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Episode 339 – MarkWHO42 is HAUNTED!

The77 Publications has announced their newest comic, This Comic is HAUNTED, a horror-themed comic anthology.

Who inspires editor Dave Heeley? Which comic books and movies from his youth still shape his projects? How did his sister, Jo Heeley, find her own voice, and what fuels her imagination? What is it like working with so many creative people and do they have favorites? Where can we join the Kickstarter campaign?

Listen to this episode of MarkWHO42’s Universe as Mark Baumgarten and Vicky Jakubowski chat with the dynamic duo Jo and Dave Heeley on their current project, our childhoods, and the bright future of The77 Publications.

This episode features new content not heard on Subspace Radio Network!

For The77 Publications’ social media and store links, go to

To contribute to This Comic is HAUNTED’s Kickstarter campaign (and hurry because it ends Sunday, August 21st, 2022), go to

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