What is GCRN LIVE? Well GCRN is the brainchild of the core staff in which we give you the listener more interactivity. What will happen essentially is we’ll have a panel of hosts talking about a subject announced on the LIVE page for future LIVE shows.

In the coming weeks this will be implemented, tweaked and retrofitted again. However for now, we are beta testing and are going to go live on June 21st, 2012.

The goal in the future for this is to provide a centralized location for listeners, and fans to interact during the shows. We have a chat room available which in time will be given a better treatment as well. We will have the chat open to mention, comment, be corrected and interact during our LIVE show.

At this time depending on the topic, we may or may not record these episodes. It’s mostly depending on the prime host, the show and whether the interest is there.

The Shows will typically be airing at 11:00pm on the set Thursday nights.

While I know this serves as a Q&A / F.A.Q. section (which will also be active soon on the LIVE page), this does provide some of the inside details and thoughts.

In the coming year LIVE will be playing a HUGE part in GCRN’s growth, expansion and addition of new site social features. We want to as always provide more interact abilities, new content, new features and reasons to visit the site itself.

So thank you again for reading this and if I forgot anything, I will address it at a later time. All I have to say for now is UNLEASH THE GEEK IN YOU!


-Steve “Megatron” Phillips

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