GCR – Special Episode – 2013 Fall TV Preview


EDITOR’S NOTE: SPOILERS ARE AT THE VERY END OF THIS EPISODE!!! Stay Past the outro theme if you want to hear them!

Join Steve Megatron, TFG1Mike and Boothninja81 as they run down what to watch in the fall 2013 TV Season. Listen in for what they’ve enjoyed so far from the pilots, and hear each of the hosts’ personal top 10 shows list. Which consists of 5 NEW shows and 5 Returning Shows! Plus whatever else we are looking forward to later in the year. 

TV Guide’s Fall TV 2013


Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard

Mike “Boothninja81” Powers

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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Being trying to catch up with everything you guys put out recently. I really enjoyed this episode. It was cool you all were able to give your thoughts on some of the shows. I honestly never heard of the tomorrow people but I might have to check it out too.

    I was glad to hear another person who is not ashamed to admit they like Vampire Diaries. When I say I like Vampire Diaries out loud I feel dirty. Its still a good show.

    1. I get the same looks from people I talk to about Vampire Diaries but I don’t worry about it, they are the ones missing out:)

    2. “I feel dirty” I was the same way as a kid in the 90s watching Melrose Place and the short lived Models, Inc!

        1. seriously you went there…. I think models inc is worse, and as a teen I loved them both. Still love MP to this day! Courtney Thorne-Smith sooo HOT!!! I even still love the real 90210 and Party of Five! ahh 90s TV!

    3. I tried to watch Vampire Diaries because I have heard the same thing. I got a few episodes in and couldn’t do it any more to myself.

      1. The first season is horrid. It does get better. It is still too CWish for me to enjoy, but my girlfriend loves it.

        1. I might have to check it out if you all are saying good things. Something about watching something with ‘Diaries’ in the title the feels wrong.

  2. I know this is about network TV, but will you do anything for the cable shows? Maybe not a preview since they don’t have seasons. What about something on Breaking Bad ending or Game of Thrones?

    1. Oh man how epic was this last season of Breaking Bad! It was the best MOVIE I have seen all year. I can’t believe it is over.

  3. The only shows I’m checking out this fall are The Tomorrow People and Almost Human. Everything else sounds bland and boring.

      1. ehh The Blacklist was the same tired concept with new clothing. Maybe it could develop into something. Right now its basic.

  4. Funny I was thinking about what shows I should check out this fall, and then this comes along and now I have a better idea.

    I get what Mike, I think TFG1, about Colson being dead in Avengers, but in the end if we get more of that character I’m all for it. I’ve only watched the first episode so far and it was okay. Like you said with Whedon it takes some time to get going.

    1. I’ve seen the 2nd ep it was far Superior…. I’m only watching now for cameos lol

  5. Sooo… after we released this ep here are the following NEW shows I’m sticking with:

    The Blacklist
    Sleepy Hollow
    The Crazy Ones

    Tried The Goldergs even though I love the 80s that’s gonna be a show I come back to a few years done the line.

    I’m only watching SHIELD for cameos the entire team, even Skye are all stereotypical characters.

    I can’t say enough good things about The Blacklist! Sleepy Hollow is damn impressive for it being a Fox show! First time I have actively watched Fox since 24 went off the air.

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