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Hey Guys, Steve “Megatron” Phillips here. Just dropping by to say welcome to the new improved website. As many will notice there are much better layout menus, categories and awesome imagery. However there are things that stayed the same.

In this new version of the site our vision is to continue to bring in a new generation of geeks, retain the old and bring forward some new key elements that will power us on in the near future. Next year isgoing to show the launch of many new shows, content, hosts and interviews. So keep geared in.

Be sure to post here all your comments, concerns and suggestions on the new design!

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Steve "Megatron"

Co-Creator @GeekCastRadio | Creator @AlteredGeek | Voice Actor | Podcaster, Husband | Father | Web/Graphic Design | A/V Editor | Geek of Games, Tech, Film, TV.


  1. The new site looks great, guys. I like the dark theme. It’s clean and the layout and organization of the content has been improved.

  2. I don’t like the font used in some places. For example, take this page, That font is incredibly painful to read.

  3. Thanks for the feedback tim….. honestly the mini descripts are hard to read, but the point is for those that have been fans of us can now go to that page and click on TBU TAP or whatever and find all the eps for each podcast. They aren’t all mixed in.

    We have kept longer descripts in iTunes. Doing them the way we are now on the site takes up wayyy less space.

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