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Episode 366 – Diamond Jubilee For Our Favorite Time Lord

The 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who is drawing near so it is time to get back to MarkWHO42’s roots and delve into the Doctor Who universe. In honor of the Doctor Who Podcast Day, we reminisce about when The Doctor stepped off the TARDIS and entered our individual lives. How have we been impacted by the show? What are some of our favorite episodes? How many rabbit holes can one fall down into when visiting Gallifrey? What do we think will happen when the 60th anniversary shows drop on Disney+ in the US this November? Join Eduardo M. Freyre, Vicky Jakubowski, and Zion Quiros as we discuss everything Who…while our fearless leader, Mark Baumgarten, is lost in time (don’t worry, we found him and he will return again).

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