GCR – Episode 64 – Random Fandom Part I


In Episode 64 TFG1Mike starts a new gad here on GeekCast Radio…. welcome to the RANDOM FANDOM! This is Part I of a multi part series here on GCR. Join Steve and Mike as they talk about a plethora of topics. We also go through last week’s Altered Geek Unlimited Feedback.
Question of the Week: Do you collect movie ticket stubs or trash em? If you collect them tell us the films you’ve collected stubs from!


Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

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Steve "Megatron"

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    1. It more or less collided this week. It wasn’t the exact same as what I thought it was going to be. It was more GCR than AGU this week. So doing a mini-sode later this weekend for a Monday release.

    2. noooooooooooo!!!!!! this is a crossover ep……. so steve and I wouldn’t have to do 2 things:

      #1 record 2 podcasts, because I had to be up super early today. and ….

      #2…. search for hosts for the GCR (on my part)

      1. I got worried. I enjoy both so I was hoping we wouldn’t lose one of them.

        1. yeah as steve says below the odd format was my fault. BECAUSE 64 needed to be done so we could get 65 out which is the 5 year anniversary show!!! I haven’t been thinking to well lately. And I thought this would be a fun way to let the two shows’ powers combine! LOL At least for a one time only kinda thing.

          THANKS FOR LIKING BOTH SHOWS!!!! you like us! you really like us!!!!!

      2. Oh crossover. You guys should do like a Marvel or DC like crossover with people showing up on different podcasts. Like the people on Off the Cuff on Talking In Circles, them on Altered Geek. MWIRE on this and so on. Marvel had their cinematic universe and you’d have like a podcastomatic universe lol. No idea why that came to my mind. Lmao

        1. damnit why couldn’t you have written, and I have seen this last night when we recorded Ep 65! that would’ve been a great thing to bring up lol Thaanks for the support!!!!

  1. I used to collect movie stubs but now I don’t even use them. I just use my smartphone for tickets. Makes things so much easier. Don’t have to wait in line or anything.

    1. LOL lines for me are not a prob going to the back of the mall little known theather. It’s a gem! NEVER any lines, plus I go at like 1pm eastern or around there lol

    2. I am the same way. Haven’t touched a ticket in years. I don’t do it for the lines more so to pick my seat because my favorite theater has assigned seating which is awesome. I don’t have to show up early to get the seat I want.

      1. yeah I love assigned seating, but that theater is 2 bus rides away…. so not ideal. and I sit in the front anyways… no one wants those seats lol Although when I went to see DOFP the back of the mall theater was packed more than usual even for a big budget superhero film.

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