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Episode 370 – Ahsoka’s Pathway Within The Force

As Season One of Ahsoka comes to a close on Disney+, we discuss the latest release from Lucasfilm. The Empire has fallen and our favorite animated Rebels are back, this time in the flesh. We’ve learn that Ahsoka was training Sabine in the ways of the Jedi. So, why did she stop? Why is Anakin in the World Between Worlds? What was he trying to teach Ahsoka? Why does Hera not go with Ahsoka? Was the search for Grand Admiral Thrawn the goal or the search for Ezra? How cool were the Stormtrooper Zombies? What is the correlation between Baylan and The Ones? With the possibility of Ahsoka inheriting the spirit of the Sister and Anakin the Father, could Baylan be seeking the Son? Will the return of Thrawn spell doom for the known universe? Join Eduardo M. Freyre, Vicky Jakubowski, and Zion Quiros debate the ups, downs, and future of Ahsoka Tano while Mark Baumgarten is stuck in the unknown regions for another week.

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