone. I like my grab bag/shuffle gimmick because you never know what the next topic will be. I saw on my host site which casts have gotten the most downloads and which have not. I’m still learning, and one of my major learning experiences is that not to announce a cast before it is published. Four of them are ruined due to technical issues and have to be re-recorded. The fifth being Song of the South for my The Mouse That Roared Cast…well that film was on you tube until Spring 2012 I believe. Unless you want to buy it bootlegged or an international copy it’s a dead issue. So that got scratched, the good news is that the current four I recorded this week turned out ok. Goin’ down to South Park was edited and published and the other three should be published this Tuesday – Friday. So as long as I keep getting likes on Facebook, seeing one download of a podcast that I record off my host site, continuing to work with the GCRN…I’ll continue to cast. Hopefully I’ll get nominated again and win next year. If not, (as corny as it sounds) being partnered with the GCRN is it’s own reward. Until then Cast is dismissed.
    P.S. No Surprise I voted for LOTDK… ( ;

  2. Glad too heat Gravity win so many awards. It was very well deserved. I agree that last year was not particularly good for geek films. There were movies I enjoyed but nothing all that great.

  3. Listening to Dan and Mike go at it is pure entertainment gold! Nice to hear someone else argue with Mike after years of trying to knock some logic into him ;)

    1. Knocking logic into Mike is worse then trying to complete Sisyphus’s task and the Kobayashi Maru at the same time.

  4. I’m not trying to be a troll but The results page is a little over bearing to look at all. Just a little too much with so many images. Not really sure what’s going on there. Maybe just list the winners?

    Anyways I did like the episode. So I have some idea why certain geek movies were not up for best movie. Though I do appreciate having categories just for them. Why weren’t some geeky shows nominated for best TV or at least for anything. I mean nothing for Game of Thrones? That deserved some nominations.

  5. I’m not trying to be a troll but The results page is a little over bearing to look at all. Just a little too much with so many images. Not really sure what’s going on there. Maybe just list the winners?

    Anyways I did like the episode. So I have some idea why certain geek movies were not up for best movie. Though I do appreciate having categories just for them. Why weren’t some geeky shows nominated for best TV or at least for anything. I mean nothing for Game of Thrones? That deserved some nominations. Its a much better show than Agents of Shield or Arrow.

    1. Personally….I do not have HBO so I’ve never seen GOT…. and when I voted I only voted for stuff I’d seen. Or else that would be wrong. I think I only voted in the comic-action-superhero film categories, the podcast categories and the TV categories. I think I only voted in half of the categories we had.

      Beside GOT what other “geeky” shows are you referring to?

      1. Dr. Who is the biggest one that comes to mind. Also Parks and Rec (for Patton Oswalt’s Episode 7 rant alone), Nerdist TV show, Bob’s Burgers, Elementary, Sleepy Hallow, Archer, The Tomorrow People, and Falling Skies are the ones that come to my mind.

        1. I tried Several eps of Dr. Who (2005) over multiple Drs, but never could get into it.

          I have seen snippets of Parks and Rec, but until it appears on Netflix I have no interest at the moment,, I was watching Sleepy Hollow, but the constant breaks for other FOX events made me stop paying attention to it. I’ll catch it when DVDs hit I guess…. Falling Skies… I’m kinda sick of aliens in EVERYTHING lol

          That’s just me though

    2. I was thinking a similar thing. Game of Thrones getting no nominations from a Geek website surprises me.

      1. yes, but as I said….. WHY would we nominate something most of us don’t watch. I might be going out on a limb here, but if any of us that came up with the noms besides me as I did not add noms this year…. I’d think only Boothninja or MovieRevolt would be the ones who watch GOT.

        1. I’m confused. Is the purpose of the awards for us to vote on what are the best shows you watch, or the best shows that are out there today? If you are asking for a fan vote my assumption is you are asking us to pick the best shows out there. Kind of strange to be like, here’s a list of things I watch. Now tell me which show I watch is the best.

