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The Top 100 – Animated Series – List – Part V

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Top 100 Animated Series List

Part V

And So here’s the Top 20 of the countdown…………..

#20:  Spider-Man: The Animated Series (860 points)

Years Aired: 1994-1998

Seasons: 5

Episodes: 65

IGN Ranking: 84th

Voting Info: [13]  64th OpSolo, 30th TFG1, 18th Steve, 38th DoubleD, 35th PixelDan, 63rd JT, 18th Dodd, 38th Phil, 32nd Glade, 45thChristopher, 33rd Ryan, 31st Jackson, 8th Tarah

Awards: 1 Annie Nomination, 2 Daytime Emmy Nominations

#19:  Darkwing Duck (863 points)

Years Aired: 1991-1992

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 91

IGN Ranking: 93rd

Voting Info: [12]  71st OpSolo, 35th TFG1, 16th Steve, 5th Spada, 26th DoubleD, 18th PixelDan, 16th JT, 16th Dodd, 82nd Phil, 13th Glade, 43rdChristopher, 8th Ryan

Awards: 1 Annie Nomination, 1 Daytime Emmy Nomination, 1 Young Artist Nomination

#18:  Futurama (892 points)

Years Aired: 1999-Present

Seasons: 6+

Episodes: 95+

IGN Ranking: 8th

Voting Info: [12]  23rd OpSolo, 40th TFG1, 49th Steve, 24th Spada, 5th DoubleD, 44th PixelDan, 25th JT, 88th Phil, 10th Glade, 5th Ryan, 3rdJackson, 4th Laidman

Awards: 6 Annie Nominations, 3 Annie Wins, 4 Emmy Nominations, 3 Emmy Wins

#17:  Justice League (907 points)

Years Aired: 2001-2006

Seasons: 5

Episodes: 91

IGN Ranking: 20th

Voting Info: [12]  35th OpSolo, 21st TFG1, 31st DoubleD, 33rd Scotty, 35th JT, 25th DiRT, 70th Phil, 4th Glade, 1st Christopher, 16th Ryan, 12thJackson, 22nd Tarah

Awards: 2 Annie Nominations, 2 Emmy Nominations

#16:  Batman Beyond (920 points)

Years Aired: 1999-2002

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 52

IGN Ranking: 40th

Voting Info: [12]  47th OpSolo, 13th TFG1, 3rd Steve, 25th Spada, 45th DoubleD, 33rd JT, 58th Phil, 24th Glade, 6th Ryan, 14th Jackson, 7thTarah, 17th Laidman

Awards: 3 Annie Nominations, 2 Annie Wins, 3 Daytime Emmy Nominations, 1 Daytime Emmy Win

#15:  He-Man (941 points)

Years Aired: 1983-1985

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 130

IGN Ranking: 58th

Voting Info: [12]  14th OpSolo, 10th TFG1, 61st Steve, 21st Spada, 1st Scotty, 5th PixelDan, 6th JT, 22nd DiRT, 5th Phil, 14th Christopher, 71stRyan, 41st Tarah

Awards: 2 Young Artist Nominations

#14:  Scooby-Doo Where are You? (947 points)

Years Aired: 1969-1970

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 25

IGN Ranking: 24th

Voting Info: [13]  2nd OpSolo, 62nd TFG1, 20th Spada, 95th DoubleD, 32nd Scotty, 6th PixelDan, 12th JT, 4th DiRT, 59th Phil, 15th Glade, 23rdChristopher, 35th Tarah, 1st Purple

#13:  Gargoyles (952 points)

Years Aired: 1994-1997

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 78

IGN Ranking: 45th

Voting Info: [12]  74th OpSolo, 39th TFG1, 7th Steve, 11th Scotty, 22nd PixelDan, 13th JT, 13th Phil, 18th Glade, 15th Ryan, 38th Jackson, 4thTarah, 6th Laidman

Awards: 2 Annie Nominations, 1 Annie Win, 1 Daytime Emmy Nomination

#12:  G.I. Joe ARAH (1065 points)

Years Aired: 1985-1987

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 95

IGN Ranking: 19th

Voting Info: [14]  17th OpSolo, 54th TFG1, 11th Steve, 26th Flava, 15th Spada, 59th DoubleD, 6th Scotty, 9th PixelDan, 30th JT, 24th DiRT, 21stPhil, 4th Christopher, 49th Ryan, 24th Laidman

#11:  X-Men (1065 points)

Years Aired: 1992-1997

Seasons: 5

Episodes: 76

IGN Ranking: 13th

Voting Info: [15]  66th OpSolo, 23rd TFG1, 13th Steve, 33rd DoubleD, 5th Scotty, 29th PixelDan, 46th JT, 19th Dodd, 34th Phil, 28th Glade, 36thChristopher, 32nd Ryan, 59th Jackson, 19th Tarah, 8th Laidman

#10:  Tiny Toon Adventures (1134 points)

Years Aired: 1990-1995

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 98

IGN Ranking: 41st

Voting Info: [15]  25th OpSolo, 26th TFG1, 39th Steve, 16th Flava, 8th Spada, 51st DoubleD, 12th Scotty, 20th JT, 28th DiRT, 36th Phil, 9thGlade, 7th Christopher, 44th Ryan, 44th Tarah, 16th Laidman

Awards: 2 Annie Nominations, 1 Daytime Emmy Nomination, 3 Daytime Emmy Wins, 1 Emmy Nomination, 1 Young Artist Nomination, 1 Young Artist Win

#9:  Flintstones (1163 points)

