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Episode 318 – Behold, the Imaginative Minds Behind The77 & Blazer! Comics!

To understand why you need to fund issue 2 of Blazer! on Kickstarter you need to ask yourself some questions…

Who created The77 comic? Why 77? How is it related to the 2000AD comic anthologies? What is the difference between comic books in the US and the UK?

These questions and more are answered as Mark Baumgarten and Vicky Jakubowski interview UK comic book legend Steve MacManus, The77’s Annual creator Steve “Bully” Bull & editor-in-chief Benjamin Conan Cullis aka Benksy. So go out there and get Blazed!

To help fund the second issue of Blazer, go to the Kickstarter link:

For back issues of The77 go to The77 Publications online store:

Join The77’s Facebook pages:

The77 comic at

and BLAZER! comic at

Go to The77’s website:

and of course for correspondence concerning The77 issue 5 giveaway, US business opportunities/networking, and submissions.

Oh, and did we mention there is over a half-hour of content on this podcast than on ODYSY Radio? No? Well we just did!!!

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