          1. Please read my response above to Andre. I think I explained it better here. Mike despite his rant above had nothing to do with the choices so it wasn’t based on likes so much as limited spacing. Next year now that I’ve seen how this functioned and played out have ideas to make it much better. Plus with the new site capabilities I have in the works, we should get more options as well. I plan to start the overall nominations in December to bridge the gap to the Mid January Top 10 Overall Nominees to vote on followed by a March 1st Reveal.
            Definitely flawed I will give you that but our first endeavor with the Top 100 Animated Series “Of All Time” proved it was good but flawed as well. Hence when the time came for the Top 100 Animated Films Countdown, we were better prepared to do it right the 2nd time.
            So I feel next year will be more evenly balanced with a lot more options for you all to chose from with less “Geek” and more even flow. We just decided to do this last minute in the last meeting of 2013 and had limited time to come up with the lists, get the art made and make the sections to post it. So suffice it to say albeit rushed it did work fairly well.
            I hope this explains it better but that is what it is.

          2. I think some people take this stuff way to seriously. I thought it was a lot of fun.

          3. Thanks Steve I appreciate the hard work you guys did with it. As I said to dan I was only disappointed Oblivion didnt get a look in but as previously explained some of you didnt see it.
            I look forward to the year ahead. Thanks

    3. Let me preface this with I will explain briefly on the next AGU. As far as those shows. I am not saying they are bad but this was a thing put together by Kevin. Dan, Powers and Myself. TFG1 had nothing to do with this. Also our method was what we felt was best and or some biases. Also we split it on deciding what to place there. As stated this is also an experiment. So we felt it went good so far. Next year we plan to do what we originally wanted to do but lacked the time. It was have you all nominate the shows followed by the final voting. More or less would allow more categories or nominees in those categories.

      1. That makes sense. I was just curious why certain shows like Game of Thrones didn’t get any mention but Agents of Shield got tons when that
        show is not all that amazing. Not a huge gripe though. Overall I did enjoy it. Happy to see Tom Hanks win cause he was awesome in that movie.

        1. To be fair as well some of those aren’t on my radar as I don’t get all the channels. I nominated what I’ve at least heard of. Also I tried to get as much in recommendations as possible but the staff has either film or some film and some tv or all tv experience. So it’s kind of a toss. Next year I plan to setup a more intricate way of allowing the users to nominate them in December 2014 so it gives me time to setup the area properly for the awards to take place in Feb 2015. Then we could get 10 per category to give a more fair shakedown for those unfamiliar or wanting their show to debut.

          So I will take the blame here. Won’t argue as I don’t disagree that you maybe right on some of these that were left off or on the lists. Glad to have at least cleared it up somewhat.

          Glad you enjoyed it overall! :)

  6. Too bad. Was hoping Legends of Korra would win Best Cartoon. Its far and away the best on that list.

  7. Sorry guys but mike was the voice of reason here, alot of the nominees weren’t geek movies, world was is not a sci fi movie, beyond the pines and 12 years a slave weren’t geek movies either. I’m also disappointed in the repetition, if gravity is nominated for best movie then it dosent need to take up a spot in best sci fi when there were other movies more deserving of the spot.
    One suggestion I’d make for next year is open the nominations up to everyone and then take the top 5-10 movies in each chatergy and list them to vote on.
    Anyway love your work and look forward to the 5th year celebrations

    1. As I said in the podcast the way we viewed the Movie nominations was nominating the best movies we could, we weren’t going to nominate a movie simply based on subject matter. In my opinion a movie geek is someone who is geeky about movies. Not just superhero or action movies, but movies. You can call it a ‘movie buff’ or cinephile or whatever. The main idea being the subject of movies of all shapes and sizes intrigues you. That’s why we are going to nominate something like 12 Years a Slave, Place Beyond the Pines, and Her. Because they are great achievements in their respected categories. Something that nearly all ‘movie geeks’ could enjoy. 2013 was not a particular great year for comic book movies, or other traditional ‘geek’ movies. If there was an Avengers or Dark Knight or even a Skyfall they would have been nominated for Best movie. That’s partly the reason we created separate categories for Comic Book Movies, Action, and Comedy. So we could give them some recognition.

      Regarding not nominating Gravity for Sci Fi because it is nominated for Best movie, I can understand that argument. However, you could also argue how could you nominate something for movie for Best Movie when its not even nominated in its respected Genre.Like voting someone as MVP but not saying he is the best at his given position. Also World War Z is consider Sci Fi on IMDB (not that it means a great deal) but we also didn’t have a horror category as its really a hybrid of both it was placed in Sci Fi. I guess my question would be what other science fictions films would you have nominated that weren’t nominated?

