GCR – Special Episode – Top 10 Artists or Bands of the 1970’s

We are continuing the Music Spotlight here on GeekCast Radio! Join TFG1Mike and Chuckdawg1999 as they countdown their favorite artists and bands of the 1970’s. The 70’s was a starting point for a lot of 80’s rockers so tune and see if our favorite artists and bands would be on your top ten list as well!


Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard



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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. That was super I only had one issue with it their wasn’t relay any Artists on the list. I wound have been better to do something like this.
    For xepull My fav Bands of the 70s are; the Eagles, Cocargo, and The Little River Band.
    My fav Artists are Elton John. Jimmy Buffett, and Cher.

    Most of the groups they listed like Lead Zepation isn’t on my list as 9.99 KTDY (here in Lafayette, La) only plays them on Friday.

        1. apparently not, you might wanna triple check, because when you wrote for example it says for xepull…. Seriously next time make sure your post is correct before posting. Again thanks for the support.

    1. We all have our own faves thanks for the input. But as we said in the episode Elton John and people like that I at least associate them with the 80’s.

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