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The Top 100 – Animated Series – List – Part IV

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Top 100 Animated Series List

Part IV

Here’s 40-21 of the countdown……………………

#40:  Super Friends (563 points)

Years Aired: 1973-1986

Seasons: 10

Episodes: 109

IGN Ranking: 50th

Voting Info: [9]  43rd OpSolo, 86th TFG1, 47th Steve, 34th Flava, 3rd Scotty, 32nd JT, 35th Glade, 32nd Chris, 34th Ryan

#39:  Pokemon (565 points)

Years Aired: 1998-Present

Seasons: 13+

Episodes: 621+

IGN Ranking: 70th

Voting Info: [9]  73rd OpSolo, 67th DoubleD, 14th Scotty, 23rd PixelDan, 85th Phil, 38th Glade, 29th Jackson, 6th Tarah, 9th Purple

#38:  Samurai Jack (566 points)

Years Aired: 2001-2004

Seasons: 4

Episodes: 52

IGN Ranking: 43rd

Voting Info: [8]  65th Steve, 17th Flava, 71st DoubleD, 39th JT, 16th Glade, 8th Christopher, 4th Jackson, 22nd Laidman

Awards: 3 Annie Nominations, 3 Annie Wins, 2 Emmy Nominations, 3 Emmy Wins

#37:  Dragon Ball Z (594 points)

Years Aired: 1996-2003

Seasons: 7

Episodes: 291

IGN Ranking: 78th

Voting Info: [7]  13th OpSolo, 9th Steve, 23rd Dodd, 2nd Jackson, 34th Tarah, 25th Laidman, 7th Purple

#36:  Avatar: Last Airbender (614 points)

Years Aired: 2005-2008

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 61

IGN Ranking: 35th

Voting Info: [8]  1st Flava, 11th Spada, 30th Dodd, 98th Phil, 3rd Glade, 1st Ryan, 5th Jackson, 45th Tarah

Awards: 1 Annie Nomination, 3 Annie Wins, 1 Emmy Nomination, 1 Emmy Win

#35:  ReBoot (622 points)

Years Aired: 1994-2001

Seasons: 4

Episodes: 47

IGN Ranking: Not Ranked

Voting Info: [8]  21st Steve, 37th JT, 31st DiRT, 10th Dodd, 52nd Phil, 31st Ryan, 1st Tarah, 3rd Laidman

#34:  TaleSpin (624 points)

Years Aired: 1990-1991

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 65

IGN Ranking: 81st

Voting Info: [11]  57th OpSolo, 27th TFG1, 76th Steve, 19th Flava, 43rd DoubleD, 20th PixelDan, 15th JT, 97th Phil, 40th Christopher, 41stRyan, 52nd Tarah

Awards: 1 Annie Nomination, 1 Emmy Nomination, 3 Young Artist Awards

#33:  Tom and Jerry Show (640 points)

Years Aired: 1975-1975

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 16

IGN Ranking: 66th

Voting Info: [11]  42nd OpSolo, 53rd TFGI, 86th Steve, 25th DoubleD, 53rd JT, 10th DiRT, 37th Glade, 17th Christopher, 76th Ryan, 54th Tarah, 18th Laidman,

#32:  Alvin and the Chipmunks (647 points)

Years Aired: 1983-1989

Seasons: 7

Episodes: 89

IGN Ranking: 80th

Voting Info: [11]  28th OpSolo, 70th TFGI, 70th Steve, 10th Scotty, 34th PixelDan, 89th JT, 20th DiRT, 12th Glade, 16th Christopher, 75thRyan, 40th Tarah

Awards: 3 Daytime Emmy Nominations, 1 Young Artist Nomination

#31:  Thundercats (660 points)

Years Aired: 1985-1987

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 130

IGN Ranking: 49th

Voting Info: [9]  41st OpSolo, 3rd TFG1, 57th Steve, 8th Scotty, 24th PixelDan, 5th JT, 31st Phil, 6th Christopher, Ryan 73rd

#30:  Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (671 points)

Years Aired: 1989-1990

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 65

IGN Ranking: 60th

Voting Info: [11]  37th OpSolo, 57th TFG1, 71st Steve, 35th DoubleD, 23rd Scotty, 17th PixelDan, 17th JT, 15th Dodd, 78th Phil, 37th Ryan, 53rd Tarah

Awards: 1 Daytime Emmy Nomination

#29:  Ren Stimpy Show (749 points)

Years Aired: 1991-1996

Seasons: 5

Episodes: 52

IGN Ranking: 12th

Voting Info: [10]  15th OpSolo, 15th Flava, 10th Spada, 14th DoubleD, 56th JT, 9th DiRT, 36th Dodd, 35th Phil, 20th Christopher, 51st Ryan

Awards: 3 Annie Nominations, 3 Emmy Nominations

#28:  Inspector Gadget (763 points)

Years Aired: 1983-1986

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 86

IGN Ranking: 54th

Voting Info: [11]  33rd OpSolo, 5th TFG1, 23rd Steve, 57th DoubleD, 44th JT, 29th Dodd, 42nd Phil, 25th Christopher, 42nd Ryan, 27th Tarah, 21st Purple

Awards: 1 Young Artist Nomination

#27:  Real Ghostbusters (763 points)

Years Aired: 1986-1991

Seasons: 6

Episodes: 134

IGN Ranking: 22nd

Voting Info: [11]  69th OpSolo, 74th TFG1, 27th Steve, 34th DoubleD, 20th Scotty, 14th PixelDan, 4th JT, 5th Dodd, 18th Phil, 11th Christopher, 72nd Ryan

Awards: 1 Young Artist Nomination

#26:  Beavis and Butt-Head (764 points)

Years Aired: 1993-1997

Seasons: 7

Episodes: 200

IGN Ranking: 5th

Voting Info: [12]  45th OpSolo, 81st TFG1, 14th Spada, 82nd DoubleD, 34th Scotty, 43rd PixelDan, 12th DiRT, 37th Dodd, 8th Phil, 39thChristopher, 35th Ryan, 18th Jackson

#25:  Rocky and Bullwinkle Show (764 points)

Years Aired: 1959-1964

Seasons: 5

Episodes: 163

IGN Ranking: 11th

Voting Info: [11]  3rd OpSolo, 66th TFG1, 11th Flava, 70th DoubleD, 30th PixelDan, 5th DiRT, 79th Phil, 21st Christopher, 11th Ryan, 49thTarah, 2nd Purple

#24:  Pinky and the Brain (771 points)

Years Aired: 1995-2001

Seasons: 6

Episodes: 65

IGN Ranking: 47th

Voting Info: [10]  33rd TFG1, 35th Steve, 23rd Flava, 6th Spada, 23rd DoubleD, 23rd JT, 40th Phil, 22nd Glade, 20th Ryan, 14th Laidman

Awards: 2 Annie Nominations, 3 Annie Wins, 4 Daytime Emmy Nominations, 1 Daytime Emmy Win

#23:  Beast Wars (794 points)

Years Aired: 1996-1999

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 52

IGN Ranking: Not Ranked

Voting Info: [9]  46th OpSolo, 8th TFG1, 2nd Steve, 2nd Spada, 24th JT, 11th Dodd, 9th Ryan, 6th Jackson, 7th Laidman

Awards: 1 Daytime Emmy Win

#22:  Garfield and Friends (812 points)

Years Aired: 1988-1994

Seasons: 7

Episodes: 121

IGN Ranking: Not Ranked

Voting Info: [12]  16th OpSolo, 15th TFG1, 54th Steve, 41st DoubleD, 35th Scotty, 25th PixelDan, 90th JT, 31st Dodd, 29th Phil, 6th Glade, 39thRyan, 19th Purple

Awards: 1 Young Artist Win

#21:  Family Guy (860 points)

Years Aired: 1999-Present

Seasons: 9+

Episodes: 159+

IGN Ranking: 7th

Voting Info: [13]  24th OpSolo, 100th TFG1, 51st Steve, 14th Flava, 94th DoubleD, 25th Scotty, 46th PixelDan, 12th Phil, 30th Glade, 10thChristopher, 24th Ryan, 8th Jackson, 15th Laidman

Awards: 5 Annie Nominations, 2 Annie Wins, 7 Emmy Nominations, 4 Emmy Wins,



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