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Episode 364 – Indiana’s Fifth Symphony

With the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, this Spielberg juggernaut is in its fifth and perhaps final installation. Since 1981, audiences have been entertained by Harrison Ford as a swashbuckling archaeologist professor on the hunt for the world’s greatest treasures and solving mysteries that are out of this world. We start this movie during World War II and a younger Indy is on the run from the Nazis (again). How was CGI magic used to make Harrison Ford so young? Fast forward to an 80-year old Indy drawn back into action buy his god-daughter Helena. Is she good, bad, or just a survivor? Where is Mutt? Will the Nazis ever learn they cannot win? Does Indy choose to stay in the past? What is next for the characters? Listen as Eduardo M. Freyre and Vicky Jakubowski discuss science, history, movie magic, Archimedes, and time travel.

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