In Episode 65 of GeekCast Radio Steve Megatron and TFG1Mike run down their history, for those of you who haven’t heard it. We talk about the NEW site design, and thank all the amazing people who have given us interviews over the years. After that we announce what podcasts are retiring in 2014, as 6 podcasts are coming to their logical endings, we tease a few things that will be coming up, and announce the winners of our 5 Years Online Contest. All in this latest Episode of GeekCast Radio #UnleashTheGeekInYou!

Question of the Week: When did you first find the GCRN, and what keeps you coming back for more?


Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Damn it! I missed the chance to enter the contest? I can’t believe I forgot to enter every time I got on the internet!

  2. I started listening because I heard about the Top 100 Animated Movie countdown. Then I started listening to Altered Geek, MWIRE Weekly, and one of my new favorites Talking In Circles. I’m excited to hear you guys are doing another Top 100 as I loved the last one you did.

    What keeps me coming back is that its a one stop shop for ideas and opinions. With sites like IGN everything is very corporate structured and segregate. They have a spot for video game people, one for comics, one for TV, and one for movies and never should their paths cross. I like that you are all more open and I can hear multiple opinions on similar topics. There is also a more community feel. Your not just one small piece in a gigantic puzzle.

    1. I started with the Top 10 as well. Along with Altered Geek and MWIRE Weekly. I try to keep up with you all as much as possible, and I usually can. Although I’m usually a few episodes behind a Pull Bag

  3. I started listening to Altered Geek first. I honestly don’t even remember what drew me to it. I think a random Google search maybe. I agree with @Justin_Washington:disqus below about what keeps me coming back. The overall feel of the network and discussion I tend to return to.

  4. I heard about GCRN because I saw one of your movie reviews on IMDB and really liked it a lot. I checked out everything else and kind of got hooked. I believe the first podcasts I listened to were MWIRE Weekly and Altered Geek. Now I check out nearly everything you do as long as I have somewhat of an interest in it.

  5. I’m not sure how I got into GCRN honestly. Maybe the Top 100. Not sure What got me to stay was shows like Altered Geek, MWIRE Weekly, The Pull Bag, and most recently TIC. It’s like a buffet a geek goodness

  6. Talking in Circles is what got me to your network and I mostly stay around for that, the reviews, The Pull Bag, and occasionally your movie podcast

  7. Hi guys sorry been busy couldn’t find time to sit down and record some feedback.
    I remember seeing transformers 07 in the movies and went searching iTunes for a transformers podcast and some show fell onto the tfg1 podcast. It wasn’t until tron legacy came out that I realised you guys did other shows and t was then I discovered mwire and haven’t looked back. Toon cast, ftcc and the transformers series review shows dominate my iPod and I listen to the old shows often now someone handed mike a coming book lol
    Here’s to many more shows guys, looking forward to some of the new shows

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