      We thought about having 10 nominations but due to a few reasons we stuck with 5. Though I’m sure even with 10 Nominations stuff would be left off. (See the Oscars)

      1. Yeah I see that, I’m only disappointed Oblivion didnt get a mention for sci fi or score. But ill finish with if we wanted best movies I’d watch the academy awards (which I don’t) I thought you’d be doing movies based on content but no matter. Thanks for putting it together

        1. Oblivion was very close to being nominated. It was on the bubble for Sci Fi. We didn’t do a best score category but that is something to look into for the future.

  8. Just finally getting around to listening to this episode. First off, where is Kevin!! The list just isn’t the same without him. Hopefully he can be available for other lists. It feels like there isn’t much discussion and you’re rushing through the categories. I know there are a lot of categories to get through, but as an observer, it feels rushed. We’re not even hearing who the contenders were or how they all ranked. Often you’re just telling us the winner (fan and GCRN) and the sorest loser. Just something to consider for next year.

    For the most part I didn’t vote in the movie categories because I don’t go to the theater often. And since many of the Oscar contenders don’t get releases until late fall or early winter they haven’t hit home video yet, so I have not seen them. It’s not surprising to see Gravity winning boatloads of awards. I still have not seen it. It was one film I did want to see in the theater, but my wife wouldn’t go with me. So I’ll watch it at home on Blu-ray on my 65″ plasma with the lights off…should be sweet!

    So I just heard Dan comment that the Arrow flashbacks on the island are ridiculous. Well, to each their own, but I actually find them intriguing. Are some of the scenarios far-fetched…sure, but this is a superhero show based on a comic book. The relationships Ollie developed with Slade and other characters, and how he developed his skills are an important part of the character’s backstory and development into Arrow. Sure, the make-up was a bad disguise, but I like it because it shows that he was a bit sloppy at first and just “made due” just as he did when he and Diggle started out together before they brought in Felicity and all of the high-tech computers and gear. I like seeing that growth rather than starting off at a later point where everything is polished and established. So, yes, I love the flashbacks. I think it helps the series because we want to know more about his history, but we’re also intrigued by what is going to happen in his future. If the series runs on too long, which I suspect will happen, it may become convoluted (like The X-Files), but for now it’s great and my wife and I are loving it. And people need to stop saying the first season was slow. I don’t know what show they were watching, but my wife and I loved it. Everyone has their opinions though.

    Big Bang Theory. Okay. It is sort of the same ole tired humor, basically, with little actual character development. There is some, but it’s not the new, hip style of comedy that other shows today go for…and frankly, that’s fine by me. I still enjoy BBT. I’ve never seen New Girl, or Community, or Modern Family, or a host of other comedies. Like Mike, I find most comedies either try too hard or just go for the same ole tired jokes (Two and a Half Men, anyone?). I do like the characters on BBT even if they show little growth. A few seasons ago they gave them all girlfriends and that was a bit annoying, actually. But last season was better and I find this season has been pretty good. It is my favorite comedy on TV even if it isn’t doing something new, hip, or smart. I enjoy the characters and I know what to expect. It is sometimes frustrating when you know they’re not developing, but I get a few laughs out of it, which is what I am looking for anyway.

    1. To clarify I don’t have with the concept of the flash backs to the island on Arrow I just have an issue with the performance of Stephen Amell in those. Either its the direction he is getting or his limited range as an actor but everything of him before he becomes Arrow comes off as force and over acted.

      I’ve only see the first season of Arrow and I did like it but it is full of issues. The plots relay on a lot of convenience and at times the script films unfinished. When then call one of the most important events ‘the event’ and ‘the machine’ it comes off like they place those words as filler to be replaced latter and never replaced them.

      I’ve heard good things about season 2 so I hope most of those issues are fixed.

    2. My apologies. I couldn’t make the record that night and didn’t want the episode delayed. Glad you think I add something to the episodes though!!!

  9. Mike, I would wager that most people might remember Timothy Olyphant from Deadwood. The show is on disc and digital outlets now. If you want to see a stellar performance by him, and Ian McShane…check it out!

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