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GCRN Awards – 2nd Annual – Update

So as I type this I am seeing the huge success this Awards is having this year. Not only have we learned from last year, expanded the categories to outside the network but we’ve also simplified it I feel. This 2nd Annual Awards has been both fun and entertaining, and honestly I cannot wait to find out the winners on the actual podcast episode.

Having you, the listeners, deciding has created what I feel is the best balance of what we as geeks truly love and care about. Granted some of these programs may not be my personal favorite (TV/Film), but I can definitely see the reasoning behind where they are placed in this Award. The participation and the enthusiasm is felt this year.

Some of our participating nominees have even jumped into high gear with the rallying of the troops to their cause. Some of these being MarkWho42, Insession Film and Simplistic Reviews. I am not saying this is in anyway telling of who is winning or not, but this is what I’ve noticed from their sites, shows or social media.

This morning I wake to see this very awesome thank you for the nomination from Simplistic Reviews. In it they channel the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off scene in which Ferris is singing in the parade. It is both a fun and entertaining sequence in which they grabbed my attention with the style and visual experience. I’ve included the video below for those who haven’t seen it yet in our Facebook page.

Before I sign off, I’d like to say I am both impressed and greatful for the response this year’s Awards are having. I look forward to more of the following right up to and after the 2nd Annual GCRN Awards podcast episode. I will stay in the dark on the voting despite my ability to look until the day of so I am just as surprised as the rest of you. I am feeling the excitement through all of you and again would like to say, Thank YOU!

So until that day we record the episode and the voting stops, “UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!” Have fun and enjoy!

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