Years Aired: 1960-1966

Seasons: 6

Episodes: 166

IGN Ranking: 9th

Voting Info: [14]  4th OpSolo, 50th TFG1, 44th Steve, 19th Spada, 39th DoubleD, 3rd PixelDan, 18th JT, 1st DiRT, 3rd Dodd, 26th Glade, 27thChristopher, 3rd Tarah, 11th Laidman, 3rd Purple

Awards: 1 Emmy Nomination

#8:  South Park (1208 points)

Years Aired: 1997-Present

Seasons: 13+

Episodes: 192+

IGN Ranking: 4th

Voting Info: [13]  5th OpSolo, 31st TFG1, 5th Flava, 13th Spada, 42nd DoubleD, 26th Scotty, 4th PixelDan, 7th DiRT, 2nd Dodd, 33rd Phil, 4thRyan, 10th Jackson, 10th Laidman

Awards: 1 Annie Nomination, 6 Emmy Nominations, 4 Emmy Wins

#7:  Animaniacs (1222 points)

Years Aired: 1993-1998

Seasons: 5

Episodes: 99

IGN Ranking: 17th

Voting Info: [15]  9th OpSolo, 14th TFG1, 29th Steve, 9th Flava, 1st Spada, 18th DoubleD, 42nd PixelDan, 22nd JT, 7th Phil, 7th Glade, 35thChristopher, 21st Ryan, 48th Tarah, 9th Laidman, 22nd Purple

Awards: 4 Annie Nominations, 5 Daytime Emmy Nominations, 5 Daytime Emmy Wins, 1 Young Artist Award Nomination

#6:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1235 points)

Years Aired: 1987-1996

Seasons: 10

Episodes: 193

IGN Ranking: 55th

Voting Info: [16]  7th OpSolo, 4th TFG1, 8th Steve, 32nd Flava, 11th DoubleD, 2nd Scotty, 8th Pixel Dan, 9th JT, 21st DiRT, 9th Dodd, 26th Phil, 29th Glade, 18th Christopher, 43rd Ryan, 20th Jackson, 42nd Tarah

Awards: 2 Young Artist Award Nominations

#5:  DuckTales (1244 points)

Years Aired: 1987-1990

Seasons: 4

Episodes: 100

IGN Ranking: 18th

Voting Info: [16]  10th OpSolo, 56th TFG1, 45th Steve, 4th Flava, 18th Spada, 19th DoubleD, 4th Scotty, 13th PixelDan, 14th JT, 8th Dodd, 95thPhil, 5th Glade, 9th Christopher, 12th Ryan, 47th Tarah, 13th Laidman

Awards: 2 Daytime Emmy Nominations, 1 Young Artist Award Nomination

#4:  Looney Tunes (1256 points)

Years Aired: 1955-1996



IGN Ranking: 3rd

Voting Info: [15]  1st OpSolo, 2nd TFG1, 25th Steve, 4th Spada, 10th DoubleD, 7th PixelDan, 3rd JT, 2nd DiRT, 81st Phil, 8th Glade, 2nd Ryan, 39th Jackson, 50th Tarah, 5th Laidman, 20th Purple

#3:  Transformers (1317 points)

Years Aired: 1984-1987

Seasons: 4

Episodes: 98

IGN Ranking: 23rd

Voting Info: [16]  8th OpSolo, 9th TFG1, 12th Steve, 13th Flava, 16th Spada, 62nd DoubleD, 15th Scotty, 10th PixelDan, 2nd JT, 27th DiRT, 23rdPhil, 21st Glade, 12th Christopher, 10th Ryan, 47th Jackson, 12th Laidman

#2:  Simpsons (1609 points)

Years Aired: 1989-Present

Seasons: 21+

Episodes: 441+

IGN Ranking: 1st

Voting Info: [18]  6th OpSolo, 1st TFG1, 26th Steve, 8th Flava, 7th Spada, 7th DoubleD, 19th Scotty, 2nd PixelDan, 3rd DiRT, 1st Dodd, 63rd Phil, 2nd Glade, 3rd Christopher, 3rd Ryan, 1st Jackson, 51st Tarah, 1st Laidman, 5th Purple

Awards: 6 Annie Nominations, 15 Annie Wins, 19 Emmy Nominations, 15 Emmy Wins, 2 Young Artist Nominations, 1 Young Artist Win

#1:  Batman: TAS (1761 points)

Years Aired: 1992-1995

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 85

IGN Ranking: 2nd

Voting Info: [19]  29th OpSolo, 12th TFG1, 1st Steve, 2nd Flava, 3rd Spada, 2nd DoubleD, 8th Scotty, 1st PixelDan, 1st JT, 13th DiRT, 17th Dodd, 20th Phil, 1st Glade, 5th Christopher, 7th Ryan, 11th Jackson, 5th Tarah, 2nd Laidman, 18th Purple

Awards: 3 Annie Nominations, 1 Daytime Emmy Nominations, 1 Daytime Emmy Win, 1 Emmy Win, 2 Young Artist Nominations

………………………………………………Well there ya have folks. Our first Top 100 Countdown experiment. It was a fun journey and now that it’s over it will live on forever here in the list. I’d say that we created a decent list. At least for the first time doing it. Sure there were a few mistakes here and there. Bias was bound to be found in any list like this. However it has been a complete joy getting this thing done. Thanks have to go out to Kevin OptimusSolo Thompson for getting this off the ground, Steve/Megatron for the awesome art and voice intros in the podcast episodes, and of course all the contributors. I think that because we reached out to the geek community our list is moregeek related and relevant then say the IGN list which is a self contained entity.

Seeya in 2013 when we redo the countdown!!!!!!!!!!!